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August 12, 2017 18:06

Vintage style in the interior

vintage style in the interior appeared thanks to French winemakers, who are so called wine, which has many years of exposure.Later, the word came to be called the interior design, style, music, clothing, and other areas of culture and fashion.

aged - the main feature of vintage style as all that relates to it, has a retro category.Modern industry has such a direction that create special made old clothes and home furnishings, as well as various trinkets.For example, very well in recent years, growing market artificially aged garments.

The room , made ​​in the style of Vintage is always filled with antiques

room, made in the style of Vintage is always filled with antiques

room, made in the style of Vintage is always filled with antiques.These may include: a cracked wooden surface tables, statues of old already green with copper mirror in a shabby frame.There may be a variety of relevant curtains, decor layers of colored paint, pale soft colors.Business Card style - it is the predominance of blue-gray, beige, gray-green, pink and other similar shades.Sometimes, in the interior in the vintage style floral patterns can be detected.They, too, are aged, dim, and sometimes cracked.

basic rules for creating a vintage interior

There are two basic rules for creating a vintage interior in his own house:

  • Perform a fresh repair under special, unique to vintage style, principles.
  • buy and fill the room furniture and belongings, which were originally made in vintage style.

see how the repair is made in vintage style.This style has specific requirements for ceilings, floors, walls and other parts of the premises:

  • As for the ceiling, it is necessary to paint.Inappropriate here are hinged design, dot LEDs and ceilings.All smooth surfaces it is desirable to decorate with stucco, which gives a certain charm of the room.Cracks appearing in the paint - that's a great success.This means that everything we do - correctly.At the same time it should be noted that the crack must be of small size, since they are only stylization.
  • for sex only fit parquet and tiles, other materials would be inappropriate.The truth is quite possible to use the flooring old planks, parquet but will still be aesthetic.It is worth remembering that the parquet boards should be greatly frayed, so their age on the form must be at least 30 years.In the kitchen interior, ideal for tiles, the same can be said about the bathroom and other rooms with high humidity.The tile is quite possible to wear out.Vintage kitchen necessarily involves the tile.
  • main way for walls in vintage room, it wallpapering.Not prohibited to choose for decoration and light colors, but only when sufficient room is present vintage furniture.
  • choosing a wallpaper, it is necessary to take care of that on their surface present a contrasting picture.Perfectly suited for the main color pink.The feature of any interior in the vintage style - is the presence of floral and plant motifs, for this reason, you need to choose the appropriate type of wallpaper.It is noteworthy that this suit oriental patterns.They may be Japanese and Chinese.The best choice is to have a variety of butterflies, shrubs, and flowers.Damage pattern should be large, which creates the necessary atmosphere.
Only parquet and tiles are suitable for floor , other materials would be inappropriate

for sex only fit parquet and tiles, other materials would be inappropriate

features vintage furniture

special rights in the selection of furniture for the decoration of the room in vintage style does not exist.However, it is worth remembering that all of it must be old.Typically, in the interior of the place must have furniture 19th and 20th centuries, although the older stuff, too, would be appropriate.The rooms are placed centenary wardrobes, chests of drawers, as well as patinated things.For example, now commercially available specially artificially aged new tables.

decorated bedroom in vintage style

This room is made in a special way.The center is equipped with a bedroom bed, which should not be easy.The bed in vintage style - it is a huge massive wrought-iron or wooden piece of furniture.Bedroom interior is made different parts and accessories antique.Not bad to be look old table, equipped with a large number of boxes.Of course, it must also be worn.The mirror in the frame of the old well will fill the atmosphere of a sense of antiquity.

Bedroom in the vintage style

Bedroom in vintage style

mirror frame decorated with various floral and plant motifs.Better if it will be intricate patterns.Today you can even buy a frame that is worn gilding.Throughout the bedroom creates a special, appropriate décor style.On the vintage bedding various pads, on a table or desk to find their place crocheted napkins.You can remember what you saw as a child in the house of his grandmother.If you pay a visit to her house, you can find there a variety of napkins, which she embroidered by hand.Nowadays things are a fashionable trend, which is called the hand made.They can still be found in some places.

Useful tips when creating an interior in the vintage style

vintage style not only allows you to create an original design in an interesting room.It also allows you to save much on design.After all, for the decoration of the room in this style does not need to spend big money.Although if you buy a real antique furniture, such repair will cost too expensive.In order to create an interesting and original interior, you need to consider a number of small but important principles:

Do not be afraid to experiment with color.This concerns not only the decoration, but also wood.Indeed, even a piece of furniture may be made of different kinds of wood, having a different color.The combination of a variety of tissues - an essential feature vintage décor.However, all of the items and the colors should harmonize with each other.

When creating an interior in the vintage style you should always listen to your intuition.The acquisition of unnecessary things - a waste of time and money.In order to give the necessary harmony of the room you need to decide that it is not enough.When choosing things should not rely solely on a sober mind, as the design - it's still a creative work.

When you create a vintage interior do not need to hurry, because such a design should be formed gradually as they gain the necessary things.In contrast to the high-tech style, or country in which the interior design is made after a visit to the shop, the interior in the vintage style can be created for a long time.After all, when searching for things, you can visit the store, market, and even old friends.After some time, the situation in the room becomes a complete and fully harmonious.Create all in one day is impossible.Since Vintage involves a lot of different veshchichek, cherished, they will have to look very long.

Some call vintage style that gives a second life to things .Served their old useless things take on new meaning .

Some call vintage style that gives a second life to things.Served their old useless things take on new meaning.

Some call vintage style that gives a second life to things.Served their old useless things take on new meaning.To do this, you need only to decide whether or not this thing is appropriate in a particular place.If you believe that you purchased item does not fit in one room, then try to move it to another, where it is likely to be more appropriate.

What materials and interior parts used vintage style

If we talk about the materials intended for interior decoration in vintage style, is particularly noteworthy, such as wood, wrought copper and ceramics.Remember that they must all be aged, and raid patina - it's a real treasure for the vintage stuff.

completeness of the interior, which is decorated in such a way, give some details.An example of this are the dried flowers that are specially decorated with vintage rooms.Various seasonal flowers, too, would be appropriate here.At the same vases and bouquets decorate in a special way.Excellent reception - a game in contrast, when placed in a vase large and small flowers.To stand in it, they should in disarray and bushes is better let it be casually disheveled.Flower vases to do with metal or crystal.

Barely readable inscriptions on objects - another unique feature of the vintage style, which is an indicator of old.Such items can be find in the special antique shops and a flea market.

Modern furniture , made in vintage style

modern furniture, made in a vintage style

So, if you love all the old, reminiscent of your childhood with his grandmother, then you can place in your house or apartment room in vintage style.Make it easy, you only need a certain patience and time to find the necessary antique.