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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make a chaise with his own hands

Chaise lounge on a garden site is an important attribute of the furniture, which is perfect for a comfortable and useful pastime, and also bring a special originality design of territory.Made of natural materials, the product can be supplied as a sunny area, or in the shade, but in any case it will fit harmoniously into the interior of the homestead.


  • Benefits garden deck chairs
  • Species holiday sunbeds
  • Standard chaise longue: A Guide for the production of
    • Tools for making
    • materials handling products
    • instructions for the manufacture of sunbeds
  • original cottagechaise longue: walkthrough
    • Tools and materials for processing
    • Instructions manufacturing

Benefits garden deck chairs

Wooden sun beds to give their own hands have a number of distinctive characteristics and advantages that make this piece of furniture purchasedpopularity.Among the main advantages of using it is possible to allocate such:

  • design features deck chairs, the structure of its backrest, armrests and seats allow a person to be in a comfortable reclining or half upright state, which promotes greater relaxation;
  • possible to use for sunbathing;
  • material due to the ease and simplicity of design, chaise quite portable and can be moved from place to place;
  • folding beach chair with his hands can be used as a bench for a rest;
  • is compact when folded, that makes it easier to store it;
  • wooden chairs are famous for durability and endurance in operation;
  • has high aesthetic appeal.


Species holiday sunbeds

Depending on the design features, the chair-chaise conventionally divided into several types:

  • Monolithic products - this chair, in which all the components in the manufacture of interconnected andimpossible to make out.Such chairs are good indicators of strength, endurance and can withstand heavy loads.However, the operation of such a piece of furniture there may be some inconvenience.For example, in this article it is impossible to change the angle of the backrest, it can not be folded, thereby, moving from place to place will be problematic.
  • Solid chair with inserts .This kind of deck chairs with their hands from a tree is different decorative appeal.The presence of additional pieces made of different materials, will reduce the strength parameters and reliability, but this would make the chair more aesthetically pleasing and neat.
  • Portable chaise .The design of the product provides for a mechanism by which you can change the position and the overall configuration of the chair quickly and beskhlopotno.You can change the slope of the footrest, headrest and backrest.In addition, a folding beach chair can be transformed into a compact load and take with you when leaving the city.
  • chair with metal base .This chaise lounge with your hands on the photo to make a bit more complicated and often take on a ready-made product.It is characterized by having an aluminum or steel frame on which is mounted a tissue web.The advantage of the chair is its light weight, compactness, and mobility to dirt resistance.


chaise Standard: Guide for the production of

Put on his summer cottage and the multi-function decorative furniture simply.To make the chaise with his own hands, drawings are not needed.We need to make a little bit of diligence and physical labor, and as a result get a robust design for leisure.

Tools for making

  • Saw;
  • screws;
  • wood putty;
  • roulette;
  • sandpaper;
  • marker;
  • paint the desired color;
  • drill;
  • square.

materials handling products

  • wooden boards 400h2,5 × 8 cm - 4 pcs .;
  • wooden blocks 400h5h10 cm - 3 pcs .;
  • studs for fixing - 2 pcs.

instructions for the manufacture of sunbeds

1. The primary task - to build a reliable framework.This will require to make 4 pieces of timber 2 at 215 cm longitudinal and 2 cross 50 cm long.


2. Getting to manufacture seats.To do this, take a board and cut it evenly on the bars 60 cm long.For the design will need 13 of these fragments.

3. We fix screws through these segments to the frame deck chairs so that the distance between them was 1 cm.

4. Make legs for future construction.In order to give more stability to the seating area to do double support a length of 35 cm. They are made of the bar.At the side of the head is enough to attach the single leg, with the same length.


5. to construct the back of the product.For the manufacture of the frame 2 are preparing the details for 88 cm, 3 parts to 39 cm long.These dimensions must be observed to ensure that the frame could enter into the main structure.At the same time all parties should remain small gaps.


6. The length of the article to fix the direction of the board on the back frame.To appearance was more aesthetic, the upper edge of the plates should be rounded.


7. Fix the back of the deck chairs on the basis that it could easily change the raised and lowered positions.To do this, make a hole at a distance of 9 cm from the edge of the seat.The slots must be through and pass freely through both designs.

8. On two sides of the product through design fix studs.


9. Do the two slots at the base of sunbeds, which will include support bars.This will keep the product back in different positions.One notch 5x10 cm should be done at a distance of 9 cm from the pin.The second groove is done by 20 cm from the first, but with the size of the slots -. 5x5cm

10. The first groove should be put horizontally supporting bar length of 60 cm This will build on the back of his half-sitting position and support..


11. To change the angle and make a reclined position, you must first remove the timber and put in the second slot board, only vertically.


12. Production of deck chairs with their hands almost completed.It remains to make a final finish by sanding the construction and opening of the paint.


Guide for the production of garden deck chair with his hands on the video can be seen here:

original cottage deckchair: Walkthrough

The unconventional chaise for a garden plot - not just a beautiful piece of furniture, but also the appropriate method of disposal timber.Its advantage lies in the fact that it is environmentally friendly, in harmony with the dacha exterior and does not require additional decorative treatment.And for the comfort of the body position, can be paved with a warm blanket or pillow.


Tools and materials for processing

  1. round logs with a diameter of 75-120 mm.
  2. Chainsaw 18 V.
  3. cordless drill.
  4. Impact gaykovert18 V.
  5. screws.
  6. Deck screws and staples.
  7. drill.

Important! Such timber sizes are considered optimal, since they are easy to drill and sunbed will be lightweight.


Instructions manufacturing

  1. initially necessary to prepare fragments of logs, each 45 cm long.
  2. then you should create a layout for the future of sunbeds.To do this, use the insulation tape, which can be deposited on the floor of the contour.


3. Do the drill holes in the sliced ​​logs.These slots allow the use of further short screws.


4. Alternately fasten together all the pieces of wood.You can use the socket wrench and a cordless drill.In each log should be screwed with 4 screws.


5. Turn the design and conduct the first test: sit, lie down on it to see where it is swinging.In these places, you can add another fragment for sustainability.


6. At the rear of the deck chairs deck lock screws and steel brackets to design was more rigid and durable.


Done!Construction work has been completed.Despite some difficulties and troublesome process, as a result you get the original chaise longue, which will be a useful and beautiful attribute of suburban area.

Examples of unconventional ideas for the production of beach chairs can be seen in the video: