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August 12, 2017 18:06

Radiators any better

For right choice of radiators need to be aware of their basic technical parameters.Otherwise the result may fall short of expectations.Really important parameters in the radiator is not much, so easy even a layman will understand them.



Features selection heaters

Article Contents

  • 1 Features selection heaters
  • 2 features cast iron radiators
  • 3 Characteristics of steel radiators
    • 3.1 Tubular devices
    • 3.2 Panel devices
  • 4 features aluminum radiators
  • 5 features bimetallic battery
  • 6 In conclusion
    • 6.1 calculator to calculate the required heat outputradiators
    • 6.2 Video - radiators any better - User selectable

Now people no longer need to hide or decorate the radiators, that is to the modern devices can become a worthy ornament of any interior...Radiators, which are sold today may differ in color, size, material of manufacture and overall performance style, so will not be difficult to choose the most suitable option.



Attention!Despite the fact that we are accustomed to the batteries of light colors, black, heat transfer devices for about ¼ above purely by color.Although the choice of colors to better navigate all the same design on the home and personal preferences.


radiators heating

regards form, it must necessarily be streamlined.For safety reasons, it is desirable from the sharp corners to give at all, especially if the children live in the house.Before buying check out the strengths and weaknesses of each of the existing types of radiators, to determine which is more suitable for your particular room.The first thing you should pay attention - this operating pressure instruments.

What to choose radiators

What choose radiators

Depending on the material of the radiators are divided into:

  • iron;
  • steel;
  • aluminum;
  • bi-metal (alloy of two metals).

    Radiator in the interior

    Radiator interior

It depends on the material of the pressure mentioned above, the heat output coefficient, heat capacity, resistance to mechanical and chemical damage, as well as service life.


radiators in the interior

also pay attention to the method of connection to the heating line.The compound may be a side, bottom and versatile.It is significant that in modern radiators have all these ways to connect.

Options radiator connection

connection options radiators

Attention!Very important is the ecological material used in the manufacture of heating appliances.The internal elements should not be formaldehyde are also welcome high quality polymer deposition on the surface.

now in more detail about each material.

features cast iron radiators

Cast iron radiators

Cast iron radiators

Technical characteristics of cast-iron radiator RETRO

Specifications cast iron radiator RETRO

These batteries are the most common and well-known to each option, ie. A. They are installed in morepart of typical apartments.Agree, old appliances from cast iron can hardly be considered stylish and attractive.The new models look better, but for aesthetic performance is still much smaller than devices made from other materials.

Radiators FM2

Radiators FM2

It is known that iron is very heavy.Batteries made from it, weigh a lot, which may not affect the complexity of transportation and installation.

consider their main benefits.

  1. Cast iron radiators are reliable and durable.They can last up to 40 years without maintenance, which is not the batteries, made of other materials.
  2. iron cools slowly, but as slowly warming up, and is also resistant to corrosion.
  3. This metal high rate of heat.Heating occurs by means of convection.
  4. These batteries can be operated even with the poor quality coolant containing impurities and suspended matter.
  5. Cast-iron batteries are relatively cheap (with the exception of a design model from foreign producers).

    The color scheme of cast iron radiators GuRaTec

    Colours cast iron radiators GuRaTec

But there is iron and disadvantages, among which:

  • considerable weight;
  • slow heating;
  • unaesthetic.

Attention!Despite the abundance of more modern counterparts, many prefer to install it-iron battery, trusting that tested for decades.

Mounting cast iron radiators to walls of various materials

Mounting cast iron radiators to walls of various materials

Table 1. Comparison of cast iron batteries from the most reputable manufacturers

Manufacturer / Model Weight volume, l heating area of ​​one section, m² Wattage pressure, atm. Size mm
1. Konner, Modern Before 4,75 Before 0,96 - Up to 150 12 80h60h565
2. World Cup 3 Up to 7 1,38 0,25 156 9 120h90h570
2. FM-2 Up to 6,3 0,8-0,95 02 100-142 9 100h80h570
2. FM-1 Up to 4,8 0,9 0,1-0,16 110 9 70h80h570
5. MC-140 Until 7,1 1,45 0,24 160 9 140h93h588

Characteristics of steel radiators

Characteristics of steel radiators

Featuresteel radiators

low-carbon steel used in the manufacture of these devices.In order to protect the surface covered with a special enamel.If steel radiators of good quality, they have different operating parameters, including:

  • strength;
  • reliability;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • durability;
  • resistance to various aggressive substances.

Such batteries can be tubular and panel.

Tubular devices

radiators Steel tubular structure

steel tubes coated with polymer of high quality are used for their assembly.Maximum load, which can deal with the devices depends only on the thickness of the pipe walls.It is desirable that the pipes are made of stainless steel.

Steel tubular radiators

Steel tubular radiators

Useful Life of tubular instruments far exceeds the same in the panel and is about 30 years.Possible to connect all the methods described above.The operating pressure of 10-16 atmospheres, more detailed data needs to be clarified in the data sheet of the product.

Panel devices

Steel panel radiators

Steel panel radiators

As can be seen from the name, these radiators are made in the form of panels.For this purpose, connected between a certain number of steel plates.Due to this arrangement, a high heat capacity, the thickness of each plate is insignificant.In addition, panel radiators weigh little and provide the ability to connect with all means available.

