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August 12, 2017 18:06

Frequent errors in the repair of the bathroom : what to consider and how to avoid them

Mistakes in the repair of a bathroom
  • Sex in the bathroom ceiling
  • bathroom walls
  • Towel
  • drain pipes and plumbing
  • Lighting and sockets
  • What else regret after repair?

Often during repair work are not taken into account some of the seemingly small things that turn into big problems in the future.It is therefore important not only to calculate the repair, but also carefully consider every detail.

bathroom floor

If repair is carried out in an old house, you must take into account the permissible load on the structure. For example, if the wooden floors, the can not remove the logs and fill all monolithic concrete layer. Add to this the weight of the insulation, underfloor heating and tiles - the whole "pie" may well fall on the heads of the neighbors.In this case, recommended to use special plates for foundation and leveling screed should be very easy.

Leveling the floor in the bathroom

Separately should consider floor heating .Firstly, it can not be packed in tenements .Some cunning and connect it to the tube towel warmer.The result is a change in pressure and utilities to quickly calculate the cause.

can use electric floor heating, but will have to put up with the high cost of electricity. If the house is quite old, and the wiring has not changed for a long time, the network load so simply do not survive.In any case, the warm bathroom floor in an apartment building will require to disassemble, and that additional costs and newly renovated.

But there is a positive side have underfloor heating in the bathroom - no need to lay the whole area .The fact that the heating under the washing machine and wooden furniture is extremely undesirable.Therefore pipes are laid only where there is "untouched by human hands", as it saves.This advance should make the drawing across the bathroom, taking into account the location of plumbing and furniture.Be sure to take a picture of the location of the pipes before laying the finishing coat!

Savings on warm floors in the bathroom
Warm floors for bathrooms

And another advice - do not neglect the waterproofing.Experts recommend to lay it so that it came on the walls.


For many guests, the most practical ceiling - tensioning.

Stretch ceiling for the bathroom
Selection of the ceiling for the bathroom - a tension or plasterboard
Best bathroom ceiling - expert advice

He saves from the flood, looks beautiful, and it can be washed.A small amount of moisture to evaporate on their own, large volume easily drained with the help of the wizard on the ceilings.

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom in case of flooding

Plasterboard, on the contrary, is not recommended. It looks great, hides imperfections and communication, but does not like moisture.If the neighbors much flood, the drywall swell.For him need very good ventilation.

bathroom walls

most practical option for flooring and walls - tiles. in building a huge range of shops, but choose not so easy.Glossy stoneware and can be slippery.Too rough, textured - bad washes.On the black and light clearly visible stains and dirt.White tiles and all evokes sterility and hospital wards.

When buying tiles is important to make the stock.If stacked horizontal rows, then at least 10% of the total volume when rhombus - 15%.The remaining surplus is recommended to keep in case of broken seats replacement.And do not trust the manufacturer, each tile checks should own.This small difference of 2-4 mm in a large number of 10-20 bars turn into substantial.

Best tiles for the bathroom - expert advice
Tile for the bathroom
Choosing tile for the bathroom

White grouting looks very nice and fresh. But it quickly fades and is covered with ugly spots , from which escape is almost impossible.

Best grouting for the tiles in the bathroom - expert advice

No less practical painted walls. But near the switches will always remain fingerprints, and dried up the water splashes are clearly visible.

Painted walls in the bathroom
Choosing wall covering for the bathroom - tiles or paint

Not very good for the walls blue, malachite and gray shades. too bright interiors hard to care, because it requires constant maintenance of cleanliness. careful with dark shades.They may also demonstrate a good dirt and stains.Moreover, they give glow to the skin, giving it a kind of painful.

But sand, beige and pastel shades are more practical.Good "holds" clean tiles with decorative patches.Warm colors create a sense that the temperature inside the room is higher than it actually is.

The color of the walls to the bathroom


Do not rush to get rid of the classic towel warmer.You can replace it with another, such as stainless steel or bronze simulation, select a different appearance but does not clean.It is great heats bathroom, promotes the speedy drying of surfaces.Without it, the room is pretty cool, damp, mold will appear.

For the same reason it is not recommended replace it with electric.Last requires considerable energy consumption, saving it will have to switch off.Standard towel warmer monthly basis is much cheaper than electric.

