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August 12, 2017 18:07

Top 10 manufacturers of washing machines in 2016

Today washing machine - an indispensable thing in every home!Before you choose the right model, you need to be sure to familiarize yourself with the best brands, the produced goods.If you want to make the product last a long time and did not have to spend money on repairs, offer to introduce the rating of the best manufacturers of washing machines in 2016 in the opinion of professionals and consumer reviews.

  • Indesit
  • Siemens
  • Zanussi
  • Electrolux
  • Bosch
  • AEG
  • Miele
  • LG
  • Hotpoint-Ariston
  • Gorenje


Opens our ranking of the best producers of the Italian brand Indesit.Washing machines of this company are relatively inexpensive price (economy class products cost up to 20 000 rubles) and compactness.The brand Indesit You can choose the best narrow "stiralki" front-loading (eg, depth WIUN model 105 only 33 cm).This option is ideal for owners of small bathroom or kitchen.As for features, the manufacturers follow the new trends and produce advanced quality products.Among the main parameters of the majority of washing machines of the brand can be identified pre-wash, delicate fabrics, super-rinse, temperature selection, electronic control and other standard parameters.



Good German manufacturer Siemens washing machines, which also fell into our rating, customers won popularity thanks to the important combination of price and quality of its models.Reliable "stiralki" imported assembly are small in size, easy operation and a great range of additional functions.There accelerating washing option and reloading of things (for those who often forget to download all the dirty things and already includes a program), child lock, the program will remove stains and direct injection.Siemens Arena


If you are looking for the best manufacturer of washing machines and dryers, stop your choice on the Italian company to Zanussi, which is present in our rating in 2016.We have cheap brand products with top-loading, which in this case stands for quality and reliability.Of the advantages can also be isolated quiet operation, the availability of special programs, such as super-rinse, delicate and pre-wash, quick wash.Washing Machine Zanussi easy to manage, and with proper maintenance will last you a very long time.Zanussi


In our ranking of the best washing machines 2015-2016, the manufacturer gets the Electrolux, due to its high energy efficiency, stylish design and high-quality models of the European assembly.Many products of this brand there are options such as storing favorite mode (My Favourite Plus), laundry bags, sports wear, stain removal program, economical laundry, delicates, super rinse, and many others.Electrolux manufacturer can claim to be one of the best in the ranking, it should be noted that the price of such models would be quite high.Electrolux


Bosch - it's excellent quality and reliability of any of the goods and, of course, the firm simply could not be in our ranking of the best manufacturers in 2016.All Bosch brand model, functional, modern and very high quality.If you decide to choose a washing machine Bosch, reliability and long product lifetime is guaranteed.We would like to stop their attention on the WKD 28540 model, as it is the best option of the washing machine and dryer.Loading capacity up to 6 kg and a large number of wash programs (including children's clothing) are also significant advantages of the product.Boche


For many consumers when choosing a washing machine in the laundry priority is quality and it is quite reasonable.According to experts it is best washes the dirty things from AEG products manufacturer, so this brand is automatically falls into our list of the best brands.The company produces premium models that also distinguished a mass of useful features and high functionality.For example, washing machine AEG L87695 WD has a volume of laundry load up to 9 kg (drying time of up to 7 kg), as well as such special programs as the prevention of crushing, steam, super rinse, express and economy wash, wash delicate fabrics and provisional.AEG


Miele - German manufacturer of luxury household appliances premium, which also takes pride of place in our ranking of the best companies.If financial results for you do not play absolutely no role, we are sure to choose a washing machine is this superb brand.One of the best models of WT 2780 WPM has a wide variety of functions (washing shoes, outerwear, children's toys, delicate fabrics, jeans, dark clothes, shirts, pillows, etc.) and be able to satisfy even the most capricious customer.Incidentally, the manufacturers claim that the term of their product life up to 30 years!Miele


Popular firm LG falls into our list of the best "stiralok" producers, due to the presence of high-quality models with high otstiryvaniya spots.Of the advantages of this technique brand can also highlight the presence of additional features and reliability.For example, a washing machine LG 1089ND has a washing program of children's clothes, blankets, wool, delicate things, bio-care, etc.).At the same time, it should be noted that the product has a loading capacity of up to 6 kg and a depth of 44 cm. LH


manufacturer offers a good middle-class washing machines and rightly takes its place in the Top 10 brands.Simple intelligent control, sleek design and have all the basic functions - it's all about Ariston products.In the line there are as compact "stiralki" worth up to 20 000 rubles (ARUSL 105), as well as more expensive items cost about 55 000, with the drying mode and a large amount of load of things (CAWD 129).Also, Hotpoint-Ariston products have quiet operation and high-quality assembly.Ariston


completes our ranking of the best washing machines Slovenian company Gorenje.The brand has become known around the world, thanks to the excellent quality and excellent reputation.The manufacturer produces a product of three classes - classic, exclusive and premium.Price and availability of additional functions will depend on what kind of class you decide to choose.In any case, all models comply with the provisions on these problems, and the company offers a wide range of beautiful and reliable products.Gorenje

more useful information can be also found on the video:

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We provide you list of the best manufacturers of washing machines in 2016.One can not say which company is the best, because it all depends on the individual selection criteria.In our time, the firm producing home appliances, providing a huge range of different models to suit all tastes, and we have to determine the price and additional features.

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