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August 12, 2017 18:07

Actual chandeliers for the living room in the current season 2015.Photos of the interiors .

How to choose a chandelier in the living room - the basic rules

If we stick to the basic rules, you can easily transform even the most modest room with the chandelier for the living room ceiling.You do not even have to make repairs or change the furniture.The lighting in the interior of the living room plays a key role.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room - the basic rules

Since this room is usually the biggest, several light sources can be installed in it.The main thing that all the stylish chandeliers for the living room, where photos in a wide variety presented on the site, were designed in the same style.

One of the main criteria when choosing a lamp for the living room is that it should provide a vivid, but natural light throughout the room space.Designers recommend most brightly illuminate the ceiling space, and only then to the walls and floor of the room.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room - the basic rules

Despite the fact that the lamps are usually used as a central lighting, it is possible to light up the room into zones.In this case the main light source in the center of the room may not be.To make zoning, you can replace the central lamp floor lamps and sconces and lamps.

Such an example, if the living room is not too big.The medium-sized rooms, you can not put the usual chandeliers and replace multiple light sources that will illuminate each functional area.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room - the basic rules

Basic requirements for chandeliers.Photo

interior is better to buy such ceiling lamp, ceiling which direction upwards or sideways.Photos of models with similar shades demonstrates that since the light is diffused in the room and more uniform.In addition, the ceiling, downward, providing a more direct angle of incidence of light, and therefore, it is likely that the corners will remain dark.

Basic requirements for chandeliers .interior Photos

classic or modern chandelier?

selection is based solely on your taste and interior space.Classic chandeliers to the hall is always in fashion, but also the style of Art Nouveau not much inferior to the classics.

chandeliers in the living room in the Classical style is now very popular, especially for models such as crystal, glass, bronze and stone.In most cases, lamps rather cumbersome, so more suitable rich decor in spacious rooms.

Classic or modern chandelier ?

Photo modern chandeliers show that they have a discreet design, streamlined shape and asymmetry.Lighting in Art Nouveau style in the living room will look good in a minimalist interior.They combine the practicality and elegance, represent the future.

For lovers of innovation suit modern chandelier in the living room in the style of hi-tech.The photos are just demonstrate the simplicity and restraint of high-tech style.It is characterized by an abundance of white, chrome and plastic elements.If you are interested in not only high-tech, but also other stylistic solutions, you can find examples on the website and make the right choice.

Classic or modern chandelier ?