Towel for the bathroom
Best Bath towel rail - expert advice
Selecting towel warmer bathroom

drain pipes and plumbing

In no case does not brick pipe! Even if the bathroom is installed in tiled box, carefully left the door for access.See it all neat and pretty, but if you need to replace the pipe or leakage continues, all will have to be dismantled. better to use special boxes. They are easy to install, hide all communications and provide quick access.

Scoop under communication in the bathroom

Manhole covers recommended hinged. magnets look interesting, but easily fly away if they hurt.Besides magnets badly withstand the weight of tiles.

The choice of covers for manholes in the bathroom
Door hatches in boxes in the bathroom

Plastic pipes have many advantages, but drain pipe is very noisy.Correct this defect isolation. can just something to wrap and hide in the box. Gorfrirovannye pipe very well collect dust and dirt, washed bad.

Plastic pipes in the bathroom

And another important point - the smaller tribes, the less problems with clogging up in the future.Sami pipe diameter must correspond to the drain, and set at a slant from the top down.

Standard sink mounting height is suitable for people of average height.If all family high or, conversely, less than 170 cm, it makes sense to establish a shell in accordance with the growth.

Recommended height of installation of sinks in the bathroom regarding human growth

All baths have already the angle of inclination to drain the water, therefore make an additional bias is not reasonable.Some models of acrylic baths have a fragile side, requiring the strengthening of the framework.This time it is better to clarify before buying.

that water does not accumulate in the joints baths with the wall, it is better to establish a special border. Neutral silicone protects against leakage, but it often picks up moisture and mold is formed, and looks like it is not as aesthetically pleasing as the curb.

High-quality sealing of joints between the bathtub and walls

And do not forget about the counters. If they are below the toilet, they just do not be sealed.Hide the evidence of accounting under the sink or bath is also a bad idea. counters should be located so that it is not only easy to take readings, and replace if necessary. The same rule applies to valves and cranes.

Lighting and sockets

Most of the top lighting is not enough, especially if still used matte cover. more light sources is recommended to install the mirror and outside shower.A great option - mirror with light .Some models have built-in socket for hairdryers.If you have used this device, it is obligatory outlet.

The best mirror for the bathroom - expert advice
Selecting the mirror for the bathroom
Bathroom mirrors with illumination

Additional outlet may need and other devices, such as a washing machine.Before doing the wiring network, you need to make a plan of arrangement of plumbing, furniture and appliances in the room and in the desired point mounted sockets and switches.The very wiring is done to repair the walls and laying tiles, but not after.

Additional sockets in the bathroom
Outlets in the bathroom

If using halogen lamps, the transformer must be such that the total power in kilowatts lamp is less than or equal to its parameters.

Do not forget about safety. lamps must be closed cartridge and sockets have protective caps.

What else regret after repair?

can still allocate at least five mistakes made in repairing the bathroom.

lack of storage

Have you decided what and where will be stored?Design work look beautiful in the magazines, but rarely involve storage of rags and household chemicals.Therefore presence of the shelves, hidden niches and special bathroom furniture should take care in advance, at the stage of interior design.

Where to store things in the bathroom
Keeping things in the bathroom
Cabinets and shelves for storage in the bathroom

vented box

When redevelop these uncomfortable "remnants" of the old architecture ruthlessly demolished.But they serve an important function not only ventilation in the bathroom, but in the whole house.Therefore, the possibility of their touch and clean does not recommend or install additional hood.

Additional ventilation in the bathroom

Association bathrooms

This solution is ideal for the expansion of space small bathroom, but very impractical in a large family.

Should I combine a bathroom with a bathroom
Bathroom combined with toilet
WC in bathroom

extractor fan in the bathroom Forced

sometimes necessary, but very noisy.If this sound annoying, it can be a separate switch, so that it did not work together with a lit light.

agreement in words

prisoner with a contractor or a guest master of the contract on paper will guarantee the quality of repairs.

Repair of the bathroom - how to avoid mistakes

So, even the simple redecorating a bathroom, it turns out, requires so much attention. Do not be lazy to make a detailed plan and supervise all works. Aliens error to exist in order not to repeat them.