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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose an electric oven - functions , parameters and advice

Currently, there are quite a few models of electric ovens offered by manufacturers of household appliances.To understand all the range and select the oven correctly, you should know what the "ovens" models are available and what are their differences.

When choosing an electric oven should find such moments:

  1. independent cabinet or recessed;
  2. kind of control cabinet;
  3. set of existing core functions;
  4. carrying out cleaning;
  5. which provided protection system;
  6. presence and a list of additional features.

General settings

All ovens have a useful volume in the range of 40 - 70 liters.The maximum heating temperature reaches 300 degrees.Dimensions of medium size cabinet (this is the most viable option for a city apartment) are 65 × 65h60 cm and this size is a kind of standard.Each cabinet has its own energy class.These classes are designated by letters (indicated on the label) from A to D. Less consume electricity other cases with the letter "A".


independent or dependent wardrobe

dependent cabinet is working with hob and placed under it.The controls are at the oven.Independent cabinets work independently - this allows them to be installed anywhere, regardless of where the installation of the hob.Therefore, these models are more attractive.If the cabinet is assumed to be installed in a certain place, it is possible to pick up and its corresponding size.For example, a height of 45 cm, or 45 cm width, 90 cm. There are special pattern, called embedded.


Mechanical control
Implemented by a certain set of handles, which have the scale and rotate around its axis.This is the simplest form of control.
Touch Control
Allows you to manage the work of the cabinet with a simple touch.
Combined management
combines elements of both the first and second type.The electronic part usually consists of a timer.


functions or cabinets have a certain set of the most basic functions (2 - 4), and are multifunctional.In the past a number of different functions is quite large.Before choosing a cabinet, you need to see, and whether they will be used by the hostess at work in the kitchen?

probably does not make sense to buy a model with these "twists", which in practice will not need and pay for it money.Everything has to be determined by expediency.Some models in its memory may "hold" up to 70 different cooking programs, each of which can be reconstructed by any dish.But in everyday life it is very necessary?There are cabinets with a system of uniform distribution of hot air around the cabinet volume.This makes it unnecessary to use skewers.

Perhaps choose the oven is from a huge assortment of the largest stores in Russia - and the reviews there, and next day delivery, and reasonable prices.

Embedded oven

enclosure cleaning systems

They are four: easy cleaning, catalyst, pyrolysis and hydrolysis.Built with "easy cleaning" are most common.The inner surface of their smooth, so it is easy to maintain in good condition.

catalytic coating is mainly used for the rear and side walls.Special enamel provides the breakdown of fat under the influence of temperature.

most expensive system is pyrolytic.At a temperature of 500 degrees in all the "dirt" cleaning mode literally burned in the oven, and you just have to remove the ash.

hydrolysis cleaning mode provides the cabinet clean using water vapor and a small amount of detergent.Water and agent are loaded into the tray and run the program.Upon graduation need only wipe the wet surface of the cabinet.

This is the most necessary functions, which are essential for any hostess and will help to make the right choice.With the rest can also be found in the data sheet.