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August 12, 2017 18:07

Strip foundation for a bath - how to calculate and build ?

Why strip foundations under the bath - it's profitable?

This kind of "sole" is a system of underground walls, which, emerging from the ground, propped up a box of bath and all of its load-bearing elements.This structure gives the foundation a number of advantages:

  • small cost. Strip foundation under the bath - the cheapest option for a low-rise building.Continuous plateau will cost three times more expensive, but the simple retaining bars can not cope with the impending load.
  • versatility .Surface of the tapes is the cap that protects the base of the bath from moisture, dirt and water, but their underground part of the basement is suitable for devices.At the same time, this type of foundation perfectly disperses and extinguishes the ground all resulting in the load structure.
  • Easy process. Principles strip foundation device is easy to learn and work process, though dynamic, but conceals surprises for novice diy.With good theoretical training and the availability of standard building skills, he is quite able to make their own hands.

But that all these benefits are actually played in your favor, need to take seriously the computational part of the design of strip foundation under the bath .The principles of "approximately" and "by eye" - is not suitable, there is a clear algorithm for determining the parameters of the future of the base.

first thought, and then made: the calculation of strip foundation for a bath

Architects in their calculations using a special tool "Foundations structures".This book is not easy to master, is already on the front page, you will be immersed in a world of complex mathematical, physical and chemical formulas.We choose and decipher out the basic principles for calculating the strip foundation, so you could easily create a simple project of the future of bath base.

first step to a successful solution of the problem - geological surveys on the site.Experts will identify:

  • type and composition of the soil;
  • level drops and groundwater.

Knowing this information, we can accurately determine the correct depth of the future strip foundation for a bath.All diy dream of his melkozaglublennom type when the base goes into the ground by only 50-70 cm, but only luck to those who have in the area:

  • homogeneous solid (rock, conglomerate) or sandy soil;.
  • groundwater are low, and the difference between their bed and the level of soil freezing -. Not less than 50 cm

In all other cases will have to delve below the level of soil freezing (for our latitude 1.50-1.80 cm), and insophisticated mobile ground base strip foundation is expanded or further enhanced piles.

width of the foundation tapes learn from the formula:

S = P / R

Where P - the weight of the bath, and the R - resistance of the soil.The latter figure is found in the corresponding table for the different types of soil, but the weight of the bath-house will have to find out yourself.For this purpose, estimates of the mass of the individual parts of the structure (roof, walls, floors, etc..).Do not forget to add here the weight of the future situation of the sauna.

The minimum height of the plinth -. 15-20 cm At the request of its level may be higher.Further calculations are dependent on the type of building material from which the support tape to be manufactured.

chooses: how everything strip foundation under the bath

There are several options for the construction of the "sole".Here they are:

  • Brick strip foundation .For everything it takes only a corpulent ceramic brick as silicate "brother" does not withstand such harsh exploitation.The material is ideal for use in dry soils, but in a mixed soil heaving requires pouring concrete home support.There is a growing brick foundation with metal bars (grids), inserted in the masonry joints.
  • Block strip foundation .As a building material then use ready-made concrete blocks factory.This is the fastest way to build a base, as early as 2 days after laying tapes, you can start the construction of a bath box.To install massive w / w units require specialized equipment assistance, diy also opt for small-bore w / w series 20h20h40 see.
  • monolithic strip foundations .It is formed of concrete reinforced with rebar or rubble.This is perfect sole bath, wherein the most affordable cost and duration of "vital functions".There are no joints, which significantly weaken the "immunity" of the foundation.
  • Strip foundation of permanent formwork .This is the newest way to fill a monolithic soles.The tape is formed of expanded polystyrene slabs interconnected pin.The opening between the sheets laying rebar and poured concrete.It turns out that the constructed strip foundation for a bath once insulated from both sides of an effective thermal insulator.Additional insulation of the blind area will further strengthen "immunity" of such sole.

During the construction of monolithic strip foundation under the bath expect diameter valves using specialized software that can be easily found on the Internet.Remember that knit the bars should be strictly at an angle of 90 °, and their ends should not go to the edges of the strips 5-7 cm.