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August 12, 2017 18:06

Gas boiler with LPG consumption , running column for questioning without a chimney

Gas boiler with LPG
  • The principle of
  • consumption
  • Can be used without a chimney?
  • With sealed chamber
  • Is this a garden?
  • Operating Instructions
  • possible to readjust the column to another type of gas and pressure?
  • installation and assembling

Anyone faced with faults or a lack of hot water, think about purchasing a heater.The optimal choice for many of our compatriots is a flow-through heater that runs on gas.Although in most cases, these devices are used for the work of natural gas, there are models that can operate on LPG.

The principle of

water is heated in the column of the liquefied gas, produced during its flow through the heat exchanger, which is exposed to the heat from the burner.While the water flows inside the machine, its temperature rises, with the result that comes out of the tap hot water almost immediately after the column.

The principle of operation of the gas column in the LPG


on gas costs during the column affect many characteristics of the device, and in the first place, this power unit.On average, if the equipment uses about 2.3 cubic meters of natural gas per hour, then spending the liquefied gas will be only 0.8 cubic meters per hour.

Can be used without a chimney?

At the present time buyers available models of speakers that do not require the presence of a vertical chimney.They are called turbo and the main difference between these columns is forced ventilation through a coaxial tube, which can be through the wall to bring out into the street.Through this tube is removed at the same time the combustion products from the column and the air is pumped from the street.

The deduced coaxial tube gas column without a chimney

With sealed chamber

Most water heaters that use gas in their work, the combustion chamber is open, but is also sold with the camera model and gated.In such air column falls from the street, not from the room in which the appliance is installed.As a result of oxygen in the room is not burned.

Gas boiler with LPG with closed combustion chamber

Is this a garden?

column, which is an energy source uses LPG, it is considered a good choice for summer conditions.In contrast, natural gas and electricity, access to LPG in the country there is always a demand for hot water in nature and away from the centralized water supply consistently high.


In no case do not store the cylinder with liquefied gas or in direct sunlight or near any heating appliance.This also applies to laying the hose from the cylinder to the column.It is also forbidden to heat the gas cylinder or use a column when the balloon is damaged.It is also important to make sure that the gas cylinder had no access for children or strangers.

Operation of the gas column in the LPG

possible to readjust the column to another type of gas and pressure?

Many speakers can settle for the use of liquefied gas, but it must necessarily engage in a service organization with an appropriate certificate.In addition, the changeover must be conducted only with the use of the kit of parts of the column manufacturer.

works include the replacement of the changeover of jets (nozzles) collector to result on the machine were set nozzle hole diameter which will be appropriate for the desired type of gas and its pressure.At the time of changeover device is required to be deactivated and the shut-off valve of the gas pipeline is blocked.Finished changeovers, should assess the tightness of all connections.In addition, the gas type, changeover date, and the organization that it has performed, indicate the product and in its instructions.

Startup and operation of the heater running on LPG, see the following video on the example of a gas boiler.

installation and assembling

Once the column will be set to work with LPG, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the gas cylinder:

  • It will certainly be present gearbox, while its pressure stabilization should be300 mm ..
  • minimum value of vapor in the cylinder capacity must be 1 m³ per hour.

Furthermore, the hose should be selected with an inner diameter of at least 12 mm and a length of 2.5 m. This hose must withstand the gas used, taking into account a predetermined temperature and a predetermined pressure.To do this, selected certified to run on LPG hose.During the connection it can not twist and bend near the tips.

If you want to install the hose with a bend, the radius of the bend must not be less than 90 mm at the outer boundaries and should start bending at least 50 mm from the tip.To avoid breaks, use the adapters and corner joints, and if the hose is too long, its installation allows the use of intermediate supports.

dealt with the hose, before the column is installed the gas shut-off valve, which should be easily accessible.When the installation is complete, be sure to check all connections and all areas of the hose in order to timely detect leaks and leaks.

Installation of the gas column in the LPG
Installation of the gas column in the liquefied gas through the cylinder