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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bath with lighting, chromotherapy , color treatment

Bath with backlight
  • Benefits
  • Indications Contraindications
  • techniques chromotherapy
  • Impact range of colors

Colour Light not only plays a decorative role in the bathrooms, but also has a therapeutic effect.This effect is called chromotherapy.


Each color of the spectrum has a wavelength (electromagnetic radiation), and has a special therapeutic effect on the nervous system.

very beautiful bathroom with illuminated

one light radiation has a relaxing, calming and analgesic effect, the other, on the contrary, stimulates and tones.


Indications chromotherapy:

  • nervous system disorders;
  • metabolic disorder;
  • panic attacks;
  • insomnia;
  • depression;
  • posttraumatic pain;
  • fatigue;
  • failure of biorhythms;
  • circulatory disorders and the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • rehabilitation after surgery.
Bath with backlight
Bath with backlight - chromotherapy


have chromotherapy there are contraindications.Most often they appear individually on the basis of overall health. example, red shades affect the functioning of the heart, which may adversely affect patients with hypertension.Cool colors have a sedative effect, therefore, are not recommended melancholic and strictly contraindicated flashing light in epilepsy.

techniques chromotherapy

best effect is achieved in conjunction with the water treatments in the bath. Warm water relieves stress, relaxes, purifies energy and lets you tune into treatment.Three main methods of chromotherapy can be distinguished:

  • fluorescent;
  • molecular;
  • visual.
Bath with backlight

Fluorescent therapy is a white light pass through the color filters, the output of which forms the beam of a specific color.

With chromotherapy molecular filters are the ointments, gels or other special means, includinghomeopathic.

Visual therapy is a thrall of pictures and objects around a certain color.Here effects occur through visual perception.

Bath with blue backlight
Bath with white backlight

therapeutic effects color can also have bath salts, aromatic oils and other care products.In addition to the use of color lighting in showers and baths, therapeutic effect, you can use in the decoration of rooms and additional lighting.

Bath with backlight

Impact range of colors

Each color has its own therapeutic effect.

  • blue shades have the longest wavelength, and therefore a profound effect on the nervous system, exerting a relaxing effect.Purple shown at nervosa, pain, relieves anxiety and restlessness.Blue helps to fully relax and unwind.Blue calms, treats insomnia, reduces excitement, menstrual cramps, gives a feeling of tranquility.
  • Warm shades contrast, energized, irritate the nervous system tone. Red is ideal for fatigue, it stimulates the nervous system, accelerates the heart, improves blood circulation, charges cheerfulness.Shown under reduced pressure and hypothermia.Orange is not as aggressive.It relieves stress, while giving a sense of psychological comfort, at this remove apathy and melancholy.Orange hues invigorate, stimulate appetite, help with asthma and allergies.Yellow stimulates the brain activity encourages the dialogue, relieves fatigue, invigorates.This color is recommended for the high psychological and mental stress, such as during the sessions.Yellow improves digestion and speeds up the metabolism and helps in losing weight.
  • golden mean - green. It is associated with freshness, green, healthy, filled with a sense of harmony.It helps relieve tension of the eye muscles, tiredness, headaches, improves metabolism.Green nervous system exerts a soothing effect, but does not suppress as shades of blue.
Pink lights in the bath

Hromoteraniya can have a significant effect on the nervous system, relaxing or energizing.But for serious diseases only acts as an additional curative procedure, not as an independent therapy. specify what colors will be most effective, you can have specialist chromotherapy.

Blue lights in the bath
The girl in the bath with a yellow backlight
Green and blue lights in the bath with two cups
Pink lights in the bath