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August 12, 2017 18:05

Installation of suspended ceilings with their hands - detailed instructions with photos

installation When you register any room of its ceiling decoration is one of the most difficult tasks.The main reason - the presence (which is not a rare phenomenon in our homes), large gaps at the joints of floor slab.In addition, they may also have the level difference, which further complicates the task.

Modern technology and the materials used make it easy to hide from visual overview of such defects.One type mounted for this ceiling are suspended construction, which include rack.


  1. no need pre-treatment.When you consider how long it takes the alignment process, the "plus" quite significant.The only thing that it is advisable to do - produce processing spetssostavami plates, preventing the emergence of putrefaction.
  2. simplicity and high speed of installation.
  3. Wide range of products.The panels have different size, shape and color tones, so the choice is big enough.In addition, there are commercially available, and a variety of decorative "insert" that allow to diversify finish ceilings.
  4. possibility of using the space between the panels and ceiling tiles for the construction of utility lines of communication (telephone, internet, cable TV, and several others).
  5. Long maintenance-free service life (over 20 years).
  6. good maintainability.In the case of appearance of any part of "defects" do not have to re-do the repair, you just replace the 1 - 2 bar.And this is done in a matter of minutes.
  7. Easy care ceiling.
  8. Acceptable cost of both materials and services professionals.At the same time for the installation of the ceiling as possible and independently, without having special training and experience.


But it should be noted and the lack, even though it is relative.There is an opinion that suspended ceilings are of little use for the dwelling, as their appearance is not quite "cozy".But this is like a coma.At the same time, no one disputes that such panels are well decorate ceilings in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, laundry room and a number of other auxiliary (service) areas.With regard to the administrative buildings, the ceilings are very useful and in demand.

can use as an example the panel of Russian manufacture "Albes", "Bard", "Lyumsvet".Their price starts from 31 rubles / sqm.From the "foreigners" popular German and Dutch products (for example, «Luxalon», «Geipel»).

Mount Technology

Trace walls

necessary to draw a horizontal line around the perimeter.It will be a reference point, which should be the fixing rails (standard length - 3 m).The distance from the floor slabs is chosen arbitrarily, depending on the functional purpose of the premises.As a rule, it is no more than 20 cm.

If the room is small, the layout is done with the building level.For large areas it is advisable to use a laser level, otherwise errors can not be avoided, and the finished surface of the ceiling can be bent.



profiles material drilled holes.Approximate step - half a meter.Another 2 - at the ends of the profiles.Then they are applied to the marked line, marks the point at him and drilled channels, which are then driven into the sleeve (plugs) for screwing in screws.Nothing complicated.

In operation should be carried out constant monitoring of the horizontal guides.

compounds of the corners are done "back to back".


mount hangers

between them should be less than 1 m (depending on conditions), "padding" from wall -. Within 30 cm

Installation carriers traverse

They are mounted perpendicular to the wall, on the hangers.Usually, the premises are rectangular in shape, so their direction is selected depending on how the panel will be located.They are arranged in turn, perpendicular to the traverse.

If any of them (traverse) turned out to be less than the required length, then increase it.


mounting rails panels

Before installing in place, remove the protective coating (film).Reiki are inserted into the guides and fixed in castles traverse (latched).

It's just common operations that are made during installation.The nuances depend on the size of the room, and on whether the mounted light fixtures with ceiling mount additional rack.


Practical advice

All panels have a standard size, while each room - and its parameters and configuration.Naturally, in the process of installation will have to deal fit.To reduce the amount of work and minimize the amount of waste (and hence material costs), it is necessary to choose the Seller having their production.


Many firms willingly respond to the wishes of customers and on their equipment produce "cutting" of products in the sizes of the Customer.
incorrectly assume that if the rack panels imported, they are better than domestic.Our manufacturers have managed to set up production of high-quality products that are inferior to foreign only in price - they are cheaper (another "plus").The criterion for selection should be the credibility of the company, whose products are represented in the outlet.

When selecting the size of the panels need to take into account the dimensions of a finished room.The standard length of products -. 3 or 4 m correct calculation will significantly reduce the number of "cutting."

necessary to acquire all the "accessories" (panel, suspensions and so on) of only one manufacturer.Then no problems with their connections.

If you install ceiling lights, in order to obtain holes in the panels is better to use a special attachment to the electric drill ( "crown").Tips to use scissors, metal is not entirely correct.Even with experience with them, will not work without damaging the material to cut a perfect circle.

It should provide, and arranging electric wires, as well as "prokinut" line on the switch.If you put a 2-button, you can turn on the lamp series (or something different).