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August 12, 2017 18:07

What elektrokamenka .Features and Specifications

take a steam bath or sauna - a procedure not only pleasant, but also useful for health.To have their own sauna or bath in a private home - the dream of many lovers of steam.An important choice that needs to be done in the construction of a home sauna -What oven set.Do I need to undergo a complex process of designing a classic wood-fired ovens, or you can simplify your task of installing a modern electric oven?


  • Advantages and disadvantages elektrokamenok
  • Types elektrokamennyh furnaces
  • What should I look for when choosing elektrokamennyh furnaces
  • elektrokamenka for saunas or bathhouses
  • few words on the stones for the bath and
  • saunas

Advantages and disadvantages elektrokamenok

elektrokamenka - is an electric furnace model, which creates steam.Also it is called an electric furnace for a bath or just the heater.Usually is a container for stones with integrated heating element.The furnace power depends on the number of electric heaters embedded.


elektrokamenok advantages compared to wood stoves following:

  • Designing and building steam oven without the classic wood-sledge easier.Mainly because there are no technically complex task of designing a chimney.This is especially true if you need to equip a bath in one of the rooms of the house or the annex, and not a separate room.
  • not have to invest a lot of strength in the labor-intensive process firewood;also eliminates the need to build a repository for their stock.
  • Electric furnace for steam is much easier and safer to use.Their designs are designed in such a way as to maximally protect the user from accidental burns.They are equipped with thermostats and fuses to prevent overheating.
  • Electro compact, which will allow to place them in a small home sauna.For convenience, manufacturers have developed two options for installation - wall and corner.
  • If you want to warm up, you need to make a couple of light: Turn the heater, set the desired temperature and everything.You do not need to spend time and energy for firewood furnace.
  • Some manufacturers are inserted into the heater control humidity.By selecting different modes, steam room will turn into a bath or sauna on request.
  • oven models are equipped with advanced delayed start.This feature allows you to program the on time so that the coming of the sauna with the work already warmed.
  • Make and model tank to heat the water.The acquisition of such a copy will save on the purchase and installation of the boiler.
  • often equipped with heater control.It is either built into the furnace body or mounted in a waiting room.


significant drawback elektrokamenok only one - the power consumption.Someone else can not miss the sound of crackling wood in the kiln and the characteristic smell of burning wood.For these samples are provided bath furnaces with wood.

Types elektrokamennyh furnaces

Depending on the purpose and functions of the furnace heater on the market represented in such cases:

  1. elektrokamenka sauna (often isolated in a separate category, Finnish sauna heater).
  2. elektrokamenka for Russian bath.
  3. elektrokamenka for small saunas.
  4. Stove with a steam generator.

Tulikivi sauna - 1850_516d0483ebe50

models differ not only in function, but also and technical characteristics, equipment, materials and design.At the furnace there is a possibility to purchase additional accessories and items such as:

  • insulation materials,
  • PETN,
  • stones,
  • remote control,
  • steam generator,
  • power cable.

Buy elektrokamenku better in specialty stores or large food hypermarkets.However, there are often small selection.Therefore, the best option - elektrokamenku ordered via the Internet.There is always at hand a variety of options.There is time to slowly explore all the technical indicators and characteristics of the materials.The best part is that you have defined with the model, not necessarily to buy it for only the offered price.After competing providers offer different prices for the same model.And this is another opportunity to save money.

in Russia in a large assortment of electric furnaces for saunas and baths of domestic production.Many and imported models, in particular, from Finland and Sweden - the world leaders in the elektrokamenok market.Prices vary widely, ranging from 3 000 rub.100 000 rub.


good quality Furnaces produced by such companies as:

  • Sawo, Harvia, Tulikivi and Helo from Finland,
  • Russia Ermak, Polytech, Inzhkomtsentr WSC, Ural Mikma-Term,
  • and Tylo (Sweden).

elektrokamenka, where the price is high, not always will be the best option.Selecting the oven - is a process that requires the knowledge of some of the subtleties, which we'll talk further.

