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August 12, 2017 18:06

Requirements to the boiler in a private house

With the construction of a private house, and more specifically , still at the stage of preliminary design, it is necessary to think in advance the location of the heating boiler.Options may be different - boiler can be installed in the kitchen or in the hallway, a separate room in the house or whether this will be done will be given a separate extension for him.Whatever decision was made, construction of the premises must meet certain requirements established by building codes.

Requirements to the boiler in a private house

to the boiler room in a private house requirements

Requirements for boiler room in a private home designed not on an empty place and not to complicate life hosts .On the contrary, their main goal - ensure comprehensive security and ease of use of heating units.

project boiler

Article Contents

  • 1 boiler project
  • 2 boiler
    • 2.1 Gas boiler
    • 2.2 Video: example of equipment boiler room with a gas boiler
    • 2.3 solid fuel boiler
    • 2.4 Video: example of equipment boiler room with solid fuel (pellet) boiler
  • 3 Ventilation in the boiler room
    • 3.1 Natural ventilation
    • 3.2 Forced ventilation
    • 3.3 Video: basic requirements for boiler
  • 4 project Coordination

Independently design a boiler room and there is no need to undertake - this business professionals.Taking into account all the necessary parameters, they compiled installation project in a particular area.If you plan documentation prepared by qualified experts, such a project will be easier to agree in specialized organizations.

In drawing up the boiler project takes into account many criteria

In compiling many criteria taken into account boiler project

For the design is necessary to collect data, which are provided by the general rules SNIP 2.04.08 - 87 *.Specifically to such source parameters include:

- output of the heating unit;

- the type of fuel that will be used for heating;

- the size and floor plan, allotted for installation of equipment;

- the total area of ​​the house and location in it residential and other premises;

- general plan of the first floor, where will be posted boiler (in this its placing )

The general plan of the basement of the house with a dedicated room for the boiler

general plan basement of the house with a dedicated boiler room location

- the material from which the house is built andboiler, if it is located in an annexe - ( this option - the most desirable to install the boiler in a private home).

Heating boiler

Everything related to boiler installations, stipulated in the rules SNIP II-35 - 76 as can be used for heating as gas and solid- boiler

Gas boiler

Gas boilers are more common in the first place - because «blue fuel» if the house is laid highway, is much cheaper all other types of coolants.And the amenities of daily use - a lot more.

Gas boilers are used more often - because of cheaper fuel and ease of operation

Gas boilers are used more often - because of cheaper fuel and convenience in

  • If the heater has a capacity of up to 150 kW, it is sure to provide a separate room for him.When choosing a gas boiler having a capacity that is greater than 150 kW, according to the rules, it is necessary to build a separate building or an addition to the house.This extension may have a common wall with the only non-residential premises, including, for example, as a garage, pantry , workshop or WC.
  • To install the unit you must arrange reliable separate foundation or in the boiler have reliable and durable concrete floor.
  • The premise is necessary to recharge the water for the system in which it periodically needs.
  • addition of water entering the room, it is necessary to have a decal sewer pipe, which, if necessary, will drain the water from the heating system.
  • Given the presence of water in the room, it should be fairly well insulated to the critical situation in the peak of winter frosts not began the process of freezing pipes.
  • Height room - boiler room must be provided not less than 2,5 ÷ 2, 6 meters .
  • volume premises intended for the boiler should not be less than 15 m³.
  • The annex should be organized not only the electric light but also natural. Calculation latter is made depending on the volume of room.So, for one cubic meter of space is necessary glazing size of 0.03 m². And means , to the minimum.15 m³ window area will be 0.45 m².
  • Walls extension must be built of a material having the test results of fire resistance of at least 0.75 hours.Zero value must be equal to the coefficient of distribution of a flame on on surface from a possible fire.
  • ventilation and air-conditioning is arranged according to the rules SNIP 2.04.05 - 91. The main condition - ventilation should be at least three times replace the air in the room for an hour.
  • To do this in the prescribed window pane must be arranged, and under entrance from the street door left a gap size of 0.025 m².or is made oyadom her vent window, pick up a grid of the same area.
  • Boiler, is arranged in the annexe, which has a common wall with the house can have two two When - the street, opening to the outside and in the house room.The door leading into the house, must be made of heat-resistant material, and have a high safety level against fire.
  • If the boiler running on LPG, is strictly prohibited storage tanks with fuel in the boiler.For cylinders arrange a separate room, where the pipe is held, at which the fuel flows into the heater.

gas boiler can be installed in the kitchen, but all well as for installation in the boiler room for its installation in the room need to fulfill a number of requirements SNIP .

Compact gas boiler can be installed in the kitchen

Compact gas boiler can be installed in the kitchen and

  • compact power unit should not exceed 30 kW.
  • ceiling height in the kitchen room can not be less than 2,2 ÷ 2,3 meters.
  • This boiler is suitable for the kitchen only if it minimum area of ​​15 m².
  • Even if the boiler is equipped with a coaxial flue, and the unit itself is equipped closed burner, kitchen area must be equipped with additional forced ventilation.
  • boiler is installed or suspended on brackets on the outer wall of the building, which should be built of non-combustible materials, or, in extreme cases, lined with heat-resistant panel.
  • area kitchen window must be equal to not less than one third of the floor space.

Video: example of equipment boiler room with a gas boiler

boiler on solid fuel

If you plan to install a solid fuel boiler, the design of its location should be at the stage of the house lay at hisconstruction, as the construction of the boiler room for this unit is strictly required.This must be done in order to advance in the boiler to mark the location of the chimney.

