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August 12, 2017 18:07

Sanding wood floor : step by step

Features sanding

What is planing wood floor?
In general terms, this treatment of the outer layer of the board, ie,its grinding.It is produced in the case of erasing the varnish;the upper layers of rotting, loss of flatness;occurrence of dents, stains and other external defects.
notorious external defects can occur from excess ultraviolet radiation.
sanding can produce, when the grooves between the boards do not exceed 6 millimeters;parquet swollen after the ingress of water;the most frequently used area Easterly.
In case of occurrence of large grooves need to dismantle the old foundation and waterproofing, and then make laying a new floor.

Sanding wooden floor 1
If wood rot was struck, or beetle-grinder, scraping will not help.It is necessary to completely replace bad boards and "build" the floor again.
When sanding should take into account that the majority of the board will disappear and the floor may need to be strengthened.
For tsiklёvochnuyu use a special machine.They use a special drum width from 140 to 220 millimeters.At the applicability of the machine is significantly reduced dust emissions.But keep in mind, a special pump, installed on the machine, you still will not allow you to work without a respirator.

In the next step, you will need sandpaper, dressed in a grinding machine, which with a certain brand of grain.

Sanding wood floor - 2
Also, you need to putty all the gaps.Caulking should match the color of the parquet, or scraping of the wooden floor to get away from the ideal.
Tools for sanding floor:

  • Tsiklёvochnaya car with a vacuum cleaner
  • Caulking
  • nazhdachkoy different brands grain
  • Lac (stain)
  • protective equipment (gown, ear plugs, hearing protection)

These instruments are always used for sandingfloors, so it would be not bad to read in advance with prices for purchase or rent (for tsiklёvochnoy machine).From
features turn to technology.

scraping his hands

First of all, you need to understand - if you can make the process of sanding the floor with his hands.This requires an assessment of the condition of your wooden floor.

Sanding wood floor - 3
From the room, remove all furniture, dismantle the baseboards, casings.Check the strength of the boards.
Check for nails, screws.In any case they must be removed (if possible) or nailed on board 4-5 millimeters in depth.

Sanding wood floor - 5
Your next step will be cleaning premises from dust and dirt.Then you can start looking for the equipment and materials required by the scraping of the wooden floor.
Prerequisite performance is the availability of special protective clothing.You will need to dress myself, earplugs and headphones (the machine makes a lot of noise), as well as a respirator.Without the respirator should not even start to work.In the process of passing cars on the parquet floor, a large amount of dust (even on the machine and the pump is present).Wood dust, easily getting into the respiratory tract, they can scratch that lead to unpleasant consequences

Sanding wood floor - 4
scrape the floor should be with the windows open and doors closed to prevent dust was left on the street.
start work should be coarse sandpaper.It will remove the outer layer of the boards and the paint.An interesting feature of the sanding is to move the machine along the surface.You should begin diagonally from corner to corner.Then to start scraping along the wall, each time blocking the passage of 100 millimeters.
After the need to clean the whole room by vacuuming the dust.Then, remove from the room for a day.Returning once again all the vacuuming.Further it is possible to cover floor varnish.
varnish should be selected in specialized stores.There are acrylic lacquer, hardly releasing noxious fumes.Also it is necessary to choose the right color.There lacquers giving planks natural color, but it should be borne in mind that ottsiklevannoe tree under a layer of lacquer looks darker than usual.
Varnish is applied in three layers, in order to reinforce the coating.
Instead, you can use varnish impregnation method.This method is applied immediately upon completion of the work.
After varnishing should again walk sandpaper, paint to lay down as uneven and might be a little rough.
Conclusion: Before sanding the floor should understand - whether it is absolutely necessary.Maybe there are defects that are fixed only a complete reworking of the floor.
sanding wooden floor requires the use of protective equipment;check in advance with the technology and additional nuances.
Though the process is time consuming, but it's worth it.Good luck in your repair!