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August 12, 2017 18:06

Single- gas heating boilers - what to choose?

Single- gas heating boilers - what to choose?

Due to the increasing popularity of country houses and cottages, on various heating equipment demand surged.

Among all others, the most popular single-circuit gas-fired boilers, which are the most-selling heating equipment.

Their popularity is due primarily to the fact that they are the most cost-effective options for housing the heating system.

equipment is not in itself be the cheapest, but work on its installation are simple, and the raw materials on which they operate - virtually worthless.

However, single-circuit heating boilers have one disadvantage, which many consider essential.

The fact is that, unlike other heating equipment, they do not carry out the organization of the hot water supply system.

Of course, this is easily offset by minus their high efficiency as the central node of the heating system, but in a private home - hot water is of great importance, and not everyone has the ability to install separate water heating systems.

downside is, but he is one and not the most critical, especially given the advantages that clearly speak in favor of choice is single-circuit gas-fired boilers.


On the market there are many companies involved in their development and manufacture, and get lost among all this variety is easy enough.


  • Select manufacturer
  • Wall boilers
  • Floor boilers
  • What are the prices and where to buy?

Select manufacturer

can get lost easily, but if there are guidelines - the choice will be much easier.

All manufacturers can be divided into two fairly clear and understandable simple inhabitant group - imported and domestic.

use Practice shows that the single-circuit heating boilers of Russian production could not have the best performance, but are very reliable and are able to serve more than a dozen years.

also in favor of the Russian manufacturers say ease of repair and maintenance as well as any necessary spare parts are easy to order from the manufacturer itself or by contacting your authorized service representative.

import boilers tend to have high performance, but their use can be complicated by the fact that not all single-circuit heating gas boilers adapted for use in the Russian context.

Also, some models have a rather complicated wiring diagram, which will cope with only by experienced professionals.

On the difficulties associated with repair and maintenance, even we are not talking, but the warranty is better to forget.


Everyone who has thought about the organization of the heating system, the question arises - single-circuit or two-circuit gas boiler?Here a clear answer, alas - no.

Each of the classes has certain features, but if you want to organize only the heating system, the best option for this would be exactly one-circuit boilers.

Because of their narrow focus, they are aimed at the implementation of specific actions and execute it with the greatest possible efficiency.

With bypass the boiler can be arranged also hot water system, which is, of course, does not compare in quality to the water heating system, but in small houses - its capacity may be sufficient.

However, most experts agree that it is better to organize heating and water supply system separate from each other.

Wall boilers

Among single-circuit gas-fired boilers there are two classes of equipment which differ in the method of attachment and the location - wall and floor.

They differ and their characteristics, and as a consequence - the specificity of use.

To begin with, consider the single-circuit wall-mounted gas boilers, because they dominate the market.

They are usually distinguished by the type of combustion chamber - open or closed.


Boilers with open chamber gaining air in a natural way, directly from the room in which installed.

exhaust gases output of altars at home with a chimney.

If its presence is not provided for in the house, or the installation takes place in the apartment, where it can not be, in principle, then it should opt for boilers with closed combustion chamber.

They are usually equipped with a special smoke exhaust system that forcibly takes away from the camera all the products of combustion, whereby - boilers with sealed chamber chimney is not needed.

However, volatile single-circuit wall-mounted gas boilers - it is just the same, with the closed chamber pots.

The fact is that if there is a natural flow of the chimney and venting process takes place without the involvement of external forces, while for the operation of air injection system and the removal of the additional expenditure of energy of the combustion products are required.

Additional benefits, which has wall-planimetric gas boiler heating system, can be attributed - its compactness.

It is logical that the equipment to be placed on the wall of a building - has a small weight and size, but much smaller boilers other heating systems and quite ergonomically can fit in the interior of the house.Among

wall boilers there is a small subspecies - mounted single-circuit gas-fired boilers.

They differ only mounting and fastening system, the rest - all the characteristics are similar to conventional wall-hung boilers.

Floor boilers

If you want to organize a heating system in a large room, the wall of the boiler will not be enough.

The first thing worth noting is the fact that single-circuit Gas floor boilers have considerably more power than their counterparts wall.

This is due to the fact that the equipment placed on the floor of the room no longer has such significant limitations on the weight and dimensions as the wall, so - can have a larger combustion chamber and as a result, significantly increase the pressure in the system.

Usually outdoor planimetric gas boiler heating system applied in two or more storey buildings, as they have a complex heat distribution system, which requires a great deal of pressure in the system (heating of the upper floors).

use of this type of boilers in apartments or single-storey houses can be caused by low and stable temperature outside the room, but the best way to solve this problem by improving the insulation of the walls.

As in the case of wall-mounted boilers, floor-volatile single-circuit gas-fired boilers - a boiler with a closed combustion chamber.

We should not forget that a lot of power leads to high costs of electricity and requires a reliable wiring.

What are the prices and where to buy?

As mentioned at the beginning, the demand for heating systems is high, so the boilers are very popular.

consequence of this is that the prices of single-circuit heating boilers, gas range in a fairly wide range.

Every manufacturer is trying to attract customers to their side, using a variety of methods, including artificial understating or overstating the price.

in such a small market chaos, buy single-loop wall mounted gas boiler, the quality of which is comparable with its price - is difficult.

First, we should build on the recommendations made in the beginning of this article and choose Russian-made boilers.

This will eliminate the waste of resources, which involves the purchase of imported boilers (or who do not want to pay for their transportation expenses from his own pocket).


In the case of domestic manufacturers, the price of single-circuit gas boiler very often "from the manufacturer" and this can not but gladden your wallet.

place of purchase gas boiler can be as ordinary building materials supermarket and shop.

However, this equipment is rather complicated and the slightest failure can cause serious damage.

That is why buy single-loop gas boiler is best in the online store, because it exposed the trading floor - they are subject to a variety of external influences, many of which have an impact on their performance properties.