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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to remove the adhesive from the skin : remove the glue with your fingers without consequences

Clay got on hand.What to do?Soap

this adhesive will not take.And do not try to unstick it on slices manually or any other instruments (forceps, for example)!Clay will remain, but the skin can be easily damaged.There are many ways to remove adhesive from the skin, here are some of them.

Method 1: Get rid of the glue with acetone and washed with warm water.

Glue on the fingers may look scary Strait of glue

To get rid of the glue on the skin of the fingers, it should "eat into" atsetonosoderzhaschim solvent.The safest hand skin is nail polish remover.Just check that it was made on the basis of acetone.

  1. Apply cotton nail polish remover on the area of ​​skin where superglue hit.The more glue - that is abundantly wet the liquid portion of the skin.
  2. Wait a while until the acetone starts to dissolve the adhesive, thereby weakening the "grip" the skin.
  3. mechanically remove stubborn little drop of glue from the skin.For example, rub a thick cloth or gauze place adhesive contact.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.You can alternate soap and hand lotion - it will speed up the separation of adhering the adhesive.Note that the need to wash their hands for a long time, because the water in the adhesive penetrates microcracks slowly.

Some pieces of adhesive is difficult to withdraw from one times.Then it is necessary to repeat the first point.As well wash with warm water and soap and clothes.Better use with liquid soap.

Wash off with soap glue

Method 2.

tore superglue helps Dimeskida solution that can be easily, without prescription, over the counter.The order of action in this method is similar to that described above.Cotton or a cotton swab dipped in a solution carefully wipe the spot at which you got the glue, then rinse with warm, slightly soapy water.Although there is one difference from the previous method - re-solution should not be applied after the soap.

Dimexidum helps to dissolve the adhesive on the skin without damaging it

also be available (in the renovation and hardware stores) meets Anticlea.A special tool designed to kill even completely dried up glue.Its formula also helps prevent damage to the painted surfaces, as may be the case with acetone.To remove drops of superglue just needs to be applied in this manner means and leave for 15-20 minutes.Then with a soft cloth and the surface is cleaned.

If repairs instant adhesive got into your eyes or mouth, rinse immediately with lukewarm water for at least 15 minutes.And immediately apply visit the doctor.Glue the eyes can be very dangerous!