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August 12, 2017 18:07

Rules of calculation and installation gambrel roof

Important nuances in the calculation and installation of hip roof

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Any mounting of the roof begins to determine the angle of inclination.Experienced builders know exactly what the angle of inclination affects the long-term operation of the roof and the quality of the house walls.Often the angle set depending on the precipitation area in which the house is built, and, in general, its climatic conditions.When a strong wind it is necessary to calculate the roof, reducing the angle of inclination.A slight slope will keep bearing walls from destruction.In colder regions with heavy snowfall acute angle built, making the ramp steeper and faster allowing snow to fall on the surface of the roof.In settlements with dry weather - smooth slope of the roof is the elimination of excessive overheating.

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into account gambrel roof on and building material.By the way, the material is often a fundamental angle of inclination of the roof.


  • angle of 20-22 degrees is chosen for the roof of slate surface
  • 3-4 degrees on average - rolled soft materials are selected with three layers, 10-15 degrees - in two-layer coatings
  • 10-12 degrees -calculation of the slope of the roof of corrugated
  • tiles types: metal - 13-14 degrees, soft -10-11 degrees
  • 5 degrees - quality ondulin

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  • all types of angles can be applied using membrane materials, allowingnot to focus on the severity of the slope.

important to note!Deliberate variation of the angle of inclination of the roof influenced by its area and thus the number of additional means and construction costs.

When calculating the angle of paying special attention to the central rafters, based roofing systems.The gambrel roof installation of trusses required three interconnected at the edges of the ridge beam.Small length rafters are fastened with angular, and coincides with the intermediate angle rafter.

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principles calculation hipped roof: calculator square hips

examined the structure of the roof, you need to determine the angle of inclination.Its calculation is calculated by the Pythagorean theorem: the central rafters side gambrel roof and side walls of the building - the components of an isosceles triangle.

You can follow the step by step scheme:

  1. Set central rafters
  2. Gotovuyuplanku put on top harness end (it will serve as a horizontal structure of intermediate rafters and eaves)
  3. Measure the angle of the roof system on a special formula calculator: the slope of the roof 3 to 12 saysthe coefficient of intermediate rafters 1,031 and angular rafters = 1, 016.
  4. Perform calculation hipped roof follows the theorem of Pythagoras

calculation Formulas hipped roof

offer useful algorithms for the calculation of the roof area.

Area hipped roof depends on the angle directly affects the consumption of material resources.Start of construction of hipped roof starts exactly with the calculation and the purchase of materials.It is important to take care of the roof insulation from excessive moisture.Experts recommend the use of special flatness of layers, do not let the water and thus eliminating condensation processes.Steam formation is easily eliminated, relegating place ventilation.

special word - insulation of the roof.Use mineral wool.The material can be laid:

  • butt
  • overlapping

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Calculation of building materials for the gambrel roof is made not according to the standard scheme.Calculator roof area is often less than the required amount of material.stacking method also plays a role: the overlap involves the use of additional elements (the valley, abutting).Most of the roof types are constructed using the crates and lumber.

Calculation hipped roof begins with measuring the length of its surface.Calculator roof area is based on the total area of ​​the two triangular lateral hips and two trapezoids.We consider the formula:

S = 0,5 ah (a = base, h = height) - triangular calculation hips,

S = h (a + b) \ 2 (b - base, h - height, a - length) - for the calculation of the trapezoid.

Importantly, before the repair hip roof, you need to consult with a specialist to find out the subtleties in calculating the angle of the hips and calculate the area of ​​a hipped roof.

Details are available with online lessons on the calculation and installation hipped roof

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