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Repair Of Premises

August 12, 2017 18:06

As a self- install interior doors

If you decide to repair the premises, is not worth saving, leaving the old door.This element of the interior is able to strongly influence the impression of the design.Therefore, experts recommend, along with a new design space to take care of replacing the interior door.This should be done after finishing, then they will take into account all the nuances (eg, flooring slightly reduce the actual opening height), and the web or box is not affected by the finishing operations.

Installed interior doors

Installed interior doors

It should be noted that the services of professionals for installing doors can cost as much as she did.To avoid these costs, many prefer to perform the installation work yourself.How to do it well?This will be discussed further.


To do this, if you have an old door, remove the trim.This can be done with the help of a hammer and nail puller.It is necessary to insert the claw into the gap between the trim or door frame and make a few hammer blows to increase the gap.And further efforts should be made at different locations along the length of casing to tear him away from the door frame.

most optimal way to remove measurements - to focus on the size of the old box.If it is not present in the opening, then it is necessary to measure at several places width and height.Choose the smallest value.Experts recommend to take away from this value of about 10 cm to get the dimensions of the door leaf.

When removing measurements on an old box, remember that the modern samples are somewhat thinner.Typically, the thickness is 1.5 cm turns, web width with the box is considered as follows:. Web width plus double the thickness of the box (left and right) plus a small gap between the box and the web.For example, the web has a width of 80 cm, then we get this calculation:

80 + 1.5 x 0.4 x 2 + 2 = 83.8 cm

Preparing web

We believe that we have already received the fabric and the door frame.on the basis of measurements made.Now we need to move to action.And to begin is with the web.

For require such tools:

  • sharp chisel;
  • hammer;
  • roulette;
  • drill with a nozzle for screwing the screws with a drill on a tree with a diameter smaller than the screw.

We will not use expensive milling equipment, using only standard tools available to a wide range.And if you have the opportunity to take advantage of such a machine, at certain stages of the task to simplify and speed.

You will need this hardware:

  • loop;
  • latch with handles.

So, inspect the door leaf.Most often, the damage may be on the edges, so you need to carefully inspect them.If there are any problem areas, you should consider how best to position the blade in relation to the opening and a box to hide the flaws.

When selecting loops is recommended not to use mortise and overhead, then require less manipulation for self-assembly, and the quality will higher.

Overhead loop

Overhead Loop

Door hinges are mounted, departing from the upper and lower edge of the canvas 20 cm. We put alternately in these places overhead loop (used less, the inner part of the invoice loop).Make a mark.For this fit a pencil.If you are using a dark material, for example, is now a popular wenge, then have to choose an alternative.For example, use a ballpoint pen, pressing the mark.

Marking to drill holes for fixing the hinges

Marking to drill holes for fixing the hinges

For these labels, using a drill, make the holes previously put the door horizontally, butt down.You can make them very small in length, it will be enough.Now we need to try loops and secure them using two self-tapping screws (supplied).Doing this the best of the same drill with a Phillips screwdriver or a nozzle.Do not screw the screws all, because the loop will have to shoot.

If you are using mortise elements, then the leaf will have to make the recess.

Next prepare the site for installation in the web latches.It is believed that it is placed within a distance of 90-120 cm from the floor.Choose the best for yourself and family members tall.If you have small children, it is most likely better to place the latch higher.

So, you need to flip the web (imagine how it will work in the end, not to mix top and bottom).Is applied to the end face of the latch, it is necessary to outline its dimensions.Then using a chisel and a hammer, do recess monitor the verticality of action.Can it be pre-drilled.Generally, in a place where such an element is assumed, manufacturers add a piece of wood.This is the case if the array is not used, but, for example, MDF.

Marking to drill holes for the mounting tabs

Marking to drill holes for the mounting tabs

Check to core well included.Next you need to make a hole for mounting.Making its shape and keeping the thickness of metal, creating a shallow box.It is necessary to insert the core latch, check.If all is well (it is included in the web, does not protrude beyond the end), can be fixed with screws (available in the bundle), pre-drilled holes.Handles will install later, so as not to interfere with the assembly of the box.

assembly box

We need tools:

  • chisel;
  • hammer;
  • drill with a nozzle for screwing the screws with a drill on a tree with a diameter smaller than the screw;
  • hacksaw.

