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August 12, 2017 18:06

Instructions for the production of joiner's bench with his hands with the drawings and video

Handyman must have a comfortable place, a pledge not only comfort and speed, but also security.Quality benches are manufactured in Europe as industrial equipment, Chinese and artisanal assembly - did not differ reliability.However, to make a good bench with your hands, and you can, in fact, in fact, it is a table equipped with a variety of fixtures, stops and storage space for tools.

project workbench

bench height depends on the growth of its owner, should be comfortable standing, not stooping to perform basic operations.For the average height is usually 70-90 cm. The configuration of the bench and the necessary fixtures and fittings depend on what operations it carried out more frequently, but provide a few stops and a pair of screw clamps or a vise worth (how to do, read here).You also need to take into account a host of hand work bench.

verstak2 scheme bench - the first option

width and length depend on the workbench workshop area, handy bench if the length is not less than 2 meters and a width of 80-100 cm is convenient if mounted under the workbench drawers or cabinets for storing tools.and consumables.

designing workbench, you need to consider whether it will be permanently installed in a workshop or permanently assembled and disassembled.In the second case, the design is reasonable facilitated by the material of smaller thickness.In a folding bench can be spun down the countertop and can be provided and folding legs.

better positioning bench by the window, additional local lighting is also required.Directly next to the bench need to provide more electrical outlets for the equipment.All wiring near the work area must be enclosed in a box or corrugated pipe.

bench - with - drawers

Selection of materials

optimal material for bench - planed timber, from which it will be made skeleton frame and legs.To take his legs can be of 100 * 70 mm, and the jumper - 100 * 50 mm.Countertops can be made of flat boards 5 cm thick. It can also be made from whole cloth, such as old deaf doors or laminated chipboard with a sufficiently durable coating.For workbench is better to choose solid wood, preferably beech, oak or maple.Thicker bars and boards make the bench harder and more stable, and work on it will be more convenient.

Bracing for the manufacture of bench are selected taking into account, he will be prefabricated or collapsible.Handy screws, nails and nuts and bolts.

Before the construction of the bench need to pick up vise.Conveniently, there will be 2 pieces - the right side and the left front.The first can be fixed-length board, and secondly - clamping short parts.The most versatile jaw width - 175 mm.

diagram of a second embodiment bench

to construct a workbench.Base

Manufacturing bench comes in two parts: the base assembly and installation of countertops.At each stage, and each operation is necessary to control the amount of detail and smoothness of their installation using the level.

The base is a frame of beams held together in such a way as to get the most rigid structure.To do this, between the legs of the bench a horizontal crosspiece, and in the middle, along the length, provide side-bar.Jumpers and drawer side a 40-50 cm from the floor, and then they can install shelves for storing tools.Align the boards for the foundations by means of connection "tongue and groove" prokleivaya it.Where this is not possible, use self-tapping screws.If it is assumed that the bench will understand, then put the pieces of the support frame can be with metal corners.Generally first prepared grooves and spikes, according to the drawing, and then collect the entire structure at once, prokleivaya the junction of joiner's glue and fixing their clamps.

bench - 2

good option for stationary workbench, if one or more parts of the support frame can be fastened to the wall, so the design will be more reliable.Increase strength, you can use diagonal or wedge-shaped inserts jumper between the legs and the upper part of the frame of the same timber, which are attached with screws.The narrow ends of the upper part of the frame also must be bridged.

countertop and useful tools crafting table

If countertop is constructed from separate boards, they should be carefully adjusted to each other, I did not get to trash in the slot.Size table top should be a few centimeters longer base, it was convenient to operate and clean it.Boards nailed or screwed to the 3 bars located across the board with the back of the countertop.The base is necessary to provide slots for these bars.

worktop boards several times carefully sanded and covered with a protective solution, preferably oil or linseed oil to avoid injury from splinters during further work.For countertop base is screwed to the metal corners.By

finished countertop mounted vise, they must be provided under the hole in the end of the countertop to the vertical plate is formed with it a single plane.On the underside of the bench will also need to strip of plywood.clutches Lips should stay on the same level with the surface of the countertop.By applying a vise, mark a place in the holes and fasten them with bolts and nuts (M12 fit).Holes under the bolt heads must first be milled so that they completely drowned in them.Vices should not be placed in the corner, not to rip it at high load.

addition vise on a workbench is necessary to provide supports.You can fix ready, drilling a hole in the countertop of the desired diameter, or make them yourself.Use screws or round nageli instead stops are not necessary, as its head bolts can damage the workpiece, and nageli not well fix the details.

Simply make a rectangular abutments, or pegs, which are adjustable in height for different items, and securely fix them.By them it is necessary to make holes in the table top or to increase it by means of suitable thickness brusochkov bolted to its sides and closed on the other strip.Nests should be located from each other at a distance of half the stroke vise so that you can fix any workpiece.

themselves groves are cut jigsaw hardwood, you can make them "spring", which is screwed to the base, and can be simply rectangular.Rectangular stops can just extend upwards, while they will be recorded in the nests reliable.

Stolrn - tool

Construction Workbench with their hands - not an easy task, but then it is a workplace can be a long time owner, grow into useful items and devices and adapt to the specific needs of each master.