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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of the blinds with his own hands

Shutters - the so-called door window, which cover from prying eyes and sunlight space of the house.Classic shutters consist of two halves, which are closed and connected to each other, but there are many different modifications thereof.


Functionality and benefits of using shutters

advantage of shutters is that unlike windows, they protect the house, not only from the sun but also from intruders.This design is securely locked on the inside of the castle and creates an additional obstacle for thieves.Even if a thief tries to open the shutters, it will create a lot of noise, which is sure to attract the attention of neighbors.


In cold weather, external or internal wooden shutters help to create additional screen, retaining heat in the house.If the structure is installed correctly and efficiently, shutters and their joints do not have slots, the number of drafts in the room is substantially reduced.

shutters adorn the windows.Many years ago, they were equipped with all the houses, with shutters decorated with carvings and paintings, which gave the individuality home.Now shutters manufacturers offer to buy finished products for every taste and color.Modern shutters are available in various colors, made of different materials and can be easily fit into any interior.

The most important purpose of shutters - to protect the room from the sun and prying eyes.With this design, the room is easily obscured even the sunniest day.If the house is not equipped with shutters at the outset, this element is easy to install yourself at any time.You only need to select the type of shutters that fit under the interior and exterior of the house.

Species shutters

for different types of windows and interior needed various decorative elements.Shutters in this sense is not an exception, because everyone wants to install shutters have the opportunity to choose from several types of construction:

  • shutters with one flap.Ideal for small-sized windows that are inappropriate to impose the construction of two halves.Installing shutters of one leaf is made both outside and inside.The outer structure is closed by a conventional lock, similar to the lock to the front door.Internal construction is closed in any convenient way - to lock or ordinary bolt.


  • Blind with two doors.This is a classic design that is found in the private homes everywhere.Their advantage over the model of the one flap is that the window opening halves looks more natural and symmetrically.Constipation such shutters often make two, one connects the halves, and the other fixes them in this state.


  • Folding design.This configuration does not have one and the two halves, and several - 4, 6, 8 or more.This design is composed on the basis of an accordion and is the most comfortable and versatile.Folding shutters make it possible to cover or open window is not completely, but only partially, that is, adjust the level of lighting in the room.They are installed inside and outside, on the one side of the window or on two sides.


  • Shutters, blinds.This design works on the principle similar to the conventional window blinds.The differences lie in the fact that they have a shutter frame from a strong material and allow not only to raise and lower the slats by passing light into the room, but also very open frame.Shutters, blinds are suitable for outdoor installation as well as in the interior of the desirability of establishing normal blinds.However, some fine versions of this product will not only protect the house, but also complement the interior of a uniquely stylish element.


  • Shutters for windows also include in the category of shutters, as they perform the same function.This design is to raise and lower blade, which the movement is performed by the built-in mechanism.Most often blinds installed on the outside of the window, as in this design looks bulky and spoil the appearance of the interior.


manufacture shutters Material

But the shutters are distinguished not only by the type of their design, they are made of different materials, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.Before carrying out installation of shutters, you should decide so, what kind of material is preferred.

  • Wooden shutters.This material was used for centuries for the manufacture of shutters, he does not lose its relevance today.Most often, the shutters are just decorative rather than a protective function, and wooden shutters allow you to choose and change their design according to their own taste preferences.Decorating wood products by firing, carving, wrought iron elements or conventional paint murals.Because wood is made not only classic shutters of the two svorok but odnostvorochnye, folding shutters and even shutters.The only drawback of the tree - it is not resistant to external influences.But with the lack of fight is not difficult, if you regularly handle shutters protective solutions.


  • Shutters of metal.This variety carries more protective than decorative.Metal - it is cold and heavy material that does not give the house a magical view of the ease that give the wooden shutters.But for unwanted guests such kind of material will become a serious obstacle on the way.Improve the look of shutters made of metal with the help of decorative carving and painting.Because metal is made of a leaf shutters, two, as well as blinds.
  • Plastic shutters.This material is the most economical and durable as the plastic is indifferent to temperature, precipitation and other environmental influences.Minus these shutters - a low level of protection.Plastic is easy to break even just break out of the loop.In addition, it does not retain heat in the room.Because this material is made all kinds of shutters.

