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August 12, 2017 18:06

The original wall clock 38 photos of unusual and interesting hours

In the age of technology, mechanical clocks gradually lose its importance, because the timing device surrounds us literally everywhere: in mobile phones, computers, consumer electronics, etc. But as the clock on the wall, which once were a sign of luxury and the pride of their owners, have not only practical, but also a decorative function, designers still like to use them in their work.

With clocks can revitalize the interior and give it a stylistic expression and fill with new accents, without resorting to heavy and troublesome manipulation.That is why today "Dream House" offers a look at the original wall clock that organically fit even in the most demanding design.

original wall clock

original wall clock

Fancy wall clock in the interior of the living room interior

Any item must meet the general style requirements.However, wall clock may well take on the role of the main design accent.The appearance of modern watches often affects the depth of design ideas.Now along with the traditional watches for sale can be found the product of abstract, futuristic, vintage, and many other forms.Choosing unusual wall clock, you can not only decorate the room, but also to fill your own design vision.

wall clock for the living room large original

wall clock for the living room large original

Beautiful and original photo wall clock

Beautiful and original wall clocks Photo

interesting wall clock

Interesting wall clock

consider the most interesting models of watches, which perfectly fit into the design of modern living rooms.

watch under the "old days»

Interior items, the design of which is made under the "old days", ideally suited to the classic design.If your living room is characterized precisely this style, pay attention to the clock with a pendulum, with dials in the form of maps, decorated with carved decoration, etc.Very well, if the clock body is made of wood, asthe world's first mechanisms are processed in this manner.Also for classical decorations are great watches, supplemented with porcelain, bronze and semi-precious stones.

original wall clocks Photo

original wall clocks Photo

wall clock for the living room large original photo

Wall clock great original for the living room Photo

wall clock for the living room large original white

wall clock large original Living Room White

Unusual clock on the wall

Unusual clock on the wall

Massive metal clock on the wall

Massive metal clock on

wall clock in abstract form

The traditional version clocks body is performed in a circular, oval, rectangular or square shape.However, the modern masters have decided to depart from the established canons, using for the creation of clocks set of non-standard configurations.Coming up with new ways of realization, designers often refuse to dial the usual for us, replacing it with any appropriate items.For example, fans of the original things are sure to enjoy the clock with a dial in the form of a bicycle wheel, clockwork, audio player, cassette "reel" artistic palette, etc.These watches not only will make notes of originality in the design of the living room, but also emphasize the character and interests of its owner.

The original wall of a bicycle wheel clock

original wall clock from a bicycle wheel

Fancy wall clock from the turntable

Fancy wall clock from the turntable

Unusual wall clock photo

Fancy wall clock photo

funny clock on the wall

Fun clock on the wall

Clockwork Wall

Clockwork Wall

If your living room design requires something over and above the original and non-standard note on wall clock, in which the dial itself is completely absent.For example, creative masters offer us determine the time not the usual markings, and on randomly placed cubes, triple arrows securing directly to the mechanism, and even the location of the shadow cast by the rotating member.To be guided in such interesting wall clock - not an easy task, but these accessories will make the interior a truly stylish and unusual.

Unusual wall clock

Fancy wall clock

funny dials for clocks

Funny dials for clocks

unusual dials of clocks

Fancy dials of clocks

time - the most valuable resource of our lives.Philosophers like to reflect on the transience of time and transience, but the designers decided to re-create these reflections in the form of clocks unusual shapes.If you want to fill the interior of your living room philosophical meaning, pay attention to the clock, made in the form of a running man, who seemed to emphasize that the time never stops its course.Also in a separate group of cool clocks include articles, on the dials of which meaningful signs are used instead of numbers.

Original wall clock as running men

original wall clock as running men

Funny wall clock with the words

Funny wall clock with the words

Funny photo wall clock

Funny wall clock photo

Clock picture

Depending on the image, wall clocks, paintings harmoniously fit intoany style.For classical interiors are ideal clock, made in the form of reproductions of famous artists.If your living room is made in a more free style, decorate it, you can use the original clock-paintings, which are marked on the dial landscapes, photo images, abstract patterns, etc.

Often clock paintings are a collection of panels, so that such products are the main decoration of interiors.

picture wall clock genuine

painting clock wall original

Watch the original paintings on the wall

Watch pictures on

Wall Clock - picture photo

Clocks-picture photo

Clocks - panels


Interesting wall clock bedroom

Interiors bedroomsThey tend to gravitate to something easy, quiet and unobtrusive.For example, to fill the atmosphere of the bedroom can be pacified with a watch-canvases depicting romantic paintings, landscapes or cityscapes.

bright and spacious bedrooms are often lacking expressive detail that could give clearance originality.In this case, a good solution would be to use large watches, decorated with carved details and bright decorations.

The idea of the photo frame wall clock

idea of ​​photo frames for wall clocks

Beautiful clock with butterflies

Beautiful clock with butterflies

Stylish wall clock in interior

stylish wall clock in interior

The clock in the style of patchwork on the wall

Clock in patchwork style wall

If your bedroom is decorated in the style ofminimalist modern, underline the concept of the interior, you can use modern steel clock abstract forms.

Interesting wall clock with butterflies

Interesting wall clock with butterflies

Creative design wall clocks photo

Creative design wall clocks photo

original wall clock for the living room

Wall clock original for living

original wall clock in the kitchen

interior Interior items for the kitchen should not only emphasize the style of the roombut also to fill it with a homey feel.Designers offer us decorate the kitchen with the help of a wall clock, made in the form of cutlery or a mouth-watering dishes.

For example, in the kitchen or in the dining room will look great clock, the hands of which are fork and spoon.Also in the interior of the kitchen is the best fit clock made in the form of a cup of coffee, frying pan with fried eggs, fruit dishes, etc.

Funny Wall Clock for kitchen

Funny Wall Clock for kitchen

Original kitchen clock wall with their hands

Original kitchen clock wall with their hands

Clock - fried in the kitchen photo

Watch scrambled into the kitchen Photo

original wall clock for the kitchen

?? Wall clock for the kitchen original

The clock on the wall of a cup of coffee

clock onwall coffee cup

Creative kitchen clock on the wall

Creative kitchen clock on the wall

The clock on the white wall

clock on the white wall

original wall clock will help you to transform the interior of any room.But remember: if the watch design is too complex, multifaceted and expressive, try to place them on the free wall.Otherwise, an overabundance of interior decoration smazhet all used accents.

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