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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ceiling lights in the bathroom : LED , ceiling lamps, halogen .What to choose?

Ceiling lamps
  • plan coverage
  • norms and standards, calculation of lighting
  • Features selection
  • types
    • Plafonds
    • Halogen
    • LED
  • Security
  • mounting Features
    • Stretch ceilings
    • Suspended ceilings
  • transformers

Have you encountered a situation where because of the dim light in the bathroom, you can not see in the mirror all the parts of your face or get relax in the bath due to too brightlight, which is annoyingly glaring.The reason for such situations is properly chosen lighting.

plan coverage

nachitalas planning should be with the organization of space in the bathroom.This takes into account what kind of furniture, sanitary ware, household appliances will be present.To avoid mistakes, it is possible to draw a plan of the location where the lamps will be indicated.Such a plan will save you from having to lay new wiring after laying tiles because of one small misstep.

Dim light in the bathroom
Lighting in the bathroom
Lighting in the bathroom

norms and standards, calculation of lighting

Based on European standards adopted in 2002, lighting the bathroom should be 200 lux per squaremeter of floor space.Knowing this, you can easily calculate the best in your case, the number of lamps.If we talk about putting an area of ​​six square meters, need 1200 lux.

between lamp types and power, there is a direct relationship, which makes it possible to calculate how many ceiling fixtures required for your room.Luminous flux, which is produced from filament lamps of 25, 40 and 60W illumination corresponds to 220, 420 and 710 lux respectively.Consequently, 1200 lux for 6 square meters is divided by the illumination of each indicator lamp.

If you plan on using incandescent lamps whose power is 40 watts and 60 watts, then you will need, for example, three lamps at 40 watts and two 60 Watt.

Options downlights and sconces

Features selection

That kind of ceiling light fixtures are more likely to opt for the lighting of the room, as the bathroom.These in turn can be mounted in the ceiling of plasterboard, or rack suspended ceiling.Lighting them uniform and is suitable for even illumination of large areas on the premises.External part in these kinds of lamps can be movable, allowing direct rays of light in the right direction for you.Another advantage of such lamps - opportunities for designers who are working on the interior.

Ceiling fixtures for the bathroom

on what to look for when going for the purchase of lamps:

  • Security. This is due to the fact that the bathroom - a zone of high humidity, so buying a lamp, check how it is protected from dust and moisture.Especially there is IP-code for this.If you can not find it on the lamp, you can safely put it aside and look for another.Security level represents the second number on the product label.The higher it is, the closer to the source of water can be placed.
  • brightness. This will determine the quality of your shaving or makeup.For lighting you did not fail, consider the power of the lamps.In conventional lamps, it is 20-30 W / m2.For halogen, the figure is - 23-28 W / m2.And here at daylight lamps he is not a 6-9 W / m2.
  • Design. Luminaire selection should be based on the style, which holds your room.


on the market today you can find a huge assortment of all kinds of downlights. But often the buyer gets lost, which one is better to choose?

Bathroom Lighting and wiring were examined in detail by us in another article.


shades Lamps .Such lamps may be different in shape, color and material of which are made of.They are used not only familiar to us the incandescent lamp, but also energy-saving lamps.

shades Lamps


These lamps are compact and inexpensive.Warranty period of time or the glow of halogen lamps - four thousand hours.

not install halogen lamps rated at more than 35 watts in the bathroom.

Halogen lamps for bathrooms

LED lamps, which are used in the LED can emit white or yellow soft light and lighting can be colored.Usually, they are not used as the primary light source, and used as an addition.Designers like to highlight LED lights and ribbons different rooms or zones of all kinds of accessories.Most LED strip is placed under the bath, what creates the effect of evaporation.Can be identified in this manner shelves, mirrors and ceiling perimeter.

