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Design And Style

August 12, 2017 18:07

We arrange the furniture in the Khrushchev , in accordance with modern styles

essence of design work in the Khrushchev

drawbacks plan is really a huge amount, and the basic design work is to hide them and beat placement in a favorable light with the help of the situation.

main enemies of modern styles in small apartments Khrushchev era:

  • low ceilings;
  • WC;
  • very tight kitchen (4-6 sq. M);
  • close the room (on average 10-20 sq. M);
  • broken geometry of the rooms.

At the same style throughout the apartment, furnishings chosen solely to compensate for architectural flaws and highlight all the opportunities.


Remodelling, rooms division

If you bought and Khrushchev are planning to adapt it to fit their needs, as well as possible useful redevelopment premises.It will prioritize in the apartment, to prepare it for your needs.In some cases, for this purpose perfectly cope combination living room and kitchen: while attached by a corridor can be increased and a bathroom (more info here).You can combine the living room and a small bedroom, expanding the visual boundaries of space and removing (more here).

Note!In any more or less complex alterations, you will need permission from the BTI, otherwise fine - it is in the best case.In the worst - your repair can cause accidents at home.

Sometimes, on the contrary, want to separate part of the room for an adequate distribution of functions rooms.To learn how to share a room, read the article "How to make a one-room Two: 7 Ways to a photo" and here.

With excellent room adaptation options in accordance with modern styles and common sense you can read by clicking on this link.

Choose a style Khrushchev

all interior styles have their own rules regarding colors, decoration, furniture, decoration and so on. And not all of them will be able to squeeze in a modest organic small apartment space.For it is suitable option in light colors with a minimum number of items, but functional, with a decor placed on the walls.Consider some ideas suitable for correctly handling the Khrushchev era apartments.

Minimalism in Khrushchev

Choosing to his apartment minimalist style, you will not lose.It includes all the principles of good design small space creates a feeling of space, does not clutter the room, but retains functionality.


minimalist furniture for Khrushchev

situation in this style is the emphasis on geometric forms, facades smooth and simple.Objects larger, are arranged in such a way as to be easily accessible, in accordance with their tasks, but does not interfere with the movement of occupants in the room.Feel free to choose a high-tech model;furniture transformers - this is what you need.

It is worth remembering that because of the almost complete lack of decor furnishings in the style of minimalism should be contrasted with the walls, as acts as the main decoration of housing.


  • Upholstery:
  • skin;
  • rough natural fabrics;
  • tarp;
  • for cabinet furniture:
  • smooth wood, almost always without the expressed structure;
  • MDF;
  • aluminum;
  • plastic.

Furniture in the style of minimalism

Japanese situation in a small apartment

Japan is famous for its well thought-out, and its traditional style - not the exception.A minimum of furniture, almost complete abandonment of decor and clutter.Squat items, visually lifting the ceiling, allow the use of all the small space small apartment for other purposes, concealing flaws.Another advantage of this style - the traditional walls that will apply the necessary zoning in the right direction.

Japanese style

Japanese furniture Khrushchev

Ethnic situation involves the use of only solid wood.If in order to save the need to use MDF or plastic, make sure that their artificial origin was not noticeable.

There are three basic rules for the selection and placement of Japanese objects:

  • every object has to "work" the beautiful useless "things" are not allowed;
  • furniture is selected in accordance with the plane to which it relates (cabinets extend to the ceiling and visually merge with the wall, bed, table, chairs squat near the floor);
  • the main subject of the room (for a bedroom is the bed, for the dining room - table with chairs) is located in the center of the room, framed uncluttered space.All other items of furniture and decor are located on the perimeter.

The furniture in the Japanese style

Hi-Tech in the tech Khrushchev

Another style, though designed for small-sized housing - it is high-tech.Glossy surfaces and straight lines allow to visually enlarge the space and the furniture and all the objects in the house are some functional load.The interior is completely running on the host.

High tech

for Khrushchev furniture in the style of Hi-Tech

furniture should have simple forms and the highest utility.Welcomed the furniture-transformer.Acceptable use of one, maximum of two subjects intricate forms and bright colors in the interior of one room (they will act as decor).Arranged the furniture so that everything was at hand, and do not interfere.Practicality - the main high-tech fad.

Materials Furniture - mainly artificial:

  • Upholstery:
  • skin, including artificial;
  • coarse cloth;
  • tarp;
  • for cabinet furniture:
  • metal;
  • aluminum;
  • plastic.

Furniture in the style of Hi-Tech

Built-in wardrobe in the Khrushchev-Tak Hai

Big role built-in furniture, cabinets, shelves and hiding in the wall, closet or cellar beds.Using the built-in furniture not only allow for maximum use of space, but also to implement zoning, without cluttering the space.Built-in wardrobe allows you to use the space, which is in modern style often remains untapped (the plane of the walls, corners).It is, in fact, performs the role of the Soviet of the same "wall", but looks much more modern, and takes up less space, thanks to the use of the space under the ceiling.

Built-in closet

Vanguard Khrushev

complete opposite pompous and deflating the classics - the vanguard - creates a lively interior and does not require a large space.

in the spirit of the avant-garde furniture for small apartments

In no case do not buy the standard set of furniture from the manufacturer, no matter how genuine they may seem to you.Vanguard - is the embodiment of individuality, a complete rejection of traditional solutions.You can mix colors and incongruous objects, most importantly, stick to the basic principles of the avant-garde: the contrast, the absence of sharp corners and futility.Mandatory high functionality and clean lines.No smoothed corners.

The furniture in the vanguard style

Constructivism in Khrushchev

This style is perfectly suited to Khrushchev, because apartments were built in the Soviet period, when all was in constructivism.Simple shapes allow you to use every centimeter on purpose, no decoration save a feeling of spaciousness, open color add the rooms light and airy.


Constructive furniture in small apartments

Consistency - the main horse of the interior areas.Everything should be simple and fit, no-frills and false emotion.No curls and decor, simple geometric forms.

Unlike the previous style, constructivism involves the same type of furniture.Material - light wood that can visually "facilitate", even the most capacious wardrobe.

Furniture is spread in accordance with the logic.It occupies the space of the corners and the walls of the opening passages available.Wall shelves busy open, but not with trinkets, and, for example, books.

Furniture in the style of Constructivism


If you do not expect a complete change of furniture in accordance with any particular style, appreciate it with a critical eye.Perhaps a few items correspond to one of the above interior areas, and then we can easily create a new composition of the older subjects.

The main problem of many post-Soviet space - this renunciation of complete styles in favor of the usual arrangement of "couch-wall-carpet-TV."If you try to make a permutation in his apartment in the style recommended by the designers, you will be surprised just how much storage space you will.