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August 12, 2017 18:07

Ways to protect the suburban area

protection facilities and property from theft - this is one of the most acute problems facing modern society and the problems existing at all times.Fans of easy money and craftsmen for the breaking of premises and vehicles bring great moral and financial damage.Every year in the world there are thousands of large and small robberies.But you need to be protected not only from thieves, is another matter, bringing trouble to ordinary people - fires.There are many ways to protect against these homes misfortunes.


  • Why happen theft in suburban areas
  • engineering methods of protection
  • suburban area protection suburban areas specialized services and watchmen
  • Security suburban areas of technical ways
  • combined method of protection suburban area
  • Securitysuburban area with their hands
  • fire safety systems

Why thefts occur in suburban areas

main reason burglaries in suburban areas - the absence of any security system.Careless owners of some homes are not paying enough attention to the structure.Security perimeter portion is carried out primarily by means of a strong and high fence, and the room itself is equipped with shutters and sturdy doors, through which the thieves is difficult to get inside the house.That is the main reason for thefts in suburban areas is the lack of protection of the system.


Another factor, which makes the country houses available for thieves, is the inability to keep in the yard of an ordinary dog.This animal for many years helped people in the protection of property.Well trained dog barking and scare off the thief keep him in the yard, if it is still penetrated.But to keep the dog in the cottages for a lot of people is not possible.Since animal requires constant maintenance and at least feeding.If there are people in the neighborhood who do not leave the cottage settlement and will not give up at any time of year to feed the animal, have a dog problem in the country is not.If, however, for the winter holiday village is empty, then the dog is lost.

Garden house - a place of seasonal residence.Some people are in the country throughout the summer, while others have come there only for the weekend.In the winter period holiday villages are unattended.And given the fact that they are leaving the majority of the inhabitants, for the thieves, there is virtually no barriers.In the cottages are almost never kept anything of value, it all most exported masters for the winter.However, the thieves always find something to make money.Because security for houses - a pledge of peace and preservation of all things.

Engineering ways to protect suburban area


engineered suburban area of ​​protection is the simplest and most common method of protection.It includes measures such as the installation of metal grilles and doors, shutters and impact resistant film.Grilles of metal are ideal for protection of windows in the basement and the attic.The windows of the lattice does not look very aesthetically pleasing, and to protect them better to use high impact film which not only protects the glass, but do not miss the room ultraviolet rays.Minus the film - it does not protect the frame and mounting the glass, only the glass itself.


Another way to protect windows - blinds, shutters modern modification.This black-out curtains that descend and rise, covering the openings.Also used shutters and doors for extra protection.The design of roller shutters looks very aesthetically pleasing, besides, they have a low price, which makes them very popular.

engineering protection systems benefit financially as doors, grilles, shutters and fences are a one-time investment.Among the disadvantages listed are not very beautiful appearance, whatever beautiful lattice windows they do not add beauty.In addition, in the event of an emergency evacuation in case of fire protection engineering, additional measures will be an obstacle on the path to salvation.

Security suburban areas and specialized services watchmen

This method is called physical protection, it implies the hiring of guards or use of security services of organizations, which currently have a great variety.Employees of security companies have special training and uniforms, they provide quality and professional services.To organize this type of protection simply on your site, you need only choose a company and sign a contract.There are such a lot of services, and for the guards will need a special room in which they will carry their service.


much less financially cost hiring guards.The worker - is hired through a cooperative person, friend or just a neighbor, who for a fee, will keep an eye on the site.The reliability of this method is low, as opposed to professional security agencies, the watchman not legally be held responsible for the protected area.

Security suburban areas of technical ways

Guard suburban area also carried out using the latest technical developments.The main element of the system - security alarm sensors that are installed on the protected area of ​​a circle.The operation of the sensor takes place in two different ways.The first - the information transmitted to them is displayed on the console, where watching her guard services.If there is an invasion of the territory, the sensor sends an alarm and security company employee notifies the incident response team.The guards go to the address at which an alarm triggered.


second method of operation - the sensor bundle directly from property owner.In this case the alarm comes to mobile or landline phone.Often an alert is programmed not by one, but in several phone numbers.The advantage of this method is that you need not pay for the services of security companies and to conclude an agreement on tracking cottage on the remote control.All costs are reduced to buying, installing and configuring equipment.Less of this method - the need to personally take action when you receive an alarm from the system.