LED fixtures for the bathroom


to work, you liked the lamp, was safe, it is recommended to use a lamp that is not a power of 12-24 watts.This is due to the fact that they even when closing they can not damage your health.You also need to pay attention to the index IP, which write directly on the lamp or the packaging.The indicator consists of two numbers: 1 - Protection against ingress of lamps and small impact and solid particles (component may range from 0 to 6), 2 - protection against moisture level (0-8 ranges).

Therefore, the higher the numbers of the index, the stronger the security of the lamp from the effects of different factors.

Speaking of the bathroom, then the best option will be the light in which the index will be listed to protect more than 44-45.When installing the lamp, it is important that he had no direct contact with water.You should also check the lamp for tightness and strength.

If your interior is to use the bathroom sconces, you can not place it directly over the bath, as the incandescent lamp can explode on contact with water or steam, it can accumulate in the condensate.

wiring that leads to the lamp should not be open.And desirable to use in the bathroom adapters, extension cords and other similar devices.And if you need to make the socket, then insert it as far as possible from any source of moisture.The entire electrical network should be grounded.

Ceiling lamps and sconces in the bathroom
Multilevel lighting in the bathroom
Lighting in a beautiful bathroom

not install energy-saving lamps in the ceiling lights, if you are frequent voltage fluctuations in the mains at home.voltage drops lead to rapid failure of energy-saving lamps, therefore, benefit from their purchase will be reduced to zero.

Ceiling lamps for ceiling in the bathroom

mounting Features

Stretch ceilings

Deciding to do in the bathroom ceilings, you can use the room from a variety of types of lamps.The main thing you need to accurately determine the distance from the instrument to the film.Because of the heat the tension fabric can deteriorate.When set point models, which are built into the ceiling, uses a special bracket for fixing.It is attached to the base and ceiling mounted directly on top of the lamp.

Ceiling lamp with thermo swivel ring

also need to pay attention to the presence termokoltsa, which will protect the film from overheating.Termokoltso should be double and to be installed on the perimeter of the hole in the PVC film.Termokoltso performs not only the function of protection against overheating, but also provides strength fabric edges and does not spoil the material and change its shape under the influence of high temperatures.

Glossy surfaces in the bathroom

When using light colors in the decoration of the ceiling and walls of the bathroom, power lighting may be minimal, but when you make the room dark tones power lamps should be increased.

important role in the illumination intensity have reflective properties of surfaces.So, white glossy ceiling is perfectly reflect light and help save a lot of money to pay electricity bills.

White ceiling in the bathroom
White glossy ceiling in the bathroom with the ceiling lights
White ceiling in the bathroom with the ceiling lights

Suspended ceilings

If you decide to do in the bathroom ceiling PVC film, it is necessary, to plan the lighting and install wiring for fixturesat the stage of erection of the framework. Thus all power is supplied through the sheathing.

lamp, which you embed in the ceiling, first connected to electricity and then inserted into a hole made in the drywall.If you are using a wall-mounted lamp, you need to fix it directly to the drywall with screws.In this case, under your lighting fixture you need to enclose profiles, which will go to mount.

choosing which lamp to use the bathroom, do not forget that in the room the bathroom is often high humidity and temperature, so the wizard is recommended for all wiring used corrugated hoses.They will be attached to the base of the ceiling surface.Also, the entire lighting network need to install a new machine.

Installation of fixtures in a multi-level ceiling
Beautiful ceiling with ceiling lights
Option ceiling illumination

Also note that the embedded part of the luminaire after installation did not reach the base of the ceiling surface.It is necessary to leave a gap of at least one and a half centimeters.This recommendation is particularly important when using halogen lamps.


buying lamps, look for transformers.Decide simply with an appropriate model.To do this, capacity multiplied by the number of lamps.The result will mean the necessary power to be your transformer.Very often, for each new group of light bulbs use a new transformer.This decision will help prevent potentially negative consequences of breakdowns transformer when the light may disappear at any moment.And when multiple transformers, even if one fails, the other should function.

Wiring spotlights two transformer