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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to upgrade the old kitchen set

Any furniture eventually wear out and lose their appearance.But someone is not able to completely change the kitchen, someone just does not want to get rid of the familiar and user-friendly tables and lockers.In this case, the furniture simply update, upgrade, replace worn parts.As a result, it not only takes on a second life in its practical properties, but also the design of the kitchen units changed beyond recognition.


  • Update kitchen units
    • Tools
  • How to update a kitchen set - replacement parts
    • countertop
    • Facades
  • How to refresh a kitchen set - update facades
    • Paintingand molding
    • Adhesive tape
      • film Mounting

Update kitchen units

Before upgrading the headset, you must define the scope of work:

  • find out which parts requirereplacement, and which can be restored;
  • decide how to update the furniture design.

then calculated the cost of materials and tools relevant financial capabilities owner cuisine.


In order to update the kitchen set with their own hands will need the following tools:

  • screwdriver;
  • jigsaw with a set of nail files;
  • electric drill;

  • drill: normal, wood and metal, special - with the terminator;
  • bits for drilling large holes;
  • industrial dryer;
  • circular saw;

  • clamp;
  • screws;
  • hacksaw;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • pliers;
  • layout tools: pencil, tape measure, etc.

How to update a kitchen set - replacement parts


worktop - an element of kitchen units, which is subjected to high loads during operation and, therefore, faster than all the furniture remaining partssubject to wear.Replace it simple - in shops selling finished products, the most affordable of which are made of chipboard.They have rounded edges and covered with plastic.. The standard size of table tops - 2 or 3 m

  • Replacement working surface of kitchen furniture begins with the dismantling of the old floor covering modules, in which the following work:
    • water off and disconnect from the sink countertop;
    • loosening the fixing screws;
    • removal of old countertops;
    • cleaning table details the old sealant.
  • new sheet of material is placed on a flat surface (table or workbench) face down.With the help of old countertops it is applied notches marking sink and stove.Between the sheet and the table should be a gap - he will need when working with a jigsaw.

  • the corners of the future opening for cleaning drilled holes.In one of them inserted jigsaw blade and is cut in the web.
  • to the bottom side of the tabletop clamp mounted guide bar and the sheet is cut to length using a circular saw.To protect against moisture, edge of the plate is treated with sealant or closed metal plate.

  • new countertop is set into place and attached to the cabinet by means of screws and clamps.Between the wall and the edge of the sheet should be a small space - it is smeared with sealant and closed with a decorative strap.


often fronts of furniture are deteriorating much faster than other parts of the headset.In this case it is easier to change the worn part, than to buy a new kitchen.Especially because in the sale is a wide variety of ready-made modular furniture fronts: lacquer, tinted, coated plastic and decorative film, etc.Furthermore, finished products often have recesses for hinges.

Preparing to replace facades:

  • selected product material (Article - is most often used chipboard or MDF;
  • drawn diagram of cabinets, indicating the parameters of all the doors and front walls of the boxes;

  • , a list indicating the number of parts and size, and it matched the facades and hardware.

If the furniture store is not suitable for the size of the product, then they are made to order for an individual project.

Replacement facades

  • Dismantling of old parts.After loosening the screws and hinges, removable doors and drawers wall.Recent are glued, so work with them it is necessary to very carefully, otherwise the spikes and grooves can break.

  • primer coating and paint facades, if they are not treated.
  • marking position hinges on new doors.In the old products are used as a sample.
  • core cutter Ø35 mm on the doors are made "nest" for the hinges.If you have no experience in such work, it is necessary to practice on any scraps.There is a danger to drill through the web.

  • preparedness markup produced fixture handles on the facades.
  • on the cabinet wall and screwed hinges on their legs hung doors.Start at the top of fixture.
  • With door screws are adjusted both horizontally and vertically.

  • on the wrong side of the new walls of the box put his skeleton.Through the screw holes with an awl or dobojnika celebrated place for their screwing.
  • drilled holes along the basting, and the wall is attached to the frame.

How to refresh a kitchen set - update facades

often old facades furniture strong enough and can last more than one year, but they lost their appearance or simply a desire to update the "face" of the kitchen.In this case, there are several ways to transform the kitchen set with his own hands.

painting and molding

Painting with molding - is the easiest method of changing the appearance of the facade.To work needed:

  • molding - decorative semicircular strips;
  • miter saw;
  • wood glue;
  • deck or car paint;
  • gun;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • pencil;
  • furniture fittings.


  • removed cabinet doors and unscrew all the accessories to them;

  • facades are thoroughly cleaned with a damp and then a dry cloth and placed on a flat surface;

  • using saws cut end pieces of decorative moldings with angles to 45º;
  • finished strips are glued to the front;

How to upgrade the old kitchen set

  • outlined space for mounting hardware and drill holes are drilled;
  • facade primed and allowed to completely dry;

  • spray gun to apply the paint - preferably several layers;

  • after drying paint on the facades are set handles and fasteners and door back in place.

Additional decorative elements adorn the kitchen and add to her personality.To do this, on the facades pasted fragments of wallpaper, tiles and even the leaves of plants, which are then varnished.

Adhesive tape

Adhesive tape - a very popular material for kitchen renovation.As a result, simple to work with it, a set of completely transformed.

choice of colors and patterns of the film to create a unique interior in the kitchen.

To work needed:

  • adhesive tape;
  • stationery knife and scissors;
  • layout tools: ruler, pencil, centimeter;
  • plastic or rubber spatula or a thick cloth.

film Mounting

  • Facades removed from its hinges, unscrew fittings, and cloth are stacked on a flat surface.
  • surface necessarily degreased and cleaned.
  • measure the brightness of the facade sizes, which are marked on the film.With its back side coated mesh, which facilitates cutting.When cutting should leave a small margin -. 1.5-2 cm The same number is added to the film in places creases.
  • Using a ruler and a knife held stationery cutting material.If a curly pattern, then it is marked in pencil first and then cut out with scissors.When working with a picture watch face material - decoration should be the same.

  • peeled off a few centimeters of the protective layer on the reverse side of the film, it is applied to the front and carefully smooth with a spatula or a cloth, expelling air bubbles.Then, slowly, continue to take the paper and stick the released material.In this case each of the smooth traveled from the center to the edges.

  • If a film were air bubbles, it is in these places is pierced with a needle and smoothed.
  • on the facade of screwed fittings and they are put in place.

defects, which appeared after the film labels can be corrected within a few hours - so much time to dry the adhesive composition.

For variety, you can decorate plain facades additional decor - vinyl stickers or patterns cut from a film of a different color.