Sensors and service system are also often equipped with alarm siren, which can scare off illegally entered the territory of the people.In addition, the howler attract the attention of neighbors, who have already and will take action by contacting the appropriate authorities.

combined method of protection suburban area

Of the above methods of selecting one particular type of protection or combine several types, that is the most optimal and effective solution.For example, the option of having a combination of hard engineering structures to protect the house from invasion and established technical methods of surveillance of the territory is more reliable than the use of only one of these methods.


In this case, it is necessary to focus not on quantity but on quality difference between the protection systems.Instead of putting security sensors every 20 meters square, it is better to spend these funds for strengthening doors and locks and sensors are put only on the perimeter.

Security suburban area with their hands

Installation of security system - a rather expensive process, but if you install their own hands, the alarm will be much cheaper.The first option is to install - installation ready security system for private homes.

  • For the installation of the system must be purchased receiving and controlling fire and security unit, door sensor, raspayachnye boxes and wires.At the request has acquired the motion sensor.
  • Initially set beacon, a place of its location on the street is selected so as to be clearly visible.Direct appointment of the lighthouse - to prevent the invasion, but in a conspicuous place, he also has a warning function.View flashing red lights in most cases makes thieves change their mind to invade the territory.Next
  • mounted control part of the system.These devices operate over a wide temperature range, for installation of their produce both indoors and outdoors.
  • on every door mounted sensors.This part consists of two parts, one of which has a conductor, and the second is not.Directly mounted on the door half without wires, some with wires mounted on the jamb.


  • from each sensor wire is pulled and interconnected raspayachnymi boxes.At the end of the wires connected to the controlling device.For sensors is enough to take a two-core cable.
  • from controlling device wire is connected to the lighthouse, there is already need four-core wiring, since the two conductors are needed for light and two for audio.
  • Set external switch for alarm.With its special controller connect two-core cable.
  • By controlling the instrument is supplied with electricity and is connected all the wires from the sensors to the chip.There are according to the instruction to the device, it is required to join the scheme contains all the components.
  • further device is programmed.The program determines the location of a special jumper.Programming Instructions are also available as an attachment to the instrument.

Installation of security system is complete.There is one small nuance, which should take into account the owners, ensure the protection of their homes on their own.Lighthouse-switch located on the street, because any technically educated thief knows that to bring it down, simply cut the wires and alarm silent.If the house is under the protection of special services, then during rounds they will pay attention to the absence of the red beacon.If such a service does not keep track of the house, the thief quietly into the room and do its work, despite the security system.

Out of this situation is simple - install an additional beacon howler indoors.Even crippling street lighthouse and penetrated into the room, the thief hears another signal that works in the depths of the house.

second method of installing warning systems is even more budget, but it requires a bit of skill and ingenuity.To implement this idea, you will need only the old and simple mobile phone.Alarm The bottom line is that the door is installed a sensor that is connected to the shortcut button on the phone.When you open the door contact is closed and the phone makes a call to the specified number.The convenience of this method is that by taking a call from the alarm telephone, the owner of the property will not only learn about the invasion of its territory, but also hear everything that goes on there.

  1. To attach the mobile phone to the sensor, it is necessary to remove the top panel and access the contacts button.
  2. on the button, which is designed for a speed dial, gently lift the protective film.
  3. The resulting contact gap placed structure of three layers - the conductor-insulator-conductor.
  4. Next to the door is fastened airtight contact, which will respond to its discovery.
  5. sensor via wires connected to the phone.

design of the sensor is such that when the two halves are connected, located in one of these magnet prevents the passage of current.On opening halves of the magnet moves away from the sensor, the current starts to go down the wire to the phone and dials the number.This homemade alarm system cost is not expensive, but it will act effectively.

fire safety systems

To ensure fire safety requires not only protection of gardens and sites, but also a system of special surveillance equipment.The operating principle of the fire protection system is the same as in the above-described structure.It differs only in the type of sensors installed.The main varieties - the determinant of the level of heat and smoke.Further instruments are classified into types according to the method of feature detection.Thermal sensors are differential and maximum.Maximum sensors operating temperature in absolute value, for differential temperature extremes.


Combined sensors determine the presence of smoke, and temperature.The next type - determinants of open flame and gas.Holiday homes tend to have a small area, because fire protection area and at home should be done very efficiently.It is necessary to select such a sensor that will be triggered at an early stage of a fire.Because conventional thermal sensors for holiday home are not the best option.

Also the fire alarm should be kept in a country house all the necessary means to extinguish the fire.Since only one warning of trouble the fire is not extinguished.The house must be at least one fire extinguisher and ideally complement his box of sand, a shovel and other attributes of the standard fire panel.