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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mirrored bathroom : the pros and cons , walls, ceiling , mosaic , leaving behind the mirror

Bathroom mirror finished
  • Benefits
  • Types
  • Mosaic
  • Mirror tiles
  • Specular fabric
  • the walls and ceiling
  • Care
  • Disadvantages
  • furniture and accessories
  • Lighting

Each bathroom meets us at least one mirror, but sometimes you want to add to the interior of the larger reflective elements.If skillfully apply them in the decoration of the bathroom mirror, you can achieve incredible transformation space.


Thanks to the mirrors, you can show all the profitable advantages of the room, hiding the shortcomings.For the bathroom mirror is a good solution, because in many cases the size of the room is not too large, and the location of the competent mirror surfaces will help to visually add square meters.

A large mirror in the bathroom

Placed at an angle of the mirror add depth to the room.Not to mention the fact that the mirror is very beautiful decorate the room.And if you choose a mirror with built-in lights, then with his help you will also organize additional room lighting.So, thanks to the mirrors, you can control the flow of light.

The wall in the bathroom is fully tiled mirror
The mirror in the bathroom wall with built-in lights
Diagonal installation of mirrors on the walls of the bathroom

If you have already inspired the idea of ​​the mirror finish the bathroom, please note the following nuances that help to get from such a decision only pluses:

  • Do not place large objects near the mirror wall, since their display will be increased
  • for even greater visual enlargement of the room, try to decorate it so that in the mirrored wall display lights
  • not place the mirrored wall or opposite the entrance or in front of the mirror


a bathroom mirror can be arranged large-scale canvas, a few sheets of mirrors, mirror tiles or mosaics.Note that mirror for such registration must be special. First of all it concerns the moisture resistance , as an ordinary mirror in a humid environment, bathroom quickly fade and deteriorate from corrosion.

Mirror on the wall


manufacturers made sure that you are easily able to create at home the bathroom mirror. They offer a mirror of all sizes, different shapes, as well as many colors. laying mosaic surface, you can create panel and very beautiful patterns.

Mirror dark tiles in the bathroom
Mirror mosaic of different size for a bathroom wall
Mirror tiles with blue accents for the bathroom
Golden mosaic in the bathroom mirror
Mirror mosaic bathroom with a mirror
Bathroom with large mirrors and mirror mosaics

Mirror tiles

most affordable mirror material is tile.Mount it simply - for this you need to use a double-sided tape or liquid nails.Meets tiles, which can be cut with a knife.

Tiles from the mirror in the bathroom

The important thing to take into account that the installation is carried out on a very flat surface.Another plus is the use in the decoration of mirror tiles - possibility of quick replacement if damaged.

very appealing modern solution is to use in the decoration of tiles with facet.At the edge of the material is specially treated, so it looks aesthetically pleasing.

Unusual mirror tiles for bathroom wall decoration
The wall of the bathroom mirror tiles black color
Tiles made of mirrors on the walls of the bathroom

Specular fabric

Fix volume mirror painting on the wall , especially if it is brick, concrete or treated plaster, help liquid nails, as a special adhesive tape to cope with the installation of a non-severe small-sized mirror.Picking liquid nails for fastening the mirror paintings, choose a variety that is compatible with mirrors (without adversely affecting the amalgam) and resistant to water vapor.

Mirrored walls in the bathroom

Glue is recommended to put on the wall in a grid. big mirror surface after gluing need something to back for 24 hours. 1-2 days after gluing of all joints between the wall and the mirror material must be treated with a neutral silicone sealant (it will prevent moisture from entering under the mirror).

Note that liquid nails, you can attach a mirror to an unlined wall tiles.If the wall is already finished with tiles, you can cover it in the place of installation of mirrors sheets water-resistant gypsum board, and then attach the mirror material.

A large mirror above the sink in the bathroom
A large mirror in the wall as a decoration in the bathroom
Mirrored wall above the sink in the bathroom
Mirrored walls in the bathroom
A large mirror on the bathroom wall painting
Mirror on the wall

Securing the material can be carried out and screws, but then no drilling is notdo.Other methods mounting mirror panels are use metal clips and installing panels in the rails and brackets.

the walls and ceiling

To get the visual effect of the expansion space, mirrors are often trim the walls of the bathroom.

Usually one wall (usually the wall above the sink) is selected to mirror finish.This wall mirror will allow visually enhance the area and improve the lighting.

She is finishing Sufficiently large wall tiles, panels or panels.Trim all bathroom mirrors impractical - it could badly affect the proportions and will require a lot of cleaning power.

A huge mirror on the bathroom wall

combination of mirror surfaces and ceramic tiles in the end gives the solemn gaiety premises.The combination of these materials can be used to create any geometric pattern or panels.It is desirable that mirror and ceramic tiles are the same size.

If we talk about color combinations, the winning of all mirror tiles looks next to the dark silver or white surface.

The combination of mirror tiles in the bathroom
Dark mirror tiles for the bathroom
Tile and a large mirror on the bathroom wall

are mirror tiles on the diagonal, you will further strengthen the perspective and depth.If the bottom of the wall to finish the longer tiles, and their top of the mount gradually shorter tiles, ceiling visually in the room will be higher.

Mirror tiles in combination with a mirror in the bathroom linen

Mirrored ceiling for small bath not a good idea.This decision will lead to a "well" effect, especially if the ceiling in a room are high enough.

The room is quite spacious mirrored ceiling will look great, but also emphasize the beauty of the tiles on the walls.

The ceiling in the bathroom of darkened glass
Mirrored ceilings for bathrooms
Mirrored tiles on the bathroom ceiling


Water trapped in the mirrored surface of the leaves white spots, so optimally choose to place the mirrored surface of the wall, quite distant frombath or shower stall.

A large bathroom with a mirrored wall and a reflective trim

to mirror finishing in the bathroom longer remain attractive, it is important to care for them regularly.So please be wet wipes or special detergents.


Wipe the surface of the mirror wall only soft material that will not scratch the glass.

Tarnished mirror cloth can be wiped with a damp cotton / linen cloth (it should dampen in liquid ammonia or vodka).

You can also wash the mirror surface with cold water, to which is added a little bluing.

Location mirror in the bathroom
A well- placed mirrors in the bathroom
The mirror in the bathroom is located farther away from contact with water

anti-fog mirror surfaces will help:

  • installing the fan in a ventilation duct,
  • processing glycerine mirror,
  • processing meansfor the treatment of car glasses,
  • polish treatment for glass or vinegar,
  • installing heating systems.


Mirror can not be considered durable material, so the mirrored walls in the bathroom should be protected from mechanical damage.In addition, it requires careful maintenance.

Large wall mirror in the bathroom

Choosing the option of finishing the bathroom mirror material, keep in mind that to use it in the interior to the mind, or instead of the expected increase of space you get disharmony:

  • is best mirrored wall will fit into the room with an interiorin very bright colors.
  • Interfere visually expand space and the use of tinted mirrors.Excess mirrors in decoration give a lot of reflections and uncomfortable look.
One large mirror for the bathroom
Mirrors in sufficient quantity for a bath
One bathroom mirror for increasing the visual space

furniture and accessories

mirror surface can be finished with lockers, cabinets, racks or speakers.

Mirrored bathroom furniture

You can buy furniture with a mirror finish or formalize the already existing furniture accents mirrors yourself, attaching pieces of mirrors moisture-resistant glue.

Decorated bathroom mirror
Mirror mosaic on the parts of the bathroom interior

A good solution would be to finish furniture and bathroom mirror mosaic.

Mirror mosaic-tiled


inserts in the interior of the bathroom mirror will look spectacular, if they think about lighting.Shedding light on the mirror spotlights, you will increase the amount of light the room, not wasting energy.

Mirrors with a bright light in the bathroom
Highlighting the large mirrors in the bathroom
Lamps embedded in the large bathroom mirror

sure to use the backlight, if you decide to decorate the bathroom mirror panels or the original pattern.So you will emphasize mirror the composition, making it a central element of the room.

Halogen lights in bathroom mirror

Remember that fixtures in the bathroom only waterproof to be applied. To get diffused soft light, set the halogen or fluorescent lamps.

Spot lighting of the bathroom mirror mosaic mirror
The lighting of a large mirror in the bathroom
Built in the bathroom mirror lights

interesting lighting solution Mirror Surface will use built-in backlight.