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August 12, 2017 18:05

Gypsum plaster Rotband (Rotband) - characteristic features of the application and selection

During repair or construction used plasters prepared on a different basis - lime, sand + cement, clay, gypsum.Products under the "Rotband" mark belongs to the latter.What makes it attractive if such demand?

Features plaster Rotband

rotband_ With gypsum compositions can be a perfectly smooth surface, which is valued-masters finishers.But these plasters have a serious drawback - they quickly "seize" and this greatly complicates the process.Firstly, it is necessary dilute the mixture only in small quantities, and this increases the working time.Secondly, something to change, fix your own mistake did not happen.Therefore, in everyday life, often at the expense of quality, preference is given to other formulations - with them much easier.

«Rotband" Producer is taken into account and put into a mixture of special components that are somewhat slow curing process applied on the basis of weight.Also present in the composition and adhesives, which increases the reliability of "sticking" to the surface of the solution.Work has become much more convenient.

dry blend color is different, for example, pinkish, not only white.This should not be misleading.The fact that almost all the compositions under this brand, which can be found on sale, made in Russia.The main producers - Moscow, Astrakhan region, Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk and "northern capital".And each brings their own, do not adversely affect the basic characteristics of the components, which affect the shade.

Note!Last but not least it is this due to the appearance on the market outright fakes.When buying Rotband not to "bump", is acquainted with the certificate of conformity.

presence of plasticizers in a mixture ensures that after drying of the layer starts to cover the gaps, which is typical for cement and sand composition.



  • consumption (recommended, kg / m²) - 8.5.But, if a layer of 1 cm.

This requires an explanation.In practice there are a variety of surface defects, so maintain it in any situation 10mm is useless.The minimum layer thickness - 0.5 cm, but depends on the maximum "orientation" framework.For vertical (wall) - 5 cm, horizontal (ceiling) - no more than 1.5 cm

granule size (mm.) - Not more than 1.2.

Note!If the mixture contains particles of sand - it is a fake, and not "Rotband".


  • Final hardening (days) - to 7.
  • Maturation diluted mixture (Min) - 10.
  • working condition (suitability for use, min) - up to 25.
  • Drying layer of 1 cm (min) - up to 60.

It is also worth comment.Much depends on the application.First of all, the room temperature and humidity.Plus - the presence of drafts, the correct preparation of the solution (consistency) and so on.Therefore, the time indicators can be considered as indicative.

  • Operating temperature range (° C) - +5 to +35.
  • frozen mass density (kg / m³) - 950.
  • Shelf Life (Months) - no more than 6.


As a rule, "Rotband" sold in packaging (paper bags) for 5 or 10 kg (though there are more voluminous - 25 and 30).

average price - 12 rubles / kg.That is, for a 30-kg bag will have to pay 360 rubles.It will be enough for about 3.4 m².

specific application

nanesenie_rotband_ Given that "Rotband" worth more than many peers, it is advisable to apply a plaster last "finishing" layer on another - cement-sand.Since it is a "rough", the plaster will provide an absolutely smooth surface.For example, for painting.

In some cases, "Rotband" can be used for leveling of surfaces decorated and mounted (eg partitions) of plasterboard or gypsum fiber board, if the master "inept hands" working with sheets.For large joints irregularities, significant differences of plaster is unlikely to help.


  • Plaster "Rotband" - for indoor does not apply to the exterior!
  • Only for manual application!

Useful tips

Translated into Russian "Rotband» (Rotband) - «red tape» .It would seem that any difference to us, as a manufacturer, "called the" your product?What's the point in it.The fact that, under the brand name "Knauf» (Knauf) produced several varieties of plaster mixtures.Each package, depending on the content, color bar is applied.If it is red, it indicates that the bag is dry plaster mixture - "Rotband" (for those who can not read or has poor eyesight).


consumption on the package may be for us only a guide - minimum.Manufacturers determine the numerical value of the parameter is calculated on the upscale professional plasterer.If the work is done "mere mortals", the applied layer so thin, it is implied, will never succeed. Practice has shown, as determined purchase amount, it is necessary to increase the composition of the recommended flow rate of not less than 15%.

must also specify the release date and mix.As with any such composition, "Rotband" is characterized by a period of fitness.

Note!You should check the date of manufacture indicated on the package, and not only on one bag, but on several.So it is possible to determine whether the offer is not fake seller.

What is the meaning?In the production of the stamp "fills" the machine, and time changes constantly above it.And if it is on all packages is the same, there is no doubt - the warehouse of finished products went to "Uncle Bob" and stamped "left and right" indiscriminately.

on bags licensed manufacturers certainly put proprietary hologram.And it is necessary to pay attention to.