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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower with your hands : the tray , the wall assembly and installation

Shower with your hands
  • Shower stall: all the "pros" and "cons"
  • Select the installation location and the shape of
  • Determine the pallet
    • Ready shower tray
    • Inclined floor
  • Water connection andsewage
  • Electrical
  • Finishing materials for walls and floors
  • facilities
  • Creating a shower with your hands: the nuances and possible errors

Many of us dream of a shower, but not everyone can realize his dream into reality,after shower or gidroboks - fun is not cheap.Prices are more or less acceptable in quality models start from a few tens of thousands of rubles.Besides, not every bathroom there is a place to post more in addition to the bath and shower.

have this problem, there is one great solution - you can build your own shower. Even using expensive construction materials, you will spend less money than the finished shower from leading manufacturers, and the other does not make sense to buy, because the cheaper models are easily damaged.As a result, you get a shower, meeting all your requirements: in shape, size and equipment.You will be confident in the quality of its performance, and it will serve you for years to come.

Large shower with their own hands

Shower stall: all the "pros" and "cons»

If you allow the bathroom size, you do not have to choose between a bath and a shower, so you can enjoy the benefits of both plumbing fixtures.If square footage dictate their terms, then, in order not to be mistaken with the choice, we propose to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of showers.This will help you decide whether you are willing to exchange the usual bath a modern shower.

Modern shower cabin with his own hands

Supporters showers are usually the following arguments:

  • For people with active lifestyles, shower seems the best option.It allows you to perform hygiene procedures are literally on the run, without being distracted by, restrict movement, high boards and curtain that constantly strive to adhere to the wet body.
  • If the house is older people, they will be much more convenient to wash in the shower, especially if there is a bench set.View shower and get out of it will not be for them any difficulty.But to overcome the high ledges bath grandparents often need help.
  • Shower is usually a more or less closed space and therefore warms up more quickly than the whole bathroom.To warm up the cabin, you can just let the warm water for a few minutes, and then, already at a comfortable temperature, you can begin to hygienic and cosmetic procedures.
  • Shower takes up less space than a bath.On savings square meter you can install a bidet, a washing machine or cabinet.In addition, a beautiful shower, whether purchased or made with their own hands, can be a real highlight of your bathroom.
Shower cab tray
Shower and bathroom shelves

Opponents showers suggest following their shortcomings:

  • For many people, taking a bath - it's a real ritual, which is accompanied by fragrant foam, oil,candles, soft music, and even champagne.Not everyone is ready to give up the fun that helps fight stress and fatigue.
  • Young children love to splash in the water.Rubber toys, and special paints for the bath can keep them busy for a long time.In the shower is fun, unfortunately, not available.
  • The bath is convenient to wash large items that will not fit in the washing machine or clothes that requires a delicate hand washing.Of course, there are showers with deep tray, which partially solve this problem.
  • Installation finished enclosed cab does not require the preparatory work, but if you decide to shower with your hands, you have to properly take care of waterproofing.
Relax in the bath

Select the installation location and the shape of

In principle, the shower can be installed anywhere in the bathroom, but only if you started to plan finishing facilities at the final stage of construction, when the pipes have not yetconducted.In this case, you can carry out the wiring sewage at its discretion, based on the location of plumbing fixtures.If you just decided to replace the old tub to shower, then it should be set as close as possible to the sewer standpipe, ie, on-site pool.Of course, the pipes can extend yourself, but it is not always possible and, moreover, is not safe.

Angular shower cubicle

Regarding the form of the shower, it will depend entirely on your skill in the construction and repair.For beginners to masters is better to stay on a rectangular or square cabin.This cabin is easy to fit into a corner, so you will need less construction work and materials.More advanced repairmen can recommend a shower or even a rounded shape in the form of shells.

Semicircular shower

Determine the pallet

There are two variants of the base makeshift shower.

Ready shower tray

This is the simplest and most obvious solution. you do not spend a lot of time and effort to install it, and, besides, you do not have to bother with sex gidroizolitsiey.

one "but": quality shower tray will cost you much more expensive than homemade sex, and to buy cheap, low-quality option makes no sense.The most popular acrylic and porcelain shower trays.They look great and retain heat well, but it is quite fragile products.

more robust and durable - iron pans, but because of their weight, they gradually fell out of use.

best option - it's shower trays in Kwara or artificial marble. They combine beautiful appearance and thermal conductivity of acrylic and porcelain with the strength and durability of cast iron.But such a purchase will have to pay quite a large sum of money.

Inclined floor

It is more reliable, but also more time-consuming solution. It involves the creation of the shower floor is uneven with the angle through which water will go into the drain.Make a floor you can own, knocking a few centimeters from the floor walls of the shower in the direction of its center.Then slip floor tiles laid in compliance with the slope.It is important to add a special tile adhesive composition against the formation of mold and mildew.The joints of the walls be sealed for the bathroom.

Tilting floor in the shower
Ready shower tray

Connecting to the water supply and sewerage

important part of self-creation and installation of the shower - it's her connection to sewerage systems and water supply. In order to do it properly, be sure to consider the following points:

  • To connect the shower water pipes need to use special hoses.Choose hoses slightly longer than necessary.
  • pipe, which connects the drain to the sewage system, shall take place at a slight angle.In the future, it will prevent the drain from clogging education.
  • Drain pump is necessary if the shower is far from the sewer riser.
  • To shower is not waterlogged, install pumps with solenoid valves.
  • To the water does not accumulate in the tray, select the position of the siphon is that it is above the sink.
  • Sewer pipes should be below the level at which the drain siphon.
  • When connecting the shower to the water, always use seals and, if necessary, the silicone sealant.
Supply water and sewage systems

about how to establish a rule ladder to the floor, see the following video.


If you do not want to equip your shower extra features such as whirlpool, steam bath or a sauna effect, the electricity will require you only to arrange the lighting and mechanical ventilation (using a fan that worksfrom the mains).Close contact with water suggests enhanced security appliances.Wiring Electricity better to do on the outside of the shower.Do not forget to install a residual current device, which will protect the electrical network overload.If next to the shower outlet is provided, make sure that it has an appropriate degree of protection against moisture and dust.

Electrical connection

If possible, it is better to entrust the professional electrician electrical wiring to be sure of their own safety and the safety of all family members.

Finishing materials for walls and floors

best option for walls and floor shower - a tile.On the walls you can install and plastic panels, but this is only temporary and not very reliable solution.For walls, you can choose any ceramic tile - patterned or not, glossy or matte, flat or raised.It all depends on your preferences and the rest of the bathroom interior.It looks great in the finishing shower - tiled floors.

Facing shower tray

With a choice of tiles for the floor to be careful: on a smooth tile is easy to slip and fall, and tiles with embossed pattern too can cause corns on the feet and microtrauma.In order to protect themselves, lay on the floor shower special rubber mat.

Sex in the shower tiles


finished with the main components of a homemade shower, you can begin to address minor issues.First of all it is necessary to resolve the issue with extra shower walls.Someone can do without them, but in our opinion it is not very convenient, especially if the bathroom and toilet in the apartment. most budget option - is to close the shower curtain ordinary bath of waterproof material. However, in order to give the shower a truly beautiful and a finished look, we recommend installing the transparent sash.

Cloth curtains for shower cabins

Valves for shower cabins are usually made of glass, fiberglass or acrylic.Glass leaf - it is certainly nice, but very impractical, because to crack or even break even after they are low-energy impact.You can certainly buy tempered glass, but it is expensive.Same story with fiberglass - it is durable enough for our purposes.

Tinted glass for shower curtains

The best solution - a flap of polycarbonate. They can be any color, transparent or frosted, patterned or without.Cut sheets can be ordered alone or in specializing in this firm.Polycarbonate sheets can take any form, you can even use them to create a circular or spiral shower.With the help of special construction equipment polycarbonate sheets can bend and at home.

Curtains for shower made ​​of polycarbonate

Plumbing equipment: faucets, shower heads, and so on - is set to step shower connection to the water supply.There are several options for shower heads - with a hose, static, which is attached to the wall and ceiling.For convenience, we recommend to combine the two types of shower heads, for example, a conventional hose and the ceiling for the adoption of a tropical downpour procedure.

Tropical shower

Shower needed not only in order to keep the body clean, it can be used also to carry out procedures that support the health and beauty.In a large plumbing shop look in the department, which sells equipment for showers.There you will find a hydromassage panel, the devices that create the effect of a tropical shower or Charcot shower, steam generators, equipment for saunas and infrared warming.

Shower panel shower

Also do not forget about the accessories: rubber mats, handrails, benches, and other important details.

Shower Cabin with bench

Creating a shower with your hands: the nuances and possible errors

To summarize our discussion of self-assembly of the shower, give the following recommendations, which, if possible, you need to follow:

  • First we need to determine the size and shape of the future shower.Based on these data, decide whether you will buy or make a tray sloped floor.At this stage you must determine the size and number of flaps, for example, if the stall angle, that is only two;
  • Before you proceed directly to work, using a spirit level to determine if the wall is in a place where there will be a shower, a right angle.This is of importance only if the cabin is located in a corner of the bathroom, as well as often happens.
  • Do not forget the seal.In particular this applies to the inclined floor: observe the correct proportions of the concrete screed screed.Treat all joints with silicone sealant.

If you do it right, then shower, created by the hands, will be the subject of your pride and an object of admiration and envy of your guests.