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August 12, 2017 18:06

The aluminum and copper wires

The most common need for joining aluminum and copper wire occurs in the process of replacing or repairing the existing wiring.Also, the ability to do this will be very helpful in the event of damage to the power cord of any appliance.

The aluminum and copper wires

compound of aluminum and copper wires

There are several ways to solve this problem.Check out the options presented, select the most appropriate method for your case and get to work, observing the requirements of technology.

connect the wire twisting

Article Contents

  • 1 connect the wire twisting
  • 2 perform Screwed
  • 3 the connection is via the terminal block
  • 4 use modern block with springclamps
  • 5 Making permanent connection wires
    • 5.1 Video - The aluminum and copper wires


most commonly used for connecting wires twisted in common.This is a simple in its execution method that does not require the use of additional devices.Simultaneously, the twist - the least reliable connection wire option, especially if they are made of different materials.

Each metal has a tendency to some change their size when the temperature drops.For different metal thermal expansion rate varies.Due to the material properties of this gap may occur when the temperature at the connection.It will lead to increased contact resistance, resulting in off heat, and the connection cables oxides disturbed.

Bandage twist

Of course, it takes far more than a year, but if your plans include arrangement of durable and high-quality network of connections by the method of twisting should be abandoned in favor of a more reliable option.

Before connection cables by stranding method, remember one important rule: wire should twist each other.The variant in which one straight-through cable, and the second of his studs, categorically unacceptable - this connection is absolutely unstable.

method is suitable for connecting cables of different diameters.Permissible twisting solid and stranded wires, but in such a situation, a conductor with several cores should be pre proludit solder, so it turned into a solid.

Connection wire welding

Connection wire welding

twisted cables, and then the sealing compound.To seal is well suited with protective varnish waterproof properties.To compound was the most high-quality, copper wire solder proludit recommended before starting work.

Compound twisting wires

Connection wires twisting

number of turns in the compound selected according to the cable diameter.If the wire diameter is less than 1 mm, making at least 5 turns.Twisting thicker wires do at least 3 turns.

perform Screwed

Run a threaded connection

perform Screwed

conductors of different materials can be connected with screws and nuts.If necessary, such a compound very quickly disassembled and remade.Provided the competent execution of the threaded connection is very high quality and will continue to remain so for the duration of the posting operation.

Connection wires

Connection wires

An additional advantage of this option is the possibility of simultaneous connection of several conductors, the number of which is limited only by the length of the screw.

method is suitable for connecting cables of different diameters and with different number of conductors.We just need to make sure that between the wires of different materials did not have direct contact.For his expulsion spring washer is included in the composition of the compound.Additionally, these goals must be set to avoid contact between the nut and the screw head.

For connecting conductors next.

first step. Remove from the cable insulation.The required length is calculated by multiplying the diameter of the screw used to 4.

second step. Operating state lived.If they are oxidized, we clean the stuff to shine and then form the rings of the diameter of the screw.

third step. alternately put on our spring washer screw, wire ring, a washer, a ring conductor and the next at the end of the nut.Screw the nut to straighten washers.

Tip:Pre can proludit end of the copper cable solder.This will eliminate the need for laying spring washer between the conductors.

the connection is via the terminal block

Example of connection of copper and aluminum conductors

Example connection of copper and aluminum conductors

All the increasingly popular method of connecting conductors with special terminal blocks.In this variant loses reliability as above, but its advantages are at it too.

Connect wires

wire connections

terminals allow wires to connect quickly, simply and efficiently.Thus it is not necessary to form any ringlets or isolating compounds - pads are designed so that the probability of contact between the exposed parts of the cables is eliminated.

junction box

Terminal box

connection is made as follows.

first step. clean off the insulation from the wire ends to be connected by about 0.5 cm.

second step. Insert the cables in the terminal block and the clamping screw.Tighten it with a little effort - aluminum is quite soft and brittle metal, so that the excess mechanical load it is not necessary.

