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August 12, 2017 18:06

TV Bathroom : how to select and install , waterproof TV , mirror

TV in the bathroom
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Features
  • Selection Criteria
  • Popular manufacturers
  • Types
  • installation Installation

For bathroom, sauna or swimming pool is now available waterproof TVs.They easily withstand high humidity, and can be mounted in the vicinity of water, not afraid of contact with her.This technique has been developed recently and has not yet gained wide popularity.

TV , located next to the bathroom

Previously, it was difficult to imagine that someone will need a TV in the bathroom.Now the choice of this technique can be called a topical issue.TV is not suitable for every bathroom.

In a very small space to watch videos simply uncomfortable, and the bathroom with a shower this is not the time. But if your bathroom is quite a place for your TV and you're not averse to recognize events in the world or to view interesting video during procedures, you can consider buying a special TV that can make operation in a humid place.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before choosing equipment for areas with high humidity, which is any bathroom, consider the advantages and disadvantages are related to the possible.If your bathroom is finished in high-tech style, in which technology plays a major role, the TV in the bathroom would be a suitable complement design.This technique will become a highlight of your bathroom and surprise family and guests.

In the high-tech style

Buying impervious to water TV, you will appreciate its main advantage - the ability to view programs or movies during water treatment.Thanks TV in saunzle you can relax in the bath at the end of the day at leisure to view the news or your favorite TV series.The possibilities of modern electronics allow you to watch exactly what you want - using an external storage device, you can watch not only TV channels, but all that interests you.

Watch TV in the bathroom

disadvantage waterproof TV in favor of its high cost. It is caused by the use in the manufacture of this technique unique technologies.The use of such technologies will allow the art without problems endure tough working conditions.Since the design of the TV for the bathroom is sealed, out of her heat removal difficult.Therefore it is necessary to apply the elements of this TV special materials, use of anti-corrosion coating.

A built-in TV

items to overheat in a sealed enclosure, manufacturers carefully think through their positions.And as applicable expensive elements, its increased cost compared with conventional television equipment is justified to build a waterproof TV. Mounted TV is the cheapest option, and built-in models are more expensive.

second disadvantage may be a possible marriage, which may get caught in any party of such equipment.


On the functions TVs with protection from moisture are very similar to conventional TVs.They have similar capabilities and features. If you pay flawless design of their homes a lot of attention, then the TV will be able to emphasize originality and a modern bathroom. Since the technique used in areas where humidity is increased, is more practical, you will appreciate the duration of its life.

TV in an interior bathroom

assortment of TVs for bathrooms presented models of different designs and different sizes.Given the way the alarm, this technique is both wired and wireless.

TV in the bathroom , Japanese style

For small bathrooms fit model with a diagonal of 10-17 inches.Such waterproof TVs produce WestVision and AquaVision.

For large bathrooms fit TVs, diagonal is 19 inches (eg, EnviroVision).

bathroom set broadside technique with diagonal 32-52 inches for the largest image.Such TVs manufactures Japanese firm Sanyo, offering resistant to moisture and temperature changes in the model.

Selection Criteria

approach to choosing art for the bathroom responsible - such purchases should be more requirements than a normal TV set, do not come into contact with spray and steam.

To begin, select the screen size (the size) and the appropriate size of your equipment. For this choice should take into account the size of the bathroom, away from technology to person for viewing comfort (single, the TV will be installed in any point of the room), as well as their wishes.Determine with dimensional parameters, consider the possibility of mounting technology.It is important that your TV does not disturb you and fit in size.

One of the important characteristics of the TV in the bathroom is a high-quality sound .By purchasing a model with built-in speakers, you will not have to think about installing remote speakers.This speaker is equipped with a moisture repellent membrane.Even if the water falls directly on the panel, it does not penetrate into the hole.In addition, stereo sound with the video preview more interesting and exciting.

If you appreciate the sound quality, you can purchase a separate speaker system designed for the bathroom.Especially since this space is considered to be quite difficult in relation to the perception of sound.The image quality is also important, so make sure that the picture was clear.

Selecting TV design, you can make a unique bathroom interior.For example, the frame technology can be coated with gold or crystal.

Bathroom Accessories
Choice TV range
LCD crystals

Unusually looks television in the form of a mirror. When it is off, it is just a beautiful mirror, and when you press a button turns into a TV.For appliances harmoniously looked in the general design of the bathroom, you can use special decor.The most universal and simple design frame is white or black, as well as a mirror frame or the lack thereof.For models built frame can be covered with decorative plaster, so that the technique could merge with the wall.

TV Mirror

also pay attention to the viewing angle of the acquired technology - you must have seen the picture on the screen of all the points of the bathroom.The control panel must also have moisture protection.This remote control will not get wet or sink in water, so you will be able to manage a TV while lying in a bathtub.

Remote control for TV

Some models have a screen heating option prevents condensation.If such a function in the selected technique is not, the screen will have an additional wipe with fogged.Other features TVs for bathrooms are chosen for their demands.

Popular manufacturers

now in the production of television sets, able to work in wet areas, companies operate MarineTV, Cameron, AVQ, Westvision, Ad Notam, TileVision, EnviroVisio and others.


Their products are price range, screen sizes, resolution, additional functions.Most of the producers - the British brands, though there are also Chinese and German companies.Initially, they offered their wares hotels, but this technique has removed over time, in private homes and apartments.

Mounting Type

By the method of mounting the TV is waterproof:

  • embedded;
  • half.

also offers universal TVs mounted in different ways.There are TVs all exotic options, for example, are installed inside the walls of the bath.

TV mounted in bath

Least of all the hassle will be mounting a wireless models.After recharging the battery this TV can be installed in any place in the bathroom.The signal passes a special adapter, which is connected to the antenna.Use coasters and special shelves is inexpensive and quite comfortable.Such equipment is easy enough to find.Besides, the TV stand is easy to change the viewing angle.

TV on a stand

also quite easy to install built-in models.These features include detailed instructions.This television is represented by two components - a box, which is mounted on the wall at the time of repair, as well as the panel, which easily installed later.Choosing embedded option, you can hide under furniture or TV large mirror.

Built-in model

Universal TV can be placed in the bathroom in different ways, which leads to its high price.When installing a universal TV you get to build it into the wall, like any built-in models, apply outboard method or use the mobile stand.


Well, if you're thinking about using the TV even during maintenance work in the bathroom.Then you will be able to avoid any possible technical and aesthetic challenges, for example, to remove the wires.

Setting the TV

When mounting the power cord, keep in mind that the bathroom is a place where the temperature and humidity is often raised.If the selected model is not a router, or a DVD player, you will have to carry out the antenna.