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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to cut the casing

Types casings

The interior uses many types of casings.They differ in the material of which are made, its shape, color and quality.Usually for framing doors or windows using a wooden or plastic frames.

The shape frames can be divided:

    • Flat - have a simple, plain appearance, and they are most often used.

Flat casing

    • rounded - the frontal part of the frame has a rounded appearance.

Rounded architrave

  • curly - can combine a variety of forms.They look very unusual and rather attractive.

figured casing

material from which made strap, can be quite varied:

  • Tree - the common material, since it is environmentally friendly and not expensive.
  • Plastic - made in any color and form.The most durable and relatively easy to install.
  • Metal - allows you to experiment with the most unusual patterns, create different shapes.

Just framing are classified by type of thread.

  • Proreznaya - pattern is done through the strap area.
  • Invoice - ready pattern nailed or glued to the finished background.

By way of mount casing, there are only two kinds.

  • Surface - mounted on the door.Telescopic
  • - they have nozzles which are inserted in mounting holes of the door frame.

Telescopic casing

How to cut the casing using a miter box

To work need these tools:

  • Mitre;
  • Hacksaw;
  • Workbench.

Mitre - the tool by which the product can be cut at any angle.He looks like a tray that is made of wood or metal alloy, but most often it is made of plastic.In the construction market, you can find a simplified version of it, it will need to cut at an angle of 45 degrees, but there are more complex structures, they are intended to cut at an angle of 90 degrees.

Wooden stuslo

in such work as important, how to use a cutting tool.Depending on what material is made frame, you need to select a specific tool, so as not to damage the product.For example, for cutting metal strips suitable hacksaw, as it is suitable for the plastic frame.And for the wood products need to use a hacksaw on wood.From there it will be used when cutting the right tool depends on the accuracy of the cut and quality of the work done.

Workbench facilitate the work in terms of the fact that all the necessary tools at hand.

To strip was cut correctly, it is necessary to accurately perform the step by step instructions.

Step 1: Framing should be leaned against the doorway and mark the required length, and then cut off the excess part.

Step 2. Bracket set in the miter box to a position in which it is mounted in the doorway.It needs to be pressed to the far side of the instrument.

Casing installed in stuslo

Step 3 at an angle of 45 degrees to cut the strap.

Step 4. The same principle is set to the far side of the second tool mounting plate and its regime.

for the accuracy of the work done previously to mount butted two casings, and if among them there are no gaps - you are ready to install them.

For a complete presentation of this work you can see video.

How to cut frames without the assistance of Mitre

If it is not possible to use the miter box, you can do it yourself or do without it.

To properly cut the frame without the use of a special tool, you can use the usual markings on the wall and still get not a bad result.

To work needed:

  • Pencil;
  • Roulette;
  • line;
  • Hacksaw.

To do the job you need to follow the steps below.

Step 1 adjusts the strap to the wall, where it will be fixed, and draws a small line along it.

Step 2. Now we just need to draw a line, putting the second casing at a place where there should be a corner.

Step 3. When all are drawn, should get a marking on the wall that looks like two crossed lines.The point where these lines intersect need to move alternately in two trims.

Step 4. Transferred to the frame and mark the cut line will be, for this from the mark and the other end should draw a line and cut.

Step 5. We put two strips to the wall to adjust the angle, when suddenly there was not docked.

Cut the corner casing

To cut a corner, using improvised miter box, it is quite possible to paint on cardboard, board or on an ordinary sheet of paper.To do this, protractor raschertit corners to the desired degree.Use this homemade tool in the same way as purchased, namely exhibiting casing parallel to the line with the desired degree and cut it off.

The main advantage of this tool is drawn that raschertit angle absolutely any angle.

As a self-attach trim

When the casings are cut corners, you can attach them to the wall.It is recommended to do decorative caps with small nails, but not adhesive, as the adhesive is not durable.And if the frame will need to be replaced or removed for painting, with nails to make it much easier, and if the strap was attached to the adhesive, then when removing it can be easily damaged.

There are only four ways to mount this frame:

  1. finishing nails
  2. liquid nails.
  3. screws.
  4. use casings snap.

Installation using finishing nails is the most common method.In the recommended nails 4 centimeters in length and no more than 1.5 millimeters in diameter.Holes are drilled at a distance of 5 - 7 cm, then they hammered nails, but not completely.Now we have to remove the nail heads using side cutters and disguise wax pencil the same color as the strap itself.

If the surface of the wall, which will be attached to the framing of a completely flat and straps are made of MDF material is suitable attachment method for liquid nails.To do this, put the nails are on the wrong side of the strap and attach it to the wall, keeping in this state for some time.After that should fix the frame with tape.This method is quite simple and its main advantage is that the front part is not subjected to mechanical stress.But his withdrawal will need to work hard.

Tip!Apply the first casing to the wall and mark it outside.After the casing can be removed, and the contour of sticking masking tape - it is easily peeled off without leaving any traces, even the most capricious of surfaces, but if somewhere perform liquid nails, you do not have to scour the glue off the wall.It will be enough just to unstick an adhesive tape.

To attach jamb with screws, it is necessary to make not too deep, but rather wide hole.It will need to ensure that the cap screws are not higher than the frame itself.To decorate screws, you can buy special caps on them the same color as the strap itself.It is recommended to use screws 2 centimeters in length and no longer.

Door framing snap resembles the letter "G".Fasten it is very simple, which is a plus.His "beak" is moved into the hole and snaps.Less is this attachment method is that to remove it is not so easy, and when re-mounting casing can exfoliate, and then will not look beautiful.

All four of the proposed frame mounting options are not complicated, you just choose the one that is right for an interior room.
Fixed casing

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