Modern solid- long burning boiler

modern solid fuel boiler long burning

Mandatory requirements on installation of the boiler solid fuels include the following criteria:

  • boiler room must be at least 7 ÷ 8 m².
  • boiler should be installed in such a way as to be able, if necessary, repairs and preventive maintenance.
  • Based on the data of the power unit, calculated the size of the duct, in the proportions - 1 kW of power: 8 cm² area.The diameter of the chimney hole should not be smaller than the diameter of the full-pipe coming out of the boiler.
  • For such a heater is recommended to make a podium, which will be above the floor boiler room 80 ÷ 100 mm.
  • ventilation in the room is arranged in the same way as for the gas boiler.
  • lighting and the presence of the door are calculated in the same way as for the units operating on gas.
  • In order to fire you need to take care of materials for walls and floors, as they must be non-flammable.Before the door of the boiler furnace is recommended to lay a sheet of metal, measuring at least 500 × 500 mm and a wall fasten asbestos screen.
  • chimney pipe for this type of boiler is arranged in the same manner as for the oven, and should be at the height of at least five meters.If you have to do it twists or bends, then there should be no more than three .

When mounting any of the gas-fired boilers, professionals recommend the installation of protective and safety devices like in the heating system, as well as directly in the boiler - it bypasses, locking valves , sensors on the appearance of smoke and other appliances or devices.

Video: example of equipment boiler room with solid fuel (pellet) boiler

Ventilation in the boiler room

Because of ventilation depends on the safe operation of the heater, I would like a closer look at the different kinds of removal from the premisespossible gas accumulation.There natural and forced ventilation types.What are they exactly represent - should be considered in addition to the above mandatory parameters boiler.

Natural ventilation

called natural ventilation room ventilation by means of properly arranged openings in the walls or ceiling, without the use of special instruments that create cravings that pumps and pulls air from the boiler room.

premises for installation of boiler settling on the first or ground floor, so the layout of the ventilation windows may vary slightly between them.

The scheme of ventilation at the location of the boiler room in the annexe on the ground floor

scheme of ventilation at the location of the boiler room in the annexe on the ground floor level

scheme of ventilation for the boiler, located on the first floor or in the annex, as follows.

Ventilation in the boiler room , the equipped in the basement or semi-basement

Ventilation in the boiler room, the equipped in the basement or the basement

This diagram shows the boiler room ventilation unit located in the basement of the house.

To create good traction and boiler to function effectively, exhaust port or ventilation pipe installed above the heater.There got to go volume room combustion and depleted air, who gave oxygen "to the needs of the burning." process is for through boost coming from the street through a ventilation window, arranged on the opposite wall, one of the selected schemes, fresh air.

downside of the natural process of ventilation is that to calculate and monitor its quite difficult, and by the rules SNIP 2.04.05 - 91, the air at the working boiler has to be updated in the room three times in an hour, as it was alreadydiscussed above.Natural ventilation process is very dependent on temperature, pressure weaving level, strength and direction of the wind in the street.

Forced ventilation

artificial or forced ventilation is different from the natural order, that is carried out with the use of special air-conditioning or fans installed in the inlet and exhaust box.

The general scheme of mechanical ventilation in the boiler room

general scheme of mechanical ventilation in the boiler room

You can use only one device installed in one of the windows and thus save some money, but more efficient, will still first option with combining injection and extraction.

This ventilation system can easily be adjusted to the optimal condition and constantly monitored by devices intensity thrust.

Fans selected the diameter ventilation ducts and SNIP requirements.

Different types of fans for domestic boilers

Different types of fans for domestic boilers

example, to find the volume of boiler room need to multiply these parameters among themselves and multiply in this case, the three (the number of times the air exchange in the boiler room in an hour).

assume room has the following parameters: the width and length of 2 m on , height 2, 5 m .Acting in accordance with the formula, calculated the amount of premises

2 × 2 × 2.5 = 10 m³.Further, the resulting value is multiplied by three turns 30 m³ / h - this figure indicates that the fan performance to that room must be not less than 30 m³ / h.Ideally, you should choose the supply and exhaust equipment, which will have Reza pB etc. level of performance - 15 ÷ 30% more than required.

Recommended for boilers to buy fans, prisoners in aluminum or copper casing that can withstand high temperatures.

More one point, where you can save energy, is the automatic control of the ventilation system.By setting monitoring and control equipment can be rest assured that the fans are now included only when you start the heater, and when it is stopped ventilation equipment, too, will go into pause mode.

Location of the ventilation pipes on the wall of a building

Location vent pipe on the wall of a building

On the wall outside the vent pipe is installed, which cuts into the box, where the fan is installed.The pipe is usually rises to a height above the roof of the 500 ÷ 1000 mm.Thus, created good traction, helping to quickly clean the room from the accumulated gases.

Video: basic requirements for boiler

Project Coordination

When project will be prepared, of course, with the implementation of all the above requirements, there comes a time to align in some organizations responsiblefor the safe operation of equipment installed in the boiler room.

Matching boiler project is necessary in order to be able to freely enter into the contract on gas pipeline or of the corresponding internal wiring.Permissive resolution must be obtained before construction of the following supervisory institutions:

- Fire.

- Technical supervision.

- Sanitary inspection.

- The regional department of architecture - there have to hire a specialist to the site.

- Housing and communal services, in particular, companies that provide gas supply.

Only after receiving these organizations permits, you can proceed to the construction of the boiler room.For connection to the gas mains, have pass still certain number of procedures under which compiled proe Prospect Ave spend vacations gas pipe to the structure and its ramifications on the points of consumption.