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August 12, 2017 18:07

Cleaning roofs from snow and ice

Should I clean the roof of their own?

avoid the need for repair work on the roof, it should be exempt from the load in the form of snow and ice.Cleaning snow from the roof - this is a procedure which is a necessary measure for modern buildings and for constructions, time-tested.

Cleaning roofs from snow, icicles

Faced with the need to clean the roof in the winter, many people believe that nothing difficult in such cleaning events there.That is why homeowners are at risk and try to do the job yourself or call for help a neighbor who allegedly has experience.This approach sometimes turns unfavorable consequences.

unprofessional cleaning roof may entail:

  • damage to elements and the weir surface of the roof;
  • risk of damage to property;
  • threat to human life.

If you do decide to make the cleaning of the roof from snow and ice on their own, take care of the safety of others.It is recommended to insulate the posts with ribbon band, within which the snow will fall.Choose clothes for work follows from those considerations that it does not restrict movement.Give preference is studded shoes that will not slip on the snow cover.

Removing ice specialists

How to clean the roof of snow and ice?

Cleaning activities do not start from the ridge, and from the eaves.This will prevent the formation of a snowdrift, which will increase the load on the surface, as well as the difficult visibility.If you have missed the right moment to weather conditions, and on your roof came frost, it is better do not risk it though.You can damage the surface, so clean off the snow and go.Frost without snow thawed over time and it can be removed by a scraper.

much more difficult to work on the roof, with a large slope.In this case, you need to stock up on a rope for insurance.One end of the rope is tied and the other attached to the horse.In addition, you need to prepare a staircase with wide steps and fix it on the ridge fracture.In order to avoid incidents it is recommended to take in a partner assistance, capable not only to hedge, but also to replace you.

Cleaning the roof with a special tool

If you do not salute the work at height, use the special scraper, equipped with a long handle.On the ground, he pushed on the ramp and grabs the snow when it's back.

If you are faced with the need to remove snow from the roof, which has a complex structure, use the help of technicians - specialists with extensive experience.They have all the necessary tools and fall protection equipment, and they work quickly and efficiently.The cost of their services is low and will hit your wallet.Such equipment is, in any city, whether Kiev, Moscow, Kazan, Minsk or Barnaul.