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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a case - compartment with their hands , the design and materials

closet - his - hands - 1 If there is insufficient storage space (if they have accumulated a lot) or just a thought arises in a small common area of ​​the apartment (if not very lucky with her) how would the existing housing still comfortable place and clothing, andshoes, and something else.And so that is not really all that caught the eye.And here comes the thought of the closet - coupe.You can certainly buy order, but you can do it yourself.If there is a hand, and the desire, it is not so difficult.

Determine the design wardrobe

place where the cabinet will stand as it is more convenient to place, and, of course, what will it be?That is, how many shelves, doors and drawers.The best way to see the finished design or with friends, in a store or catalog cabinets - coupe, for example, in a store, on the Internet.By the way, sellers and businesslike idea just settle.Then there will be a complete picture of what we want to get a result.And measurements, of course - vymeryat need all the space at the installation site and carefully record everything.

closet - his - hands - 3

Making cabinet drawing

Any serious construction going on to drawings.You can do this with a pencil and a ruler, but you can on your PC, if you have the correct software and skills to work with her.Firstly, the drawing helps clarify how best to construct the cabinet.Better visually see the whole "picture."Secondly, having a "layout" and the dimensions, it is easier to determine the necessary materials and their quantity.

harvested parts

closet - his - hands - 2
material (chipboard, furniture) is better to buy imports.Slightly more expensive but higher quality.Cutting sheets can be himself, and can negotiate through a friend (on the machine), or cut it in the store.If chipboard sheets cut yourself, then you need to make sure that there was chipping and errors in the markup.It is best to use a hacksaw, as her small teeth straighter cut.On the edge of the wood parts pasted special edge (must also be purchased).This is done in iron, and then the gaps are removed in the usual knife.

With doors separate question - the best of their produce to order.Then the "experts" just pick them and required the rails.Otherwise, then there can be problems with the movement of the door.

Putting closet - coupe

assembly do or corners, or use "evrovinty".First collect the frame.Then - back wall.Make it better, his cabinet to the floor, so it will be more convenient.But with the fastening of all the "guts" you need to decide when the frame is ready and we have raised from the floor.Any drawers, shelves are fixed or "tight" or made removable.

When previewing some of the finished cabinet need to pay special attention to fixing it "entrails".Then build your cabinet will not seem complicated.Also I recommend to see a step by step video instructions for the assembly wardrobe: