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August 12, 2017 18:06

Lay linoleum on the wooden floor

Lay linoleum on the wooden floor

would seem that the question: how to lay linoleum on the wooden floor, should not even arise, because what could be easier - put the material on the floor.

In fact, to complete repair looked to the works have not been wasted, and laid the material in the near future do not have to change, you should immediately take into account some of the features and make things right.

Linoleum - one of the most common types of flooring.

Firstly, this is due to the financial component.

Secondly, placing simplicity: you can put the linoleum with his own hands, without resorting to the help of experts.

Third, an additional floor insulation is not fastidious in cleaning.


  • Species linoleum
  • preparatory stage
  • Dimensions
  • material is capable of laying linoleum
  • Necessity substrate

Species linoleum

should also be noted that it would be right to lay linoleum with one blade, thenhas its width should be equal to the width of the room, to prevent the formation of joints.

course, lay and can be on a different principle, but need to strengthen the joints carefully so as not to disturb the aesthetics of the coating.

linoleum several Species:

  • Polyvinylchloride material consists of four layers, manufacturing technology involves the creation of a foam base.The coating has good acoustic and thermal insulation properties;
  • Cloth - is durable and very plastic material;
  • Kolloksilinovy ​​- in addition to its flexibility, distinctive luster;
  • Alkyd material may eventually be covered with cracks, while remaining very strong;
  • baseless - withstands mechanical loads, floor structure becomes homogeneous;
  • Linoleum can be used in any room, in any room.Absolutely harmless, but short-lived.

How to choose the material. See the video.


buying linoleum correctly will first look all its characteristics, material of manufacture.

Take it better with a small margin (at least 7 cm) to create a durable coating minimum thickness shall not be less than 3 mm.

preparatory stage

laying linoleum on the wooden floor begins with the preparation of the base.The floor may characterized by its flexibility, so it takes on the shape of the base over time.

If the ground is uneven, the overall aesthetics of the floor is broken.So the first thing you need to proceed to the wooden floor of the audit.

Preparation begins with identifying all defects: checks for rotting and creaking boards, revealed cracks, dents, gaps between the boards, etc.

If there is at least some of these defects, then have some work to level the surface..

old flooring must be removed, if the floor has been painted thus remove the paint.You can do it with a spatula, and a hair dryer building.

Plywood floor

Fastening should be strong, and the heads of nails or screws slightly recessed.This is done to make linoleum surface was not damaged during the operation.

Preparation also implies a need for fastening the floorboards creaking.Attach need nails or screws.

If the floorboards still creak, the problem areas (not the entire floor) must be opened and replaced by new ones.

All cracks, gaps and cracks with putty processed.Preparation is completed alignment surface.

Align base can be a grinder, and you can use the plane.Alignment is completed cleansing the surface of debris.

most qualitative level the floor with your hands, you can use plywood.This material must be stuck on a special adhesive for parquet or on a conventional PVA.

If you add a little glue plaster, it will help make it more viscous and will provide a better grip with the surface of the plywood.

Plywood can additionally be secured with nails (preferably screws, to further eliminate the creaking of the floor), the cap of which is recessed a few millimeters.Plywood

stacked so that at the junction of four sheets were not, they should be slightly shifted.

This provides more secure fastening plywood to the floor, and between the sheets should be a gap of 2-3 mm (expansion joint).


Once the plywood is laid, it is necessary to align: sanded joints, cracks shpaklyuyut, all resulting debris is removed.

Using plywood allows for a more reliable base, creates an additional sound and heat insulation, and further in-service linoleum, plywood not allow prosest decorative floor covering, contributes to gender aesthetics.

Substrate Preparation on this completes, you can proceed to the installation of the flooring.

Dimensions Material

As mentioned above, it is desirable that the width of the room and linoleum coincide to avoid the need for docking.To do this correctly to make measurements of the room.

Immediately it should be noted that it is necessary to take the linoleum on the maximum size of the room, the width of which is considered to be the longest wall.What is the maximum size?

