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August 12, 2017 18:06

Make a sandbox for the children with their own hands - full instructions

00072675 main entertainment for children in the country house is a sandpit, which is usually located in the children's corner.Therefore, when planning landscape design always include the installation of a playground in the center of which is a sandbox.This is where children spend most of their time, receiving from this unspeakable pleasure.If your cottage is not a sandbox, do not worry: you can make your own hands.

So, what is the sandbox?This is a common tank filled with sand and equipped with different attributes that contribute to a comfortable rest.The magnitude enhancement depends on the amount of children that will use it.Sandbox usually have the following parameters:. the part of 2-3 m, depth of 30-40 cm

place sandbox

Before you begin to build a sandbox, you need to choose the most appropriate place for this in view of the convenience of its maintenance and optimal use.First note the zone of visibility.It is important that children playing in the sandbox, were under visual supervision.Set design is not worth close to stationary structures, otherwise it may fall from the roof of rainfall.

During the game, children should not be exposed to direct sunlight, so the appropriate acts embodiment of arrangement under a large tree or other protective coating.You can set it next to the children's swings and other buildings in the playground.That in the sandbox do not fall leaves, use a lid.

Site Preparation

Despite the fact that the sandbox is easy enough to build, it must be preceded by the preparation procedures.Mark the area to the desired location and follow the plan, that is, remove the top layer of soil (5-10 cm).

how - do - sandbox

Sandbox wood

most common sandbox is made of wood, as the structure of this material have a high environmental performance, practicality and aesthetics, as well as they can be placed on any uchastke.Chtoby build a wooden structure, you must do the following.

First you need to make the frame of the sandbox.To do this, knock or assemble screws to construct the correct form.To implement the corner joints, install additional vertical uprights (bar 50 × 50), through which are fastened adjacent elements.The height of these bars is taken for 300-400 mm greater than the height of the sides of this design pesochnitsy.Posle need to turn the struts down and make markings on the ground areas on which make grooves.Then

corner posts are placed in a prepared recess and get a secure fit for a rock tamped earth sostav.Teper capacity resulting from all of the above work, is filled first drainage gravel (layer 50-100 mm), and then clean sand.A thin layer of small gravel needed for more rapid removal of moisture.

To increase the mechanical rigidity at all four corners of the installing horizontal bridges of boards which are disposed by fixing adjacent boards.Lintel apart fortification functions may be benches.In this case, trim the protruding faces nozhovkoy.Esli that there is a need, you can make and the protective cover, through which the sand is clean and homogeneous.

lid may be removable or hinged shield design.Also, in some cases, the center of the sandbox and set protective fungus.Then the children will always be protected from the weather and bright sunshine.


Other recommendations

To sandpit never ceased to delight your kids, follow these guidelines:

  1. use in the construction of boards Planed boards that prevent personal injury;
  2. in the manufacture of structures for protection against external factors, must be covered with varnish or paint materials;
  3. bundle the materials with nails and screws;
  4. sandpit must comply with the general interior of the landscape;
  5. to facilitate the installation work, use a jigsaw and a screwdriver.

Thus, your kids will not be bored and will always find interesting to do.