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August 12, 2017 18:06

Switch Bath - shower : the types of faults , repair

Pushbutton switch mixer bath shower
  • switch types "bath-shower"
    • spool
    • Cork
    • Cartridge
    • Exhaust / Pushbutton
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair

Faucets Bath and Showerequipped with a switch, "Bath-Shower", which switches the flow of water between the spout and shower.The problem is that this structural element often fails and the water may not be distributed in desired directions.

If you understand all the intricacies of the switch "tub-shower" that you can use to make manual troubleshooting.The article describes the main types of switches, possible problems and how to carry out their repairs.

Pushbutton Switch bath - shower

types of switches "tub-shower"


was quite common during the Soviet times and now many mixers are available with a switch of this type.At present, this type occurs in the thin-type mixer valve.A characteristic feature of the slide-type switch is a pen made of plastic or metal, which is located between the tap valves.

The lever switch with the spool


switch cork type is today obsolete and is rarely used in production.Handle for switching water and placed in the middle is longer than that of the spool type.The main part is considered to be a cork with a cutout.In its rotation is aligned with cut-out entry and exit holes of water in the tap water flows.It is worth noting that some modern faucets, which are executed in a classical style, have a handle like a cork changeover studio, but the core is used only spool.

Mixer with a cartridge switch


Cartridge switch is usually found in mixers in Russia.Fix this kind is difficult to switch, because to find spare parts or a new cartridge is very difficult.If damage is better to buy a new mixer.

Automatic push button switch - bath shower

Exhaust / Pushbutton

exhaust or pushbutton switch is designed for mixing hot and cold water, which is supplied by centralized water supply system. plumbing market provided several varieties:

  • auto switch is used for cartridge mixer brands.It can be in a separate unit or the top of the swivel spout.The main feature of this switch is that if the water is cut off, it will remain in the "spout" or return to the position "shower".The button is responsible for switching if its pull, the water will flow from the shower head;when it is pressed, the water supply switch to "spout";
  • simple switch is used mainly in low-cost models of mixers.The appearance is the same as an automatic switch.To determine the type of push-button switch, enough to pull the button and cut off the water, if it remains in place, it's just kind of the exhaust switch;
  • Soviet switch for the soul can only be found in old Soviet models of mixers, which as of today are no longer relevant.
Types of automatic switches bath - shower


If the two positions "shower" and "spout" synchronously flowing water, the reason is that the slide pads are worn and do not perform their functions better.

necessary to produce its replacement by a new:

  • stop the water supply;
  • disconnect the hose;
  • disconnect gander;
  • unscrew the adapter;
  • remove the handle of the valve;
  • remove the spool;
  • old rubber rings extract;
  • new rings should be wet with plain water;
  • set ring in its place;
  • collect tap valve.
Places spool leakage switches

is worth noting that when buying a mixer in the package are always a few additional rubber ring.Still it is possible to produce them on their own, but the service life will not be long.In addition to replacement parts, can be worn on the ring wound thin wire of copper or use a thread from flax, but this is also a long period.

If using a push-button switch water flow occurred, the reason may be, too useless, rubber rings.

Push-button automatic switch

To replace the rubber ring, you need to:

  • stop the water supply;
  • unscrew the spout;
  • disconnect the adapter using the Allen key;
  • remove the cap;
  • get the screw to remove the button;
  • remove the valve;
  • remove the old ring from the valve
  • install new rings;
  • collect switch.

If the bathroom is installed push-button switch and the button does not return to its original position when disconnecting water or when switching the mixer mode, the failure is likely to have occurred due to weak or broken springs.

installation process or spring replacement:

  • cut off the water;
  • unscrew the spout and the hose;
  • disconnect the adapter from the switch using a spanner;
  • remove the cap of the product;
  • remove the screw
  • unscrew the button;
  • pull rod with a spring;
  • replace broken springs;
  • collect switch.

If you hear the turbulent noise when you open the tap, then the cause is wear rubber gasket.It is necessary to unscrew the crown and cut a frayed edge spacers.

If water flows continuously from the faucet, the reason may be that the brass valve came in unsuitable or extraneous fine particles scored the gap between the valve and seal.It is necessary to replace the valve or clean the dirt inside the mixer.

If you open the tap water is not supplied, the reason may lie in the drying of the rubber seal.First, you can try the easy way - open the tap and hit it with a wooden object.Otherwise, you must block access to the water, remove the valve head and a little podkovyrnut or turn itself gasket.

Replacement bath - shower switch

If you can not open the tap through his scroll, the reason lies in the fact that the stem thread became unusable.You need to replace the wire rod or reel, if the thread is not completely erased.


Repair slide switch. When using the slide switch, water can leak from under the arm, if it is located between the provisions of the shower and spout. main causes of leakage:

  • rubber rings, which are placed on the rotating rod crank, worn or non-existent;
  • gasket made of rubber, which is located on the switch and the journal box is seal, worn out or missing;
  • special screw crank or bush mixer poorly documented.
Repair : Step 1
Repair : Step 2
Repair : Step 3
Repair : Step 4
Repair : Step 5
Repair : Step 6
Repair : Step 7
Repair : Step 8

Ifyou set the slide switch is to identify the cause of failure, you must unscrew the knob, turn on the water and then we will see where it takes place.

If the water flows where the special screw is attached to the body or the bush, most of all, it is necessary for the bush to put a new gasket and screws to make an extra special reeling.Perhaps the flow when exiting the rotary shaft of a special screw or boxes, then you must completely remove the old upper part or spetsvint with a spanner or pipe wrench to replace the ring seals on the rotating rod.

If water flows in one of the mode dial, then the reason may lie in the fact that the gaskets seal on the spool or simply have worn spool can not move due to limescale.Therefore, it is necessary to pull the spool to clean the stone formation and replace rubber gaskets.

Repair button-type switch. To begin the repair of this type of switch, you must first securely close the valve head, then removed the cap from the switch, remove the screw, remove the key and removed the spring.

There are several reasons for problems:

  • Spring has become less elastic or broken. To verify this, you need to cut off the water.If the button does not return to the position "shower" in the "spout", the reason is precisely in the spring.This item should be changed to a new spring.If this is not feasible, it is necessary to put a pad under the screw to spring back properly perform its functions.Another possible option.To restore the elasticity of the spring is necessary: ​​it is good to stretch, to heat at high temperature and immediately drop into a metal jar with cold water for hardening and close the lid.Some artists made their own new spring using a wire from a special spring steel steel.When the spring is prepared, it is heated and cooled in order to create a stable product firmness.
  • valve rings are unsuitable , then water is simultaneously fed to the "shower" and "spout".You must disable the spout, enter the rod with six sides in the adapter.Then gently remove it while holding the elbow.Next, the rod is pushed through the valve.If the rings have become brittle or it went to erosion, it is necessary to replace them with new ones.
Dismantling the push button mixer - Step 1
Dismantling the push button mixer - step 2
Dismantling the push button mixer - step 3
Dismantling the push button mixer - Step 4
Dismantling the push button mixer - Step 5
Dismantling the push button mixer - Step 6

Repair switch cork. Often, if the plug can not conform to the body of water may flow.Among the main reasons include: poor grinding, erosion, the presence of small defects or solids.

To remedy the problem, it is necessary to disassemble the switch:

  • unscrew the screw;
  • remove the handle;
  • unscrew the cap nut;
  • remove the lock washer;
  • pull the plug.

Now before you start exploring, you need to wipe the stopper with kerosene and body inside.If the plug is damaged, then it lapping to the body using abrasive paste.If the plug is normal, then it is possible to simply lubricate paraffin or petroleum jelly.