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August 12, 2017 18:06

Holder for hairdryer in the bathroom : the pros , cons , the choice (10 photos )

Holder for hairdryer in bathroom
  • Pros Cons
  • Forms and materials
  • Features selection

For the comfort and functionality of any room in the house, we supplement it with the necessary objects that optimize the space.But to our interior was not cluttered and does not create the impression of a warehouse, we try as much as possible rationally arrange all these things.

Bathroom usually holds a lot of necessary accessories and gizmos, most of whom play a role storage.For example, a glass for toothbrushes, soap dish, Wicker basket of jars or even a heated towel rail.

creatives are increasingly equipped with new market for bathroom fixtures, for which demand is growing.It sorts Stand for Tablet and books-wipers cleaner for mirrors, extension of the cranes and many other gadgets.Especially stands out among them holders to hairdryers.As it turned out, they become absolutely necessary in the bathroom.Many customers have already managed to see this and consider the holder of useful and practical accessory.

Holder for hair dryer in the bathroom


So what qualities do they possess?

  • First, you no longer need to look for hair and messing with the wire, constantly unraveling it.In this case, and the wire will remain intact, as its excesses will be excluded.
  • in favor of your own safety against electric shock, the method of storage of the device will be the most reliable.Of course, if the holder itself located away from water.
  • very convenient to use this tool when you need both hands free for hair drying.
  • Also, the holder is much safer than the hooks, it will protect hair from unexpected falls.
  • And of course their only contemporary design will complement and decorate the interior of the bathroom.

Still want to add that such accessories will be convenient to use not only at home but also in hairdressing salons.

Benefits for holders of a hair dryer in the bathroom
Advantages for holders of a hair dryer in the bathroom


drawbacks holders have been identified for the dryer.However, low-quality material products can be considered a significant disadvantage for the manufacturer.

Forms and materials

assortment of holders for the hair dryer is quite diverse.Most popular - single models.For those who like elegant things, for sure they will like. They are fixed to the wall, and in his mind they resemble a spiral.Such spiral structure can be represented as a regular cone or a spring whose turns are downwardly narrower.No less attractive are devices with one, two or three rings. manufacturers also offer integrated shelf-holders. addition to a hair dryer, they allow you to place combs, barrettes, hair styling products, in general, everything that you need on hand when the toilet.

Spiral holders dryer
Varieties holders to hairdryers in the bathroom
Types holders to hairdryers in the bathroom

All varieties holders perfect size for any kind of hair dryers, and sometimes ploek.

They are produced from wood, plastic or metal. latter will naturally be more reliable, as the metal surface does not deteriorate even if the appliance is still hot.For such models are mainly used brass or an alloy of several metals. coating may be chrome, nickel, or others, but the quality, for example, gold or bronze tone.

Plastic holders for the hair dryer in the bathroom
Metal brackets for the dryer in the bath

Features selection

choosing a holder for your bathroom, you should pay attention to some details before you buy:

  • Of course, first of all importantmaterials products, primarily metal;
  • Rate the quality of manufacturing, surface treatment and connection details;
  • mount is also important and it is good if it is not Velcro or suckers, and connect to the wall with screws.
Tips for choosing a holder for a hair dryer in the bathroom