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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to get rid of the smell of dampness in the house / apartment

How to get rid of the smell of dampness - remove the cause

Fungus on the walls

The most common problem occurs in the apartments of the first floor, in the apartments with the ill-conceived heating system, as well as in private homes with poor foundation and the proximity of groundwater.

How to eliminate the cause of the smell of dampness:

    1. Get rid of high humidity: warm floor apartment or basement ceiling.
    2. Remove the floor covering, dry floor.
    3. Process tie antifungal agent.
    4. Edit floor liquid waterproofing.In this first coat with corners on the perimeter and the glue on latex waterproofing agent protective tape.When using a brush or roller sealing fluid covered the entire floor.

Waterproofing floor

  1. If the reason is improper heating system should make it re-planning - to install additional radiators along the "weeping wall".Ideal solves the problem of a warm floor as a source of heat, thanks to the uniform heating of the air.

Additional radiators

If there is a smell of dampness was preceded by extensive flooding, but the fungus has not yet managed to be got, you apply all available means to dry flat or house heaters, heaters, dehumidifiers.

If you do not, you run into a problem, the solution of which is very difficult.Because of the damp mildew odor permanently settle in closets, behind furniture and gradually fill the entire apartment.

How to remove a constant smell of dampness in the house

If musty basement atmosphere already settled in the house, it is necessary to prepare for a major war.We'll have to calculate the source and eliminate it by using the entire range of methods proposed in the previous paragraph.However, in addition to the walls, floor and ceiling of such a house fungus has infected most of the things.

  1. Inspect furniture.On the back of the cabinet, behind the sofa, and in all the surrounding walls of the hard to reach areas may be visible signs of fungal infection home life.If possible, the damaged cells and replace with new upholstery - if not, take out the item in the sun a few times to fully treat all antifungal agents.Treat also all the drawers and shelves and dry.
  2. Inspect clothes and textile items: most likely, will have to be washed down jacket several times, and refer coat to the dry cleaners.If tissues are not just the smell, and the traces of the fungus - throw them, they can not be saved.
  3. Carefully inspect the library - books like accumulating the dubious collection of bacteria and fungal spores.Probably not enough dry bookcase can cause a musty smell.

Fungus in the old book

Means against damp smell

help get rid of the smell of anti-fungal solutions, which will need to wipe all surfaces in the house:

  • potassium permanganate solution;
  • vinegar solution;
  • diluted chlorine bleach;
  • industrial antifungals.

anti-fungal isolation

smell of dampness in the apartment: how to not be too clever by half

Sometimes the source of the unpleasant atmosphere lies in the unhealthy habits of the residents themselves.Clothesline in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and the rare airing of these actions may cause heavy scents.All that is needed to solve this problem - to stop using their homes properly and for other purposes.

Clothesline in the house

And while you eliminate the source, use a refreshing aroma lamp with essential oils (peppermint, eucalyptus, etc.).These, unlike air fresheners, odor is not masked, and heals the atmosphere through an antibacterial action.