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August 12, 2017 18:05


the word "alabaster" came to us from Greece.It suggests that such material was used in antiquity.In the days of ancient Greece so called calcite (calcium carbonate).Now the word is mostly used for naming gypsum - calcium diakvasulfata.


  1. Features gypsum plaster
  2. Specifications alabaster
  3. Scope
  4. Benefits alabaster
  5. Features Use

many is not clear: what is the difference between the gypsum andalabaster?Gypsum - very soft, it is easy to scratch even a fingernail.Calcite is also more durable, damage it can only be by means of steel tools.Calcite stucco reacts with hydrochloric acid, in which case gypsum is inert.Nowadays, the term "plaster" has no clarifications: calcite he or plaster, so that we are always talking about the kinds of gypsum.

Features gypsum plaster

The production of gypsum plaster goes through thermal treatment of natural gypsum dihydrate.It is kept at a temperature of 150 - 180 ° in special devices, where the composition is transformed into hemihydrate plaster cast.This product is ground to a fine powder.freeness affects scope substance.The smallest fraction - a medical plaster, bigger - molding plaster, and the largest - building.

Specifications alabaster


Its use alabaster found in the home and in construction.The main direction - construction and repair work.Since it is an excellent binder, alabaster building used for sealing cracks, seams, leveling surfaces, such as ceilings.The photo and video shows how easy it is to perform these works and looks great as a result.Only need to remember that it does not stand high humidity, because of this lack of it can be used only in areas with humidity less than 60%.To improve its resistance to moisture, surface treated alabaster, lacquer coated pastes.If, however, be applied to the surface of the dough alabaster, which strongly absorbs moisture, it must be pre-primed.Often alabaster used as a supplement, can accelerate the seizure of the solution.

Benefits alabaster

Among the main advantages of plaster - its environmental friendliness.This material is made of natural ingredients can harm health.It perfectly absorbs noise, does not burn, does not pass water.Its fire resistance allows use it to create fire protection coatings.alabaster look exactly coatings are resistant to cracking.

Features Use

ALABASTER easy to use.However, we must do everything very quickly, because the plaster solution begins to solidify after 6 minutes after dilution with water.A half an hour later it will be completely solid.Therefore, those who are already faced with a similar problem and asks the question: how to breed alabaster, should listen to the recommendations and solutions to make portions.It thickened solution is not suitable.Additives in the form of a joiner or wallpaper paste slightly prolong the life of the solution, and you will have a little more time to work.

Training in many respects resembles the principle of the solution of glue for wallpaper.It is necessary to mix the plaster in a proportion of 1 kg of substance 0.6 liters of water.Ready solution should look like sour cream.Apply it should be immediately after mixing, breaks can not be done.Feedback from those who often uses the substance, suggest that immediately after the operation it is necessary to carefully wash all the tools and capacity.Otherwise, rapid hardening plaster makes them unsuitable for further use.