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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to knit a reinforcement for the foundation - Proven Ways

When pouring the foundation slab and tape one of the most critical phases - binding reinforcement.It is necessary to take into account many things - the choice of the appropriate diameter wire to the nuances of using the tool.However, this work is quite capable even unprofessional builders.Benefits tying two ways to connect the valve rods distributed in individual construction with each other: binding and Welding.And, at first there are a number of advantages:

  • design remains flexible - with the chance of damaging micro fluctuations of the foundation caused by temperature changes or shifts the ground is minimal, in contrast to the rigid welded frame.
  • welding rod in place becomes more brittle, it may corrode over time.It is a further connection points having cracks or fractures.
  • not need an expensive welder or involvement of professional welders.
  • Welding is much more expensive, because the costs are necessary not only in the welding equipment and skilled technicians, but also electricity.


choice of materials and tools

  • Depending on the project at home, its weight, the depth of the foundation of occurrence, its width, and the type of soil is needed for reinforcement steel bar (or modern composite) with a diameter of 8-10 mm.
  • For its compounds need steel binding wire.Its diameter of 0.8-1.2 mm (GOST 3282-74), he is chosen depending on the diameter of the reinforcing rod.Calculate the required number of quite simple - one unit should be 25-30 cm wire.When buying it, believe me, as it is flexible and elastic.
  • preferred knit wire with a special hook.Note that the handle has a rubberized and convenient to lay in his hand.In the absence of the hook, you can use pliers.
  • Strong rubber gloves will allow better control of grip and avoid scratches.


When mating process valves for the foundation slab in one node only intersect 2 rod, bars and all lie in the same plane.On the prepared substrate parallel to each other are stacked bars with a distance of 25-30 cm. The top, perpendicular to them, fit the second row with the same pitch.Places reinforcement intersection fixed wire connection.

In the case of strip foundation design will be a three-dimensional - the bars are arranged not only horizontally but also vertically.Horizontal levels which connect the vertical segments may be 3.2 or more.In this case, the distance between the rods in the horizontal level should not exceed 20 cm.


  1. binding wire is cut into pieces 25-30 cm long. The best pre-workout on several segments to determine the most convenient length.
  2. All pieces are folded in half, place the fold does not clamped.Working with such preforms faster and more convenient.
  3. wire rod located at the intersection of the bottom reinforcing rods, diagonally thereto.It gets more time so that the wire is wrapped around the connection location, and the free ends of the loop and were at the top and close to each other.
  4. The "ear" bottom-up hook is introduced.Then they grab the loose ends and the rotating movement of clockwise twisted together both sides of the workpiece.
  5. billet rolled to 2-4 turns.If you overdo it, the wire may break.

If you want to increase the length of the rod, the length of his two joined overlapping.. Intersection must be at least 25 cm, this portion is fixed in 3 places similar units - at the ends and in the middle.

After fixing all the nodes of visiting again, convinced of the strength of the structure.Now you can start pouring concrete.

New technologies to help builders

professional tool manufacturers produce special guns for mating fittings.This device is able to replace the work of several workers, and made it a compound of different quality.The main disadvantage - the high price, the basic models cost from 35 thousand rubles..


If extra money in the budget no construction, and rent this tool nowhere, then come to the aid of an ordinary screwdriver.The screwdriver bits are inserted into the cartridge instead of bent long thick nail or a small piece of a thinner armature unit is put into small turnovers.A part that replaces the hook is introduced in the manner described above, and the contraction is due to the torque screwdriver.The use of mechanized tools is particularly warranted when using the smooth fittings, which are much harder to connect manually.


When laying the valve and its binding should be remembered that by this stage depends on the strength and foundation of all knowledge for many years.Rebuild and repair work after the pouring of concrete will be impossible.