Terminal Blocks are often used to connect lighting devices to the wire of aluminum.Multiple twisted lead to rapid fracture of such conductors, resulting from their length remains virtually nothing.In such situations, and useful shoes, because to connect to it using just enough centimeter length of the cable.

terminals is also very well suited for connecting broken cables in the wall when laying new wiring is impractical, and the remainder of the length of the wires is not sufficient for making connections with other methods.

Important!Pads can render over only if they are installed in the junction box.

junction box

Terminal box

use modern block with spring-cage connection

Not so long ago in the market of electrical equipment and components were presented modified terminals, equipped with spring-cage connection.Available disposable (wires are inserted without the possibility of further seizures) and reusable (equipped with a lever, which allows to extract and insert the cables) pads.

Using modern block with spring-cage connection

use modern block with spring-cage connection

Terminals wago

Terminals wago

Terminals wago Current (A) number conn.wire. wire cross section / (mm²) Availability contact paste
222-413 32 3 0,08-4,0 without paste
222-415 32 5 0,08-4,0 without paste

Disposable terminal blocks allow the connection of solid conductors section within 1.5-2.5 mm2.According to manufacturers, these pads may be used for connecting cables with the current systems up to 24 A. However, professional electricians are skeptical of such an application and is not recommended to apply for the load terminals is higher than 10 A.

Using modern block with spring-cage connection

use modern block with spring-cage connection

same Reusable pads are equipped with a special lever (it is usually painted in orange) and allow cables to connect to any number of strands.Permissible cross section of connected conductors - 0,08-4 mm2.The maximum current - 34A.

To make the connection with such terminals do the following:

  • disclaim conductors 1 cm insulation;
  • lift terminal lever upwards;
  • insert the wire into the terminal;
  • drop the lever.

terminals without levers just snapped.

They are designed for the connection of all types of single-core cables , including copper and aluminum wires with section from 1.5 to 2.5 mm2

They are designed for the connection of all types of single-core cables, including copper and aluminum wires with section from 1.5 to 2.5 mm2

As a result, the cables are securely fastened to the block.The cost of implementation of such compounds will be more significant, but you will spend on the job in much less time and save yourself from having to use any additional tools.

The flat - spring clip wire with insulation Stripping simply inserted into the hole until it stops Wago terminal

The flat-spring clip wire to the stripped insulation simply inserted into the hole Wago terminal up to the stop

Connectors with IDC

Connectors with IDC

Making permanent connection wires

The main difference of this embodiment from the previously discussed threadmethod is the inability to disassemble the connection without destroying wires.In addition, the need to buy or rent a special device - Riveter.

fact, wires are connected by rivets.Strength, reasonable price, easy and high speed performance - these are the main advantages of permanent connection.

Heat-shrinkable tubing for insulation twisting or crimping

shrinkable tubing for insulation twisting or crimping

Riveter works on very simple principle: a steel rod is drawn through the rivet and trimmed.Along the length of the rod there is some thickening.In the process of pulling the rod through the last rivet is expanded.In the market available the rivets of various diameters and lengths, allowing you to choose the device to connect the cables of almost any cross-section.

Reliable wiring crimping

Reliable wiring crimping

works in the following manner.

first step. cleans with wire insulation material.

second step. Making the ends of cables ring size slightly larger than the diameter of the rivets used.

third step. alternately put on the ring on the rivet aluminum wire, spring washer, then a ring of copper cable and flat washer.

fourth step. Insert a steel rod in our Riveter and firmly squeeze the handle of the tool to click that will indicate the length of the pruning of excess steel rod.In this connection it is ready.

How to connect the wire

How to connect wires

you are familiar with the basic methods of self-connection of aluminum and copper conductors.Each method has its own particular disadvantages and advantages of the preferred scope.Choose the most suitable option, follow the provisions of the regulations and very soon all the connections will be ready.

When using live stranded wires and cables need to use special tips crimp or solder the ends of wires

When using live stranded wires and cables need to use special tips crimp or solder the wire ends

Successful work!

Video - The aluminum and copper wires