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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to insulate an apartment

Many residents of apartments there is the burning question of its insulation.What pushes this decision?Of course, the appearance of mold, dark sections of the walls, cold room.It is believed that the most balanced option is the external insulation, but it is not always possible and not always fully justified.In this article, let's talk about the option of warming the inside of the apartment.Consider first the wall, then the floor.


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should be remembered that one of the most common cases - warming of the corner apartment, becauseexternal environment captures a large area.It is necessary to take into account the fact that in this sense, suffer lower and upper floors, because dwell further on this point (see. Photos, videos).

How to insulate a wall in the apartment

First select one of the important ways of warming.Currently, more than just the two materials in demand: polyurethane foam and polystyrene.This synthetic materials with high performance - heat insulation, water repellency, removal of biological activity (ie - does not appear mold, insects do not start).Sometimes the combination is applied decoration: two dissimilar layers.The latter method has a lot of controversial issues, but at the same time is called the most powerful insulation.

Important!- Inside the plane of the wall must be as dry as possible.Therefore it is recommended to carry out work in the warmer months or in the stable warm room (which is rare).

removed from the wall wallpaper, there is grinding and leveling.From the purity and smoothness it depends on how well the insulation will be accepted.Use sandpaper and other auxiliary tools, brushes and so on. Experts advise to pay special attention to those parts of the walls, which were hit by mold or dark with moisture.

further processing occurs antiseptics surface.This special solution to remove mold, fungi.It is difficult to advise something concrete, such as the choice of liquids and mixtures is great.Masters are advised to give preference to those that may be less likely to contact (will not need an additional pour, stir, and so on. D.) This is due to the fact that the chemical composition of funds is quite active.

Next, you need to dry the walls.The next step - the primer.It is recommended to use a primer with deep penetration, as only in this case, a satisfactory result can be guaranteed.Plaster uniformly applied, then it should dry naturally.In some cases, re-produce the primer.

In the case of the use of polyurethane foam mounted a special formwork, divided into cells, each of which is a quick-drying foam is poured.This method is not recommended to realize yourself, as you need to understand the technology and experience of working with foam.

Penoplex Styrofoam is a plate thickness of about 5 cm. The solution for fixing plates are not used.Need a special adhesive, with its need to be applied uniformly across the plane of the plate.Only in this case, the moisture will not penetrate into the room.In some cases used as fixing dowels, umbrellas, for this plate are attached to the wall and is done 4 holes in the corners, then insert anchors.Such attachment is quite secure.Use a large spatula to put the uniform solution netolstym layer.After the wall has dried, treat it with sandpaper.Next, apply a primer.Everything is now ready for plaster wall - just need to wait for complete drying.

Winterizing floor apartment

We considered incomplete warming of apartments with their own hands, because left to touch another question: how to insulate an apartment on the first floor, where there is often faced with such unpleasant phenomenon, as the cold floor.We will not go into this issue in depth, define only the basic types of materials are used.Mineral, chipboard insulation polymer.Thermal insulation of expanded clay - one of the most common methods.Before warming produced waterproofing, beacons are set forth, poured concrete block, poured concrete screed.