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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction of houses from arbolita

Currently growing in popularity gaining improving construction processes, enabling a low cost and in a short time to build a house on their own.The data can be used to drevobeton (arbolit), which has many useful features.This building material was invented in the sixties of the last century and used as blocks or panels for walls, as well as for monolithic construction.


  • characteristics of this material
  • Application drevobetona
  • wood-concrete block manufacturing technology features the construction of houses of arbolita
  • House arbolita - photo
  • House of arbolita - video

The characteristics of this material

Arbolit is a lightweight concrete, in which instead of gravel or sand dropout added wood filler in the form of crushed chips.In addition to it, as the organic filler may be used crushed sawdust, leaves, needles, stalks zaderevenelye plants, straw and bark and wood chips.Such inclusions reinforced material and increase its compressive strength and elongation.For the bonding of such a framework is used cement mixture with the addition of reinforcing mineral components.During manufacture, this material is not used any components harmful to health.


Compared with many materials, drevobeton different significant advantages, including environmentally friendly composition, light weight (about 300-600 kg / m3) and elasticity.Furthermore, it is characterized by resistance to biological attack - on the wall of the material appears fungus or mold, the appearance therein of microorganisms, parasites and pests bugs practically excluded.House of arbolita are fireproof, since this material is not flammable and can withstand prolonged exposure to fire intact.Drevobeton inherited from natural wood easy to handle, since it can be cut using a power saw or a hacksaw, hammer nails into it, and screwed screws.House of arbolita built with their own hands, are low cost, and thus in many respects is not inferior to buildings made of bricks or aerated concrete.

It is worth noting the following significant advantages of building material:

  • high levels of noise insulation facilities (due to the presence in the composition of small pieces of wood, which creates a kind of soundproof "cushion", as well as aerated concrete).Excellent sound insulation of walls can be observed even in the absence of additional finishing.However, after the external and internal finishing properties built amplified data;
  • excellent thermal insulation and vapor - in order to provide thermal protection like a brick wall thickness meter, need to build a wall of drevobetona thickness of 30 cm;
  • subject to certain proportions of the composition of the building material takes on the characteristics of the special strength and resistance to fracture (not lower than that of a foam shell);
  • such buildings are characterized by high frost resistance and durability;
  • furthermore differs drevobeton ductility and does not shrink in construction, it does not collapse under the influence of heavy loads.


At the same time, also some inherent disadvantages for the building material.The walls of such buildings need to be plastered, as due to the porous structure and the presence in the organic filler is depressurized, and they are largely absorb moisture.Due to the presence in the composition of wood-based materials, arbolit differs significantly hygroscopic and does not tolerate humidity of 75% inside the building.Outside the walls are necessary to protect the finish coat moisture, in addition, it is required to provide reliable waterproofing basement.

Application drevobetona

When planning the construction of houses of arbolita it is worth considering the following recommendations:

  • reviews indicate that the construction of the data provide excellent thermal protection.Thus, by using a sufficiently dense building materials and the technology of erection of walls of buildings arbolita perfect for cold regions with a dry climate;
  • should be noted that due to the low moisture resistance drevobetona advised to avoid the construction of it in areas with humid climate.

This material is used for the construction of load-bearing walls and partitions with the low-rise construction, including residential buildings, as well as saunas and a variety of outbuildings (such as garages and sheds).You can use the blocks and panels arbolita and apply the monolithic construction.Houses made of monolithic arbolita are solid construction, obtained by pouring plastic drevobetona into the prepared formwork.On the Internet you can get acquainted with the presented projects of houses arbolita.It should be noted that in compliance with the cast wall technology, ceilings and floors are characterized arbolita perfect shape and high mechanical strength.

technology manufacturing wood-concrete blocks

arbolita Manufacturing process is simple.The building blocks of this material or monolithic arbolit can be formed independently.This will require to prepare the following materials, tools and accessories:

  • cement;
  • slaked lime;
  • organic filler (wood chips, sawdust, chips, bark, etc.);
  • molds blocks;
  • reinforcing mesh;
  • mixer.