What should I look for when choosing elektrokamennyh furnaces

  • desirable at the design stage the pair is determined to place the furnace placement.For small spaces recommend mounted version instead of a floor heater.Or choose a compact angular model.Note that for the safety of the wall heater, ceiling height should be at least 190 cm.
  • Among the various materials of the heater housing is better to give preference to stainless steel.This is the most cost-effective and durable option.
  • If the AC mains voltage standard 220V - power must not exceed 4.5 kW.
  • more powerful models of furnaces require a nominal line voltage of at least 380 V.


  • necessary power is calculated according to the following formula.If the room is steamy less than 10 m3, per cubic meter of the area should account for 1 kW of power.If the room is larger, the ratio is 0.8 kW per m3.This steam room should be well insulated, and the ventilation system is installed in accordance with current building regulations.
  • ventilation system, when installing the oven with a steam generator, should be given special attention.
  • can create the ground for the installation of the sauna heater.

elektrokamenka for saunas or bathhouses

To begin with we define the main differences between the bath and sauna:

  1. The sauna temperature is higher than in the bath.A humidity, on the contrary - higher bath.Therefore, a sauna is usually tolerated by the body more easily, although the wet steam bath is considered to be more effective for recovery.
  2. sure, while in the bath it may not be to the sauna pool available.It is also associated with humidity.
  3. in the sauna, in contrast to the baths, the stones are discovered.
  4. soaked brooms used only in the bath;in the sauna, they quickly dry out and crumble.

Armed with this knowledge, elektrokamenok manufacturers have released some models for the sauna and the individual - for a bath.When you select one of them, consider the following:

  1. samples to create the dry steam saunas and baths for, respectively, the wet.The latter may be equipped with a steam generator.
  2. The bath should be no open flame.Air model elektrokamenok made with a closed stove, in which stones are heated.Producing a gas heater for the bath, as well as more traditional - wood-sledge.
  3. ovens with steam are considered less flammable as dry air can lead to overheating of the wood paneling.At the same time, the current models of stoves for saunas maximally correspond to the rules of fire safety
  4. Finnish sauna heater are sustainable, high quality materials and beautiful design.
  5. Stones in natural electric pick.It is better not to experiment with it, so as not to cause harm to health.


few words on the stones for the bath and sauna

  1. Stones in natural electric pick.It is better not to experiment with it, so as not to cause harm to health.
  2. should immediately abandon the granite and marble, as they are mined in areas with high background radiation.As a rule, the indicators are not significant, but with regular use of irradiation is inevitable.
  3. before laying into the furnace, the stones must be washed with water and air dried.
  4. Small stones should weed.Of the remainder, the largest stack on the bottom of the heater.
  5. heating elements (heating elements) should be covered with stones.
  6. sure then that the stones in the oven was enough of.Otherwise, steam room will heat up too quickly, which again is bad for health.However, if the stone is too much air circulation between them to slow down, and with it drags space warming process.
  7. Facing the furnace is preferably made of natural stone.Stones are sold as packages or in bulk.Price from 8 p.300 p.per kilogram.The most common use for the heater are such breeds of natural stone like:
  • diabase - clean rock black.One of the most common stones for saunas and baths, including, due to its low cost.It features high thermal capacity and density, resistant to wear, strong and durable;
  • serpentinite Tumbled has excellent heat storage properties.It is believed that this breed has a healing effect and is especially useful for people with respiratory diseases.Serpentinite also attracts many to their aesthetic appearance;
  • talkohlorit - rock, formed from natural minerals.Good stores and gives off heat evenly.Resistant to high temperatures, has a high heat capacity and strength;
  • quartzite raspberry - natural, natural stone and quartz mineral composition.It has a distinctive crimson color, which gives it a special beauty.Environmentally friendly, strong and durable, it has a low thermal conductivity.It is also believed to possess medicinal properties.