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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pool cottages : what to choose?

In the summer heat while relaxing on a summer cottage, a dip in the cool clean clear water - a real pleasure.However, not always in close proximity there is a river or pond, and dive and swim on hot days like!In this case, you need to attend to the question of how to build a swimming pool for questioning: what to choose?After all, the modern market offers a great variety of different types of hydraulic structure.Just choose!Each option has its pros and cons, so you need to explore all available today offer to buy exactly what you need to you personally.

Swimming pool in the country - the opportunity to enjoy the fresh and cool in any heat

pool at his dacha - a chance to enjoy fresh and cool in any heat

Simplicity and accessibility of inflatable pool

Since basically our country sites have standard dimensions - 6 acres, for them the perfect fit compact, easyestablished body of water, which then is just as easy to remove as well in case of need and to take away for storage in a warm room.All of these advantages has an inflatable pool, which is enough reasonable price.However, expect it of impeccable quality and long service life can not: although its production is a multilayered polyvinyl chloride, damage it does not take much to a dog or a child.The area should prepare in advance a smooth area without any sharp objects.To prevent damage it is necessary to lay a special mat or thick strong film.


  • affordable price.
  • Compactness in a stacked form.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Easy to install and move around the site.


  • small size.
  • need for periodic pumping air.
  • fragility.
  • appearance of leaks.
  • softness and fragility of the flanges (due to the lack of a solid frame).
  • Only ground installation (without penetration).
  • lack possibilities for water purification, which leads to the necessity of its frequent replacement.
  • Inability to install if pets, even cats.
Inflatable pool for the whole family

Inflatable pool for the whole family

speed and ease of construction of the frame pool

Any inflatable pool certainly blown away and removed at the end of the season.In contrast, the pool can be brick, and collapsible, and stationary.To do this, it must contain a cold-resistant materials, which is necessary in advance to make sure the seller.It is possible to put both independently and with the assistance of experts, defining the ground or buried in the soil.Frame pool is a frame made of plastic or metal, which is attached inside the dense PVC liner, which is then filled with water.It is advisable to choose a swimming pool, which is produced in Europe, and not the Chinese version, which is cheaper, but is likely to be unreliable.Chinese manufacturers make ponds entirely of plastic, while expensive, but high-quality European models have a steel plate at its base.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Possibility of disassembly at the end of the season.
  • Good life of 7 to 10 years.
  • reliability and stability.


  • Due Thumbs pool volume (sometimes up to several cubic meters) and pour pour water will need a very long time, especially at low pressure in the water.
  • required the construction of an awning or canopy, and even the pavilion so that the water is not polluted.
  • When wintering inner liner quickly fails.
  • decent enough price of accessories, which often must be purchased separately, as they are not included.
Frame pool garden

frame pools to give

Durability and ease of swimming pools made of composite materials

If you have the ability and desire to make a cottage pool for swimming, which will operate all year round, it is necessary to pay attention to the quite popular inEurope cup for pools made of composite materials.Bowls of sturdy fiberglass with the walls of 1 cm have smooth contours.They have no seams, since these products are cast at the factory.This cup does not require finishing, you need to prepare a good platform to install the cup, which is usually for one week carried hired experts.Above the pool would be nice to build a pavilion with a roof to take advantage of year-round swimming.


  • ease and strength of the bowl.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • decent appearance.
  • long service life.
  • A significant degree of reliability.
  • Resistance to chemicals.
  • Possibility of year-round use.


  • standard form.
  • decent price.
  • Ability to deliver only on heavy trucks.
  • Necessity mechanized installation of the bowl.
  • Prolonged site preparation using specialists.
  • desirability of building the pavilion.
Frame pool garden

frame pools to give

quality and durability of the pool of concrete

If you are predisposed to at his dacha still build on a century or decade and possess the necessary financial capacity, then you need to think aboutconstruction of stationary pools of concrete.The price of such structures above the expensive composite basin, because of the hydraulic structure concrete needs finishing, which will allow to give it an exclusive and presentable appearance.To do this, apply tile or mosaic.


  • You can make any shape and finish.
  • Possibility to arrange depth changes.
  • presence, if necessary, massage and jumping areas.
  • Extraordinary durability and reliability.
  • Possibility of swimming at any time of the year.


  • very high cost.
  • great complexity arrangement.
  • The need enough space for the construction of a separate pavilion.
  • necessity of preliminary design and additional manpower for the construction and installation works.
  • Long construction time.
Reinforced pool

Reinforced pool

maintenance and care of the pool

Every pool, even the most basic and inexpensive, requires systematic care.Outdoor pond covered with mud even faster than closed, therefore it is necessary to water it very often cleaned with special nets, periodically removing feathers, leaves and twigs from the surface.For these purposes is used and more expensive water vacuum cleaner, which is convenient to clean the bottom of the reservoir.

necessary to immediately buy filter system with pump.It requires a filter with a certain capacity to all pools.It can be calculated by dividing the volume of your pond by four.Usually the filters need Basin, passed through a 4 to 12 m3 of water per hour.

can not do without water treatment chemicals, as this gives the pond crystal clarity.To disinfect water using chlorine, bromine, and sometimes even an active liquid oxygen.In addition, you can use UV and ozonation.Chemical preservatives help to cope with excessive turbidity, regulate the level of rigidity, destroy all kinds of algae and bacteria.

Thus, you can choose any of the examined species pool.It all depends on your preferences, financial capacity and frequency of use.It should be understood that expensive fixed structures and require expensive care, without which any pool will turn into mud and algae-covered pond.