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August 12, 2017 18:07

Decorative plaster in the hallway , bedroom and balcony - New Opportunities

Decorative plaster in the hallway, on the balcony, in the bathroom

to decorative wall coverings include not only the invoice or structural plaster, but is the subject of our conversation was the last one, so we will look at what kind of a miracle material.Decorative plaster is significantly different from the material for rough walls, though the common name often confuses the perception of non-professionals.A variety of additives - mineral grit (quartz, marble, mica, granite, limestone, slate, etc.) Or glass beads, which are included in the finished structure drywall - you can create as an illusion of using natural materials for decoration of the house that was inherent to our ancestorsand a fantastic future contours.

in technical rooms, where there is high humidity, is now widely used decorative plaster - in the hallway, bathroom, toilet, balcony - of course, with the implementation of all requirements of the process for non-residential premises.Special love modern repairers this coating walls for minimization of losses gained floor space after finishing.

compete Only decorative plaster and wallpaper, but not always possible in the past sticking toilet or bathroom.But the Venice thin layer of plaster in the kitchen, bring unexpected beauty of the room, where there is usually the least attention is paid to the aesthetic component, will provide the necessary protection in the bathroom or on the balcony.

Decorative plaster in the nursery or bedroom - the variety of design solutions

Interior decoration of living rooms using decorative plaster really wins.Its application allows to realize the most daring designer ideas.If the owners of the premises attracted spartan conditions, and they want to arrange a room in a simple, naturalistic style, the use of this material will allow to decorate the walls at least an imitation of rock art.

At the same time, decorative plaster in the nursery or bedroom can create a feeling of natural bulk, a pleasant tactile and visual perception, which, as it envelops the room, as if nature itself protects the small tenant.In addition, the use of this material allows you to create true masterpieces of design excellence - volumetric panels, flat painting in surrealist style or imitate the surface of the sea, sand, bark.

Finishing decorative plaster balcony connected to the bathroom

Among trim balconies with decorative plaster is able to radically change the perception of space.It has long become fashionable to clean balcony unit and extend the hall or bedroom due to space balconies, creating a workplace where, conservatory or orchestra.Decorative wall materials allow to transform the interior of the zone that completely removes the memory of the existence of non-residential premises here before.

Ingredients decorative coatings, which are offered today in the construction market, will create in your home shine the Palace of Versailles, and the variety of color palette used by callers to add uniqueness to any room.Finishing as a balcony or a loggia in the form of panels of plaster completely banish the memories of what used to be kept here, banks, sleds and other equipment.