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August 12, 2017 18:06

Watering with their hands

Hand watering plot eventually turns into a burden the task to perform which wants less and less.Solve the problem will automatically either automated irrigation.From system design and installation of all its components can be handled in-house.How?Read more.

Watering with their hands

own hands Watering

Choose source of water supply

Article Contents

  • 1 Choose source of water supply
    • 1.1 Table.Pump Kid used to pump water from open reservoirs, wells and boreholes.Features
  • 2 Making full automatic watering
    • 2.1 We draw a plan
    • 2.2 Choosing an irrigation method
    • 2.3 We make irrigation scheme
    • 2.4 Check intake bandwidth
    • 2.5 automate system
    • 2.6 Connect and set up irrigation
  • 3 Budget option watering
      • 3.0.1 first step
      • 3.0.2 second step
      • 3.0.3 third step
      • 3.0.4 fourth step
    • 3.1 Video - with their hands watering

We provide installation instructions for two irrigation systems: large-scale automated using a programmable controller and a modest non-automated, equipped on the basis ofbarrels.

Before arrangement of either of the two systems under consideration, it is necessary to select the source of water and is suitable for a particular situation pumping equipment.Water can be taken from:

  • the main water pipe.The most convenient option.If your home is equipped with its own water supply, just enough to embed in it the main pipe sprinkler system.No pumps in most situations it is not necessary to install;
  • well.Requires submersible rig or surface (depending on the source depth) of the pump;

    for the well pump

    pump wells

  • well.The system comprises a surface or submersible pump;

    Surface pump

    Surface pump

  • barrels or other containers for water.In the installation of the pump is usually not necessary;
  • natural source (river, lake, pond, etc.).type and pump power are chosen according to the specific conditions of the situation.

Table.Pump Kid used to pump water from open reservoirs, wells and boreholes.Features

pump Kid, features Indicators
Pump type Household vibrating immersion
consumed amperage 3 A
Power 165 W
water intake Lower
Head 40m
Performance 432 l / min
cable length 10-40 m
Continuous operation not more than 12 hoursStreak
The need power off for 15-20 minutes every 2 hours
Podklklyuchenie to a flexible hose

Making full automatic watering

Automatic irrigation

automatic irrigation

We draw a plan

begin with registration of the site plan.On a scale marked on it the basic elements of our estates: house, veranda, porch, outdoor oven, etc.- So we can determine the allowable sprinklers action area.

irrigation scheme

irrigation scheme

The chart marks the point of water intake.If water sources are few and they are located in different parts of the site, select the crane, located approximately in the middle.In this situation, we will be able to provide approximately equal to the length of irrigation lines

Choosing an irrigation method

Determine the amount of water

Determine the amount of water

In this example, the system settling for watering the lawn and a large number of beds and area with shrubs and trees.You can adjust the layout, taking into account the features of your site.

Systems of automatic irrigation

Systems of automatic irrigation

Part with lawn and flower beds will be watered with retractable sprinklers.When enabled, they are raised above the surface, and after completion of irrigation fall and become virtually invisible.

For the second part of our site such an option not suitable irrigation: crops are too high, and a small portion of the width.

Rotary sprinklers

Rotary sprinklers

Important!Use sprinklers for watering sections whose width is less than 2 m, it is not recommended.Such devices have a very large radius of action that can deliver a number of inconveniences.

oscillating sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers

for irrigation this part of the plantations we laid the drip line.It is a pipe to length with holes, equipped over the whole length.This pipe can be buried or simply put between the beds.

We make irrigation scheme

note on our site terms of point installation of sprinklers and the radii of coverage.We adhere to this order design:

  • the corners of the plot set up sprinklers for watering up to 90 degrees;
  • along the borders of the territory install devices that irrigate the area 180 degrees around itself;
  • the corners of the site near the various buildings and structures set up sprinklers to 270 degrees;
  • area set up the device, watering 360 degrees.

select number of sprinklers so that the radii of coverage are set nearby devices overlap.With this arrangement, the devices no plant will not be deprived of moisture.However, this method is only relevant for large areas having the correct shape.

In our example, the land area is relatively small, while it has a narrow strip along the house.Therefore, we make the project as follows:

  • first note the installation location of sprinklers, with the greatest range.These we will use for watering the main part of the garden;
  • the narrow side of the site marks the spot for sprinklers with a more modest irrigation radius;
  • in places where you do not take out the sprinklers, drip line laying plan.

Important!Recheck the project.Make sure that all plantings will receive water.

Check intake bandwidth

Ready plan allows us to establish the right number of sprinklers.However, before installing the system, we need to find out whether the source of water supply capacity is enough to equip efficient service system.Doing it this way:

  • take meter hose with a diameter of about 2 cm and connect it to the water source;

    PVC garden hose with fitting

    garden hose with a PVC fitting

  • immerse the other end of the hose in a 10-liter bucket and measure the time for which it is filled with water.For the most accurate measurement results is carried out several times in scheduled time plot irrigation;
  • measure the distance between the point of abstraction and the most remote sprinkler.Next, for every 15 m distance obtained by adding 1 second to the time spent previously on buckets filled with water.In this example, the throughput capacity of the source 60.

now determine whether the withdrawal will provide simultaneous operation of all scheduled watering lines.Sprinklers need remains the same and is determined in accordance with their area of ​​coverage.In our example, we set:

  • device 180 degrees to cover the area of ​​200 m2- 2 pieces.The need for each device in the water is 12, in total - 24;
  • sprinklers to 270 degrees coverage area of ​​200 m2- 2 pieces.The need for each is 14, total - 28;
  • device 180 degrees to cover up to 50 m2- 1 piece.Need - 7;
  • device 270 degrees to cover up to 50 m2- 1. Need - 9;
  • sprinkler 90 degrees to cover an area of ​​50 M2 1. The need for water - 6.

In sum, the need of our irrigation equipment in water is 74. The water intake is able to give only 60. Connect all devices to the same line for simultaneous useIt will not succeed.To resolve this problem we do two lines of sprinklers.One will be used to service the larger devices, the other - for the little ones.

for drip irrigation makes the third line.It requires individual management becausemain line included about half an hour every day, and the droplet should work at least 40-50 minutes, depending on the particular needs of the soil and plants.

Connect dropping line and the sprinklers to a common line can not.With such an arrangement the system will either be too plentifully watered land, served by sprinklers or the area with drip irrigation can not receive sufficient liquid.

Automate system

Order supplies

Order Supplies

For control system operation set the programmable controller.With this device, we can adjust the time on and off the irrigation.For the safety of the device is recommended to install it in a room, for example, in the basement.

Near tap water set the input column for the connection of the system, as well as a special mounting box for accommodation slam on the number of irrigation lines.We have them 3. Each valve is connected to the controller via a two-wire cable.From valves allot one irrigation line.Such an arrangement would allow the system to program it for irrigation lines including each individually.

Automatic watering system

automatic irrigation system

We have equipped the line as follows:

  • one took to power large sprinklers.For the manufacture of-the-line using 19-mm pipes for taps to the sprinklers - pipe 16 mm dia;
  • second empty sprinklers into small serving area up to 50 m2.Similar tubes were used;
  • third line allocated for drip irrigation.For the production of this line was used 19-mm tube.Next we connected to it the special drip tube.It comprises two closed loops.The end of the drip tube, we connected to the supply pipe.

To improve the efficiency of irrigation, we have included in the system rain sensor.He will not allow watering activated during rain.The sensors are connected to the controller via the provided instructions.Directly controllers in most cases included in the common outlet, which is very convenient.

Connect and set up irrigation

first step. placed on the area of ​​irrigation elements and connect them to each other using special connectors and splitters.It follows that in the pipe did not get the land.

Sprinkler can be set to any desired location

sprinkler can be installed in any desired location

connector design is very simple - easy to work with even the woman cope

connector design is very simple - to work easily handle even a woman

second step. Connect the assembled system to water and do a trial run.Expose the sprinklers in the right direction.If everything is in order, proceed to the excavation.

third step. digs along the pipeline 200-250-mm ditch.

fourth step. Fall asleep trench bottom layer of gravel.Filling will take over the function of the drainage bags, providing water abstraction remains.

fifth step. carefully laid pipes and other elements of the system into a ditch.

Carefully laid pipes and other elements of the system into a ditch

carefully laid pipes and other elements of the system into a ditch

sixth step. perform backfill the trench.

seventh step. includes a system for verification.Adjustable sprinklers.

eighth step. Programmable Controller on and off irrigation at the right time.Remember: the line must operate alternately, include them at the same time can only be of sufficient capacity of water intake.

Installation of pump and tank group

Installation of pump and tank group

Installation of the controller and automation

controller Installation and Automation

Watering connected and configured.We can take it into operation.In future regularly check the condition and operation of the elements of the irrigation system.

Budget option watering

Example of drip irrigation

Example of drip irrigation

Example of drip irrigation

example of drip irrigation schemes

Driving a simple drip irrigation

scheme simple drip irrigation

drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation systems

No need for settling large-scale automaticglaze?Then use a simple budget option based on the flanks.

first step

Making a stand for casks.Using a profiled pipe or channel.The optimum height of the support -. 1.5-2 m The support legs must be inclined towards each other at an angle such that the dimensions of the upper frame allowed steadily put our barrel.Tying support horizontal jumpers at the bottom, in the middle and the top.Roy 70-80-centimeter hole for installation of supports, exhibit design, sleeps 10-15 cm height of each gravel pit and pour concrete.Important!At the time of hardening concrete spacers fix support.

Barrel on the frame

barrel on the frame

Drip irrigation - water tank

Drip irrigation - water tank

second step

Prepare the water tank.Suitable any entire or a rusty barrel.At the top of the barrel crashed hose connection.Through him, the barrel is filled with water.The other end of the hose to connect the water intake.At the bottom of the well pipe Equips.To him connect a hose for watering.Both we complete hose valves for on-off the water supply.We put the barrel on the support.For greater reliability, we fix it with clamps, screws and nuts.

third step

In terms of areas indicate places that need watering.We draw irrigation scheme showing all splitters, connectors, plugs, valves, pipes, hoses and other elements.

fourth step

Putting irrigation system.The easiest and most convenient option - to buy a ready set of everything for drip irrigation.Also, such a system can be done independently.It's enough to prepare the right amount of pipes or hoses, done along their length holes to connect the elements into a single system using the connectors and couplers, and then connect to a hose coming out of the barrel.

Tee in the system of drip irrigation

tee in the system of drip irrigation plants

Option watering device drip tapes

watering device variant with drip tape

Ribbon diagram for drip irrigation

ribbon diagram for drip irrigation

principle of such watering is very simple: you open the valve on the discharge hose, water rushesall the ramifications, goes through the holes and watering crops.

How to make the system of drip irrigation to

drip irrigation system

drip irrigation system

Spray irrigation

Spray irrigation

Intelligent greenhouse

Smart greenhouse

Drip irrigation with their own hands

Successful work!

Video - with their hands Watering