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August 12, 2017 18:05

All the pros and cons of bamboo wallpaper in the interior of your apartment

in 1_ Today the range of products for interior decoration of the premises so diverse that finding the best option for your home is not difficult, even the pickiest buyer.Still, decorating the walls with wallpaper as he was, perhaps, and remains the most common method of decoration in residential buildings.

One of their species - bamboo wallpaper.This material is somewhat exotic for us, why do not all have an idea of ​​what it is and what properties they are characterized.Here with all the features, pros and cons of bamboo wallpaper and we will understand in this article.

Before we delve into the specifics of the finishing material, it should be clarified that this bamboo.This plant, and it refers to the family of grasses.Its varieties are more than 1000, and they are divided into 2 groups.In the manufacture of wallpaper are so-called tribe bamboos, which are characterized in that gradually "stiffens" becomes firm and flexible at the same time their stem in the development process.It is because of this type of plants made popular in the past rods.

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Pros bamboo wallpaper

natural products. First of all it should be of interest to those concerned with issues of ecology and healthy lifestyle.

Durability. How are paper wallpaper, everybody knows.Even if the owners - people are very neat, year 2 - 3 walls of several "fade" because of burnout is not insured even the products of high quality.The minimum term for bamboo wallpaper - 35 - 40 years.As they say, nothing to comment.

Provide sound insulation. not to say that bamboo wallpaper completely replace sound insulating materials, but the fact that they are partly muffle the noise - definitely.So ideally suited for the bedroom.


plasticity. So, this stage of the preparation of the walls (ceiling) by pasting, as a basis for alignment, somewhat simplified.Plus, bamboo wallpaper good disguise minor flaws in the surface on which are pasted.

Easy finishing technology. According to those who have just such material made out premises, work much easier with bamboo wallpaper than with paper, and even more so - with a variety of panels and decorative plasters.

Care - minimum. Basically, it consists in a periodic dusting from the coating - nothing more is required.Caught him fat (even black) easy to remove.Those who are familiar with all the ins and outs of bamboo wallpaper, they prefer to make out the problem from this point of view, the room, such as kitchens, dining rooms, children's rooms.

Possibility of finishing the interior in any style. This - the versatility of bamboo wallpaper.They can choose, for example, under any set, as the furniture, of course, change "under" the wall will not be none.

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material sensitivity to external factors. In principle, they are the same as for the timber - the excess moisture, temperature jumps and ultraviolet.And whatever the manufacturer, wishing to decorate with bamboo wallpaper loggia (and especially the balcony) should be warned - carefully consider whether to finish them in the material.

high cost. Perhaps this is the main drawback, which experts say.Interior finishing bamboo wallpaper - it is quite expensive, and not everyone will choose this method.Price per 1 m starting from 289 rubles.Although a small room - a perfectly acceptable option.

All other disadvantages, which can be found on online forums, rather relative.Consider the most common ones:

Toxicity glue, which are fixed on the wall of bamboo wallpaper.First, use "liquid nails", and the proportion of harmful substances in their composition for pasting - is minimal.There is another way of mounting on the wall - landing on the filler.Secondly, who makes smear glue thick?

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complexity docking fragments. Connection panels (capacity) produced plates.In fact - the same bamboo slats.If you understand the technology and to comply with accuracy, then the process will not cause difficulties.

cutting complexity.If there E / jig saw, then no problem.Even hacksaw (but only on the metal) or a knife in compliance with accuracy ensure high quality of cut bamboo wallpaper.

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monochromatic. Here are several possible to doubt the validity of such judgments.Firstly, someone like this.Secondly, what prevents use only fragments of bamboo wallpaper?For example, coat a wall or ceiling units - on some segments to place this material on the other - other (cloth panels, plaster).

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judicious combination of different kinds of decoration products can significantly diversify the interior of the premises.Third, sales have bamboo wallpaper with patterns (patterns), strips of different colors - an impressive range.The correct choice of ornament, color allows to issue any room, regardless of its specific features.