For example, on one side of the wall has a notch under the battery, on the other - the doorway, so these measurements, made with his own hands, be sure to take into account.

Material is purchased on the basis of the fact that to the width (length) of the room added amount of these recesses, as well as a small margin (7 cm) in case you need to align the linoleum on the walls.

margin is on both sides, i.e. both the length and the width.

walls are very rare even, so the alignment has to do with their hands.

Trim flooring in advance in any case it is not necessary if the clean up missing the difference by applying patches linoleum, then spoils the whole look, as well as the strength of the coating.

In the absence of the possibility of laying linoleum whole band, you need to select the dimensions so that the bands had been docked in the center.

addition to the usual allowances on the edges will need to make the stock material to produce the alignment pattern.


Bought linoleum laid directly is not recommended.It should stand in a room for two hours to "used" to heat.

The flooring can shrink a little change in the size, it is also a compelling reason for the purchase of material allowances.

Linoleum need to spread out on the floor in order to align it.It would be better if we leave it that way for a day or two.These actions are necessary to ensure a snug fit to the base.

methods of laying linoleum

To date, there are several ways how to put linoleum:

  1. material can lay without using glue.This method is the simplest.Technology consists in that the floor linoleum decomposed straightened within a few days, after which it was necessary to fix the perimeter skirting premises.Lay the linoleum in a corner without the formation of bubbles may be slightly notched it.The simplicity of this method causes no strength flooring.Flooring without using glue used in small spaces, as this method does not guarantee a smooth flooring;
  2. flooring using double-sided tape.Technology is as follows: first glue adhesive tape around the perimeter of the wooden floor, then laid linoleum.Once again, carefully try on and then turn off for the convenience of its roll up the middle, torn off the protective layer and adhesive tape, roll straightening, glue it to the bottom.This is done carefully so as not formed folds and bubbles.You must also see to it that under the coating itself did not hit any debris.When the fabric is glued, then cut off any excess, installed baseboards;
  3. flooring with glue is the strongest method of attachment to the bottom of linoleum.This technique is preferred for large areas.First, you need to put linoleum on the floor, to ensure its alignment, for a snug fit in the corners of the room material a little incision.Clay linoleum pieces.First Fold the first half of the web and on the basis of glue is applied with a roller or brush.Wait till the specified time (about 20 minutes).After that you need to put linoleum on the base align with his hands, and then proceed to the next part of glueing the canvas.

Ends bonding procedure circumcision surplus material and installing baseboards, at the junction with another room (in the doorway) can further strengthen the rail-threshold.

If you have to use the two-way option of laying the material, there is a need to provide a beautiful and reliable joint webs.This is most easily accomplished by laying overlap (10 cm).

One blade to bend and glue to the bottom, the same steps are repeated with a second cloth.At the point where the two layers are formed using a ruler and a knife, the two layers should be cut.

Thus, a discreet eye splice two webs of material that is processed by cold welding.

process of laying linoleum can be viewed on video.


Necessity substrate

substrate under the linoleum is necessary in cases provide additional insulation, if not used plywood to create a more uniform coating, if need additional insulation floor.

Wood flooring is a good thermal insulator, so the additional insulation is not needed for it.

As mentioned, the substrate can be smooth irregularities in the substrate, if there is no time or opportunity to make a qualitative leveling the floor.

substrate is of several types:

  • Jute substrate has an absorption capacity of excessive moisture, so it can be used in the respective areas.Such a substrate provides resistance to decay, mold appearance, as well as to combustion;
  • Cork substrate is a good option for buildings without heavy furniture.Such a substrate in comparison with others, is the least durable material, but acts as an additional insulation;
  • Linen backing is an excellent option as preventing mold and mildew;
  • Combined substrate consisting of wool, jute and flax has good density, but loses its quality with time.

Today you can buy linoleum glued to it with the substrate, which greatly simplifies the installation of the material.

substrate can act as insulation and as a sound insulator, which is important to create home comfort.