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August 12, 2017 18:06

New Year's interior in 2015 with his own hands

New Year's interior can not only beautify and diversify your house, but also to prepare for the approximation of the wonderful time when you can a child enjoy the gifts under the tree and enjoy by eating more than one kilogram of mandarins.However, to create a New Year's interior with their own hands should be approached with creativity and enthusiasm.Do not overdo it, to not turn your home into a corner of all existing accumulations of Christmas fakes.


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New Year's interior in 2015

main importanttake into account the peculiarities of the apartment, its shortcomings and positive points, which can be interesting to emphasize design.It is important to connect all its design impulses into a single wave that will intelligently and creatively to make New Year's interior, as in the photo.

consider two main points:

  • follow a certain style;
  • adherence freestyle.


How can we talk about the preparation of a New Year's interior with their own hands, if in the house there will be no Christmas tree?This green charm gives pleasure to both adults and children, and even those who have lost all hope for a bright and fabulous.If for some reason to buy a living forest beauty fails, you'll have to settle for an artificial model.Ironically, today we can buy any style of tree, trees in the style of high-tech optical-fiber beauty with flashing needles Christmas tree with silver and golden tones.

Do not forget about the Christmas balls.They can be made with your own hands.It should be:

  • balloons;
  • glue;
  • paint in the can;
  • thread.

inflating the ball to the size of the usual Christmas decorations, wrapped the entire surface of the ball tight thread, which had previously been dipped in glue.Give the glue to dry.After a burst ball, formed the design, which can be painted in any color.The selected colors must be in harmony with the overall color scheme of the New Year of the room.For example, in the interior of the New Year 2015 must be present blue.The blue color can be in decorating the Christmas tree, and table layout.

Fragrant decoration

with interesting photographs and pictures of the interior of the New Year can be found on our website, but the website is unlikely to be able to pass the aromatic notes, which must soar in the festive night.

can make Christmas bouquets, which are based on pine branches.You can make a whole garland of fresh branches.This will require a long wire and with the help of thread must be attached to wire branches.As decorations can take the balls, bows, toys, angels.In the event that the pine bouquet for a child's room, it is better to decorate the bouquet of sweets.

wonder if the house is set an artificial tree, then to make the smell: natural spruce can use the pine oil.Take cotton and soaked in oil, vatochki can be put on artificial branches.This is not only pleasant aroma and appropriate, but also useful.

Candles, namely on their accounts to ensure a New Year's fragrance in the house.If we talk about the interior of the New Year in the Year of the Sheep (Goat), it should be natural smells, the same notes of pine, the smell of meadow hay.Candles in the house should arrange a group.

New apartment interior

consider the option of interior design apartments in the New Year.Thus, the entrance - the front door, hang a wreath, made with his own hands.Decorate the room with garlands and rain.Moving into the room, chandeliers and other lighting fixtures can transform the improvised balls and cobweb-tinsel.

On the wall, you can use an electric garlands lay out a character or number of the coming year.When the lights look amazing figure.The bathroom and the toilet can be installed vases with floating candles-tablets.

Borders have a wonderful and magic does not exist.Be creative and decorate yourself a fairy tale, at least in the New Year's Eve!

Photo Christmas interior with their own hands