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August 12, 2017 18:07

Curtains on the hinges photo

Curtains are an essential detail of the interior.They give the room comfort, and it is with their help it is possible to bring the final touch to the design style.As a rule, choosing the curtains, we pay attention to their color, shape and texture, but also very important to choose the correct mount for curtains. featuring comfortable, ease and beauty of attachment, modern curtains on loops with more popular and become more diverse every year.About varieties of loops and features the choice of curtains for your interior today will tell the "House of Dreams" in this article.

curtains pictured loops

Curtains on its hinges photo

Features mounting curtains Hinged

From the name itself it is clear that this kind of curtains attached to the eaves with decorative loops.But despite the apparent simplicity of this element, hinges on the curtains can be made in a variety of options:

  • standard overhead loop.Depending on the particular style and fabric curtains, this type of hinges can vary in width and shape.For most web they can be sewn both in front and on the reverse side.
curtains for living hinges

Curtains for living hinges

  • hinges with strings .In this case the loops are fixed to the ledge by means of laces which, depending upon the styling of the room, can be made in various colors and shapes.Also very popular loop for curtains, which are tied in a bow, or a variety of decorative knots.
Curtains on its hinges with ties

Curtains on its hinges with ties

  • Loop with buttons .Buttons on hinges for blinds fulfill both decorative and practical function.To hang a curtain, there is no need to remove or lift the ledge, becausejust enough to throw a loop through the structure.Buttons themselves can act as an additional decoration.For example, look very beautiful large decorative buttons or buttons, covered with cloth.
Curtains on its hinges with buttons

Curtains on its hinges with buttons

  • loops with Velcro .Curtains on its hinges with Velcro visually did not differ from the curtains with a blind fastening.Most often, Velcro loops are installed on the wrong side, so that they are completely invisible.
Curtains on its hinges with Velcro

Curtains on its hinges with Velcro

Cornices, suitable for curtains Hinged

Cornice for curtains on loops can be absolutely anything, as long as there was a bar.It is not necessary to choose a round bar, the curtains of this type and can be hung on the dotted or rectangular profiles.Also, there are no requirements to the choice of the cornice of the material.Such curtains look harmonious as plastic, and in wooden or aluminum structures.

However, it is important to bear in mind that the post mount these curtains should be higher on the slope of the window by about 10cm, or between the door curtain and cornice is visible light slit.

Cornice for curtains Hinged

Cornice for curtains Hinged

Curtains on its hinges design

Curtains design hinged

Beautiful curtain on a photo hinges

Beautiful curtains Hinged photo

How to choose curtains Hinged

modern design curtains on loops are enormously diverse.Once the curtains with a similar fixture used mainly to emphasize the halo of comfort in a rustic style and the style of Provence, now no exaggeration to say that they are able to completely decorate any room and interior direction.

example, looks wonderful light kitchen curtains on loops, stitched linen, cotton or curtain fabric.Depending on the style of interior, you can decorate the loops additional decorations - ribbons, beads, laces, ribbons etc.You can also beat the interesting colors for kitchen and choose the loop contrasting shade curtains.To make the original window, not rarely use a combination of these curtains with Roman blinds for the kitchen hinges.

kitchen curtains on loops

Kitchen curtains Hinged

Choosing curtains for decoration of the rest of the premises depends on the preferences of the owners and features interior style.Very nice and original in children's rooms and in the rooms, decorated in a modern style, look light translucent curtains of organza on hinges.But, because in addition to any external beauty blinds should also be protected from the sun, from the translucent fabric curtains can be supplemented by hard lambrequins and curtains.

In some cases, designers are advised to choose varieties of curtains for the living room on the hinges, in which the fabric a little slack between the parts mounting.Thanks to this feature on the top edge of the fabric formed small scallops reminiscent of the Austrian style.Curtains with such a "highlight" perfectly complement the strict classical interiors, especially if they are sewn from thick heavy fabrics.

Curtains on its hinges design

Curtains design hinged

Organza curtains Hinged

Curtain organza hinged

But making out curtains for the bedroom on the hinges, as a rule, it is important that the material does not sag.For this purpose, the upper edge of the canvas sewn recommended rigid tape, whereby the curtain is additionally fixed in position and create expressive volumetric folds.

curtains for the bedroom hinged

Curtains for the bedroom hinged

If there is a need for a combination of the curtains with other curtains, then it is recommended to choose products, fasteners that are hidden or unobtrusive.It is best in this case to use a roller, Roman blinds or pleated blinds.

Optionally curtains on loops can be supplemented with lambrequins and curtains.However, to preserve the unity of design is desirable that these products are also fastened to the ledge via hinges.

Excellent solution - to hang curtains in the children's room on the hinges.Firstly, processing baby room, you can give full play to their imagination and use the most intricate decorations - ribbons, laces, buttons, ribbons, etc.And secondly, these curtains have another important advantage - quietness.If parents need to push back the curtain when the baby sleeps, it is unlikely that action will disturb his light sleep.

curtains on loops in the nursery

Curtains on its hinges in the nursery

As the curtain on its hinges are made in a variety of color and style solutions, they are able to decorate virtually any interior.These curtains can look solemn, romantic, avant-garde or severely.However, their most important advantage is manifested in the ease of use, because remove and put on such curtains can be literally a matter of minutes.A selection of curtains with the fastening in terms of design is no different from the selection of other models.For example, a small room is recommended to draw the curtains with vertical lines, and in areas where there is a lack of illumination, it is necessary to hang up light curtains of translucent fabrics, etc.

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