  1. Organic additives for arbolita need to grind to a small size and pomectit into the mixer.Practice shows that the filler elements must not exceed 40 mm, otherwise deteriorating performance on the compression strength of the material.At the same time, not too small inclusions reinforced, thereby decreasing the susceptibility of the material to tensile load.
  2. This weight should be soaked in a solution of lime with the addition of no more than 4% of sodium silicate (also can be replaced by calcium chloride or aluminum sulfate).This measure will prevent the breeding of microorganisms and decay of organic additives in drevobetone.
  3. After absorbing a large part of the solution to the prepared mixture gradually need to add cement, vymeshivaya until smooth and adding water as needed.The recommended proportions of cement and wood pulp of 1: 4.When mixing is necessary to monitor the solution to the mixture in the voids were not.
  4. thus prepared composition is placed in layers for the production of blocks or in a pre-prepared formwork (in solid construction).In forming the required dimensional blocks in the center of the form to place ordinary concrete, and it laid reinforcing mesh, to fill the remaining space drevobetonom.It is essential to stamp the solution thoroughly, as if voids therein, the material may subsequently fall apart.


To monolithic arbolit gained the necessary strength, after pouring the solution you need to wait for about four weeks (20 days is already possible to remove the formwork, then need to wait for the final drying material).Removing the building blocks of the shape and spread on a flat surface can be in a few days later will take about two weeks to complete drying of the blocks in a natural way.

Features of the construction of homes arbolita

In order to build a house of their own arbolita require careful advance technology is simple, moreover, drevobeton is easy to process the material - nevertheless to use all its advantages and to build a house of monolithic blocks or arbolita, comfortable to live in, need to have a clear idea about the features of this building.

In order to pick up high-quality ready-made blocks from arbolita, you should consider the following recommendations:

  • should pay attention to their geometry when choosing ready-made building blocks and panels arbolita.The flatter they are, the more comfortable they will be laid, and the solution flow rate is reduced to masonry, the joints will be more subtle.Therefore, such a construction will be quite warm and comfortable accommodation;
  • addition, look at the shade blocks - typical for a lighter cement brand M500, darker - for M400 (the difference in the degree of the maximum load, the first option is suitable for the erection of the structural elements of the building);
  • should also pay attention to the size of the wood chips, filling units - if it is stacked closely interwoven and when you try to pull a slice can not be, then the material is strong enough;
  • in the construction of two-storey house of arbolita must use the building blocks with the index density of 650 kg / m3.Moreover, to withstand considerable loads required thickness of the walls of drevobetona at least 40 cm

With the construction of the house, you must also consider the following features of the technology of construction of arbolita:.

  • this building material is characterized by low weight and highwater absorption.In these circumstances, for the construction of arbolita best fit tape not flush foundation.This will require careful alignment run horizontally and provide reliable waterproofing by applying, for example, three layers of bitumastic.Furthermore, it is necessary to execute an external waterproofing walls, otherwise drevobetona further wetting, while thermal insulation and frost indicators and, accordingly, will occur to deteriorate;
  • should be noted that the blocks of lightweight concrete are not suitable for stacking cap - for its construction must be used brick, concrete or special foundation blocks;
  • to thermal insulation of the house was the maximum for laying wood-concrete building blocks it is recommended to use a "warm" masonry mortar or glue, which allows to minimize the thickness of masonry joints.When using the solution blocks drevobetona must be moistened with water before laying;
  • to harden the surface of the masonry is recommended to apply plastic reinforcing mesh - it placed every few rows of blocks.Moreover, in order to stiffen the surface of drevobetona use lightweight monolithic concrete Laying nets in the form of a tape with the associated valves, installed around the perimeter of the surface of the walls.Next, you need to make its insulation halves blocks of polystyrene foam or arbolita attached to the walls with metal staples;
  • due to poor resistance to moisture of the house arbolita require mandatory lining.As a finish, allowing construction to retain water vapor permeability of drevobetona, plastering can be applied on the grid with a further alignment of the finishing putty for painting.

House arbolita - photo





House of arbolita - video