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August 12, 2017 18:07

Different solutions chandeliers for the bedroom.Photo Compilation ideas

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Types of lamps depending on the placement

There are three main types of chandeliers and sconces in the bedroom:

  • Decorative;
  • Local;
  • General

Types of lamps depending on the location

If you wonder how to choose a chandelier in the bedroom, it is possible to begin to assess the overall atmosphere and the interior of the room.Ceiling lamps must fit into the picture of the room, making the image of the complete and original.For example, to mount a crystal chandelier in the bedroom, made in the style of hi-tech pretty stupid.As well as vice versa - a modern lamp can not be combined with a classic design.This rule will help in choosing.

Contemporary chandeliers can be made of different materials, one of the most practical materials is Murano glass.These products are versatile, wash them is a pleasure, and they look very stylish, despite its simplicity.They fit snugly to the ceiling and have a clear or frosted diffusers.Such a model would be a good addition to a modern interior decoration.For a classical interior solutions fit Bohemian crystal lamps with pendants.

Types of lamps depending on the location

Before you choose a chandelier for bedrooms, determine the height of the ceilings.If it allows, you can buy the massive products.In 2014, quite fashionable to have lights in the form of twigs, bent asymmetrically.

Unusual ideas chandeliers bedroom

Matched Photo of chandeliers for the bedroom with high ceilings are characterized by their massiveness and pretentiousness.The small rooms can not roam much, so sometimes to divert attention away from the narrowness, the hosts use the unusual lamps, pictures can be found in any sources.In the picture below we can see fine examples of the fantasy incarnation.If the bedroom is done in a rustic style, the wicker lamp - the best addition to it.

Unusual ideas chandelier in the bedroom

Pictured ceiling chandeliers for the bedroom you can see the very unusual representatives of the world of light, for example, a lamp on the control panel or with a built-in fan.Unfortunately, these photos do not transmit the functionality and versatility.

If you are seriously thinking what to choose a chandelier in the bedroom, it's time to explore a variety of styles and designs.Only after you have decided on the design, you can buy the desired item.Of course, not all lamps are inexpensive, representatives of Bohemian Czech crystal will cost several times more expensive than usual, but they are definitely worth it.

Unusual ideas chandelier in the bedroom

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