Steel panel radiators Purmo

steel panel radiators Purmo

Steel panel radiator type 33 -row with two convectors

Steel panel radiator type 33-row with two convectors

Attention!Before you buy new heaters see how you are connected old.It is desirable that the new batteries are connected in the same way.

Panel steel radiators production company Kermi

radiators Panel steel panel radiators produced by Kermi

cost is slightly higher than the average, working pressure of 10 atmospheres.According to experts, these units are best used in the autonomous heating systems.With regard to urban residences, the use of such batteries are unacceptable due to too high pressure in the central system.

Table 2. Comparison of steel radiators dimensions of 50x50 cm from the most reputable manufacturers

Manufacturer Connecting Weight volume, l Wattage (at + 70ᵒS) maximum permissible fluid temperature ᵒS pressure, atm.
1.DeLonghi RADEL (Italy) Lower 14,9 3,1 1079 110 8,7
2. Purmo (Finland) Side+ lower 13,6 2,6 926 110 10
3. Korado Radik (Czech Republic) Side + bottom 15,6 2 914 110 10
4. «Lidea" (Belarus) Side + bottom 15,1 3,3 1080 110 8,6
5. Buderus (Germany) Side + bottom 14,1 3,15 913 120 10
6. Kermi (Germany) Side + bottom 17,7 2,7 965 110 10

features aluminum radiators

Aluminum radiator in the section

aluminum radiator sectional

heaters made of aluminum, is considered one of the most popular types of radiators.Aluminium - a light and ductile metal, hence the batteries made from it, weigh little and have a high emissivity.

devices consist of sections, each of which represents a set of interconnected plates.This heat saving is also at a high level.

aluminum radiator sections made by casting

section aluminum radiator made by casting

Radiator made ​​by extrusion

Radiator made by extrusion

Benefits similar units following:

  • rapid heating;
  • high heat capacity indicators;
  • low weight;
  • reasonable price (especially when compared to the bimetallic aggregates);
  • wide range.

    Specifications of aluminum radiators

    Specifications radiators aluminum

However, after turning off the heating radiators are quickly cooled.Among other shortcomings stands out:

  • instability to chemical attack (the problem can be solved by a polymer coated on the inner surface);
  • low strength;
  • poor quality of the threaded joint on the upper valve for venting air from the system.

In view of this, before buying it is imperative to inquire about the operating pressure of the heating system.The ultimate pressure of a particular product to look out for in the data sheet, t. To. It is different for different models.

Yet its characteristics aluminum is perfect for the manufacture of radiators and its fluidity allowed significantly expand the product range.Today it is possible to choose the battery that fits perfectly into the interior of the housing.

Assembling aluminum radiator

assembly aluminum radiator

Table 3. Comparison of aluminum panels from well-known brands

Manufacturer Model Weight Power kW volume, l pressure bar. Dimensions see distance between the axes, see
1. Rifar, RF Alum 500 1,45 0,183 0,27 20 9h8h56,5 50
2. Fondital, Italy Calidor Super-500 1,32 0,193 0,3 16 9,7h8h55,7 50
2. Rovall,(Italy) Alux-500 1,31 0,179 0,23 20 10h8h54,5 50
3. Radiatori 20,000 SpA 500R 1,6 0,199 0,58 16 9,5h8h57,7 50
4. Faral Green HP-350 1,12 0,136 0,26 16 8h8h43 35
5. Faral TrioNR 500 1,58 0,212 0,5 16 9,5h8h58 50

bimetallic battery Feature

Bimetallic radiator

bimetallic radiator

main difference is considered to be the use of bimetallic radiators in the manufacturing process two different metals - steel to build the core and aluminum to build housing.This rod is obtained very strong.Another advantage of such products is the high operating pressure, which can reach 50 (!) Atmospheres.Moreover, steel excellent "cooperates" even with the water in which impurities are different, while the aluminum is rapidly heated and gives maximum heat.

Specifications bimetallic heating batteries

Specifications bimetallic battery heating

The main advantages of bimetallic radiators

main advantages of bimetallic radiators

In short, the use of two metals yielded radiators, with the dignity of each of them.Therefore, it is quite obvious that the cost of these devices is the highest among all the possible options.

Bimetallic radiator section

Bimetallic radiator sectional

Attention!Bimetallic batteries are used primarily for heating industrial and public facilities.In residential buildings, they are rare because of the high cost.

Operating period is 20-25 years, which is quite normal.

Bimetallic radiator Rifar Base Ventil 500 5 sections ( bottom connection )

Bimetallic radiator Rifar Base Ventil 500 5 sections (bottom connection)

Table 4. Comparison of bimetallic radiators

Manufacturer / Model temperature of the working fluid, ᵒS Weightkg volume, l Power kW pressure Dimensions section, see
1. Sira Group / Gladiator-500 110 1,6 0,42 0,185 30 8h8h42,3
2. Gordi / Gordi-500 100 1,7 0,3 0,181 30 8h8h57,2
.Rifar / Rifar Monolit-350 135 1,5 0,18 0,136 100 8h10h41,5
4. Tenrad / Tenrad-500 120 1,44 0,22 0,161 24 7,7h8h55
5. Global / Style-350 110 1,56 0,16 0,125 35 8h8h42,5

in conclusion

Comparison of different heating devices

Comparison of different heating devices

worth noting that you can use any of the above types of batteries for heating systems in residential premises.