advantages of using internal shutters

most important advantage of the internal shutters is that they do not require installation of complex locking mechanism.Since the shutters are located indoors, they are sufficient to lock in the normal bolt or latch.Internal Security shutters in the fact that they do not draw attention to himself.House with closed external shutters as it indicates that hosts it is currently not.Interior shutters are also not visible from the street, and the curtain between the window shutters and doors will make them and not prominent.Thus, the impression created is always that someone's home there.


advantage of internal shutters to bars in their mobility.The grille is put once and for all, the shutters are opened or completely removed and does not spoil the view from the window.Especially as the price of shutters is much lower, especially if installing their own.Interior shutters will not spoil the interior, if you select an interesting design and decorate it according to your taste.Especially organically combines wooden sliding shutters with a rustic style, emphasizing its simplicity and originality.

And even if the house has a very small space, which must be equipped with shutters, it will not be a problem.Just at the time of mounting shutters are made so that they are easy to remove and install the back if needed.In this case, at the time, while in the wings there is no need, they are cleaned in a closet or another room.

How to install

sets internal shutters on the windows just enough internal shutters with his hands.The first step is to measure the window opening and manufacture shutters or purchase them.For standard windows are sold finished products, must be ordered separately for non-standard sash openings.When measuring is important to consider the thickness of the rails for mounting.

When buying a ready-made shutters are all necessary accessories often already included, and sometimes offered in the appendage decorative ornaments.But if the hardware is not supplied or shutters are made independently, all the necessary elements are calculated and sold.The installation process is the classic wooden shutters with two doors as follows:

  • first checks the quality of the protective coating on the shutters, if necessary, treated with a skin flap.This is because the process already established shutters inconvenient.
  • If the frame is disassembled, then it is collected by means of fasteners.
  • Rama is applied to the window opening, and temporarily fixed.It should fit lean against the walls.


  • With the construction level check the evenness of all planes.If the size of the shutters fitted incorrectly and they are less than the window opening, the extra space is filled with pieces of wood.
  • drills drill holes in the frame, inserted in them screws and fix.
  • Now try on the frame shutters, if their sizes match, scheduled to place the loop.
  • Drill drill holes and screws fasten the hinges to the frame and shutters.
  • hinges treated with lubricating oil.
  • Connect the hinge parts on the frame with the hinges on the shutters and checked their smooth running.If shutters have not taken flat horizontal position, it is corrected by using the substrate.
  • All fasteners decorate special plates.
  • slots filled with putty or sealant.

is the process of installing the standard removable shutters.By the same principle all structures except mounted shutters, which require a slightly different setup sequence.The design puts me and improve at its discretion, for example, change the blank wooden shutters on the net, which is inserted into the frame.Just as a protective element of the grid is selected thick and strong.

shutters installed on the locking device.The principle is very simple installation, lock, latch or lock to purchase, mark the location for the installation, drill holes and securely fasten all the designs, that's the whole installation.Roller shutter is more protective, but we should not lose sight of their decor, which will help to organically enter this element in the interior room.

methods of decorating wooden shutters

One of the most elegant of solutions requires an approach at the stage of construction of the installation.When used in place of whole grid or thin plank horizontal slats, filled the frame at regular intervals, such shutters adorn and complement the interior.This design looks easy, it does not create an oppressive sense of enclosed space.


easiest way decor wooden shutters with their hands - painted.If not enough artistic skills of drawing, rescue template that is easily made by yourself.Select pattern is printed on a sheet of paper and then transferred onto the surface of the shutters.For shutters fit any decor painting - flowers, animals or even entire stories.

Excellent shutters adorn various carved elements.They decorate the shutter itself and on the perimeter of the window to complete the song and write in it all the ingredients.This decoration is also made yourself or purchased ready-made.Carved decorations on wooden shutters - is classic Slav, which decorated the house at all times.

Decorate shutters and various forged metal elements.Their stores offer a large assortment, and workshops are made to order.However, this type of decoration is more suitable for exterior shutters.But all depends on the interior decoration of the house and its style.

adorn not only the shutters, but experiment with their design.Mount Sliding shutters or flaps of complex shape, in which there are many moving parts.These designs are not only beautiful, but also useful, as they give the opportunity to adjust the amount of light coming into the house.