One of the most critical stages, which requires special attention.Since we do not use expensive equipment, and the saw blade is not used, and therefore, high quality cut elements of the box at 45 degrees does not work, even if you use the miter box.We will act in a different way.In the upper and lower strips are cut protruding elements for fixation of vertical strips.

Assembling the door frame

Assembling door frame

should begin with a strap, which should be in the loop.Cut the upper part of the right angle, using a hacksaw (it will provide better edge).Is applied to the end to determine the location of the "obratok" loops.You may place the bar so that it will put forward a little over the top edge of the fabric - somewhere in the 4 mm.

Apply marks, which is applied on the loop.We note, which will be self-tapping screws, drill holes.Looping, using 2 self-tapping screws.

Now we need to cut off the upper limit of the box.It just would have to cut the ledge.First, cut the edge of the plank, so that it was flat and perpendicular to the length thereof.

applying top bar to bar with loops exactly perpendicular, mark up.According to the label carefully cut off the ledge at the required distance from the edge, and then cut out a chisel to get a flat base.Try on it so there are no gaps in the assembly.

make holes, then two self-tapping screws to fasten the vertical and the horizontal bar of the box.Do you need to build carefully, the angle is not moved out.Similarly we proceed with the remaining angles, remember to gap - from the door leaf should be kept a distance of about 4 mm.Below it can be more, as the door can sag with time.

The assembled box with a cloth

assembled box with a cloth

When the box is assembled, check clearances and the quality of opening-closing of the web.Now you can remove the hinges from the box and set the comfortable fabric to secure the handle to the latch.To do this, you need to pre-make labels for the screws, and then make the hole.Fix the handle.Note that in most cases it is possible to further consolidate their cross-cutting screws.This strengthens the handle, prevents damage to the fabric with careless use excessive force when opening the door.

Removing the old door

first remove the blade by loosening the screws, that secure the hinges if they unsplit.Next you need to make cuts with a saw in the middle of the vertical uprights.As a rule, it's enough to break the box piece by piece, using a claw hammer and a hammer.

Preparation opening

must clear the opening of the remnants of the box, finishing materials that do not interfere with the installation.Then you need a tape measure to measure the size of the resulting new box and relate them to the size of the opening.If there are discrepancies, they should be eliminated.


box Another difficult stage.The box should be set to the edge of the side opening where the door will be opened.It is necessary to achieve such an effect that the box kept the level, while not opposed and not to fall in relation to the plane of the wall.If you do not comply with the level of the door will be spontaneously opened or closed, which experts try to avoid.At discrepancy of the plane with the plane of the wall box will have problems with the installation of casings.

We look at how to perform the installation of the box using a hidden method.He simply realized.Fixing screws is carried out in three locations:

  • in the area of ​​attachment of the two loops (holes are cut so that the heads of screws closed loops);
  • in the zone "the return" of the latch (deepening, where the tab will be included).

So, first make holes in the hinge region, anchoring the box, taking care level.Then it is necessary to hang the door and make a "return line", using a chisel and hammer.At this point we do the hole to secure the box.

Installation box in the opening

installation box in the opening

between the frame and the opening must be inserted wooden pegs that will fix the structure stiffer.After fixing check as opens and closes the door.

Installation dobornyh bars

Now you need to install flashings strips.Most often, they have to be cut in width.It is necessary to accurately measure the distance from the edge of the box to the wall in several places.These values ​​may be different, and therefore the width of the edges will be different trims flashings.

Installation dobornyh strips in the doorway

dobornyh Mounting brackets in the doorway

recommended that you fix the upper horizontal bar, and then prepare and attach the other in turn.

When the final assembly strips are installed, you need to fill the space between the frame and opening using assembly foam.It is better to choose the composition of which is not greatly increased in volume, in order to avoid distortions designs if suddenly expanded foam, twisted part of the design.

Installation casings

After that you can install casings.There are several ways how to perform their installation to mounting elements are invisible.You can take the nails (2-3 cm long), cut the cap.To drive them into the wall (if it is wood) and cut into the box side.And then use them to fix the trim.Such a method is dangerous appearance of cracks in the material, so more reliable to make a bevel screws and use them to fasten trim.Hats can be easily concealed, using special accessories (desired color), available in every hardware store.

Fixing casings

Fixing casings

top horizontal bar and two vertical can be combined at 45 degrees.If there is no machine or hand miter box, you can make and 90 degrees, cutting the product at a right angle.

Plat at right angles

plat at right angles

Now you can enjoy as a result of the aesthetic and the practical level!