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August 12, 2017 18:05

Laying Russian oven with his own hands - step by step instructions and video poryadovkoy

Before we deal with all the nuances of the process, it should be immediately clear that the Russian masonry oven requires not only a good theoretical knowledge in this field, but also enough practice.The peculiarity of the structure and functioning of the Russian stove that even a single brick laid properly in the future will create a lot of problems.

For example, the lack of traction (there are problems with ignition and combustion) or excess (in this case, no inventory of wood is not enough to ensure normal temperature in the room).


n -1 correct decision - to go at least a little training from an experienced stove-maker.Or do all the work on the laying of the hands, but under the "strict guidance of" professional.It is better to settle with them for periodic consultations than to disassemble the finished design and start from scratch if misfolded stone is located in one of the lower ranks of the furnace.

indispensable condition for quality masonry - selection of the optimum furnace circuit.It is necessary to study all the nuances of the work and assess their own ability to carry it out with his hands.

How useful, everyone decides for himself, but is worth noting.On any kind of work, construction or equipment there is a certain normative documentation (TU).There she and furnaces.The SNIP number 41-01 of 2003 parameters of heating units (devices) have been established thorough.

owner of a private house - his own master, but if you decide to put yourself in the oven manufacturing, warehouse or other space should be taken into account.Otherwise there can be problems with the AMP / inspection.

Procedure for laying furnace Russian

Determining a location

two basic criteria - the material from which built the structure and configuration of the room in which the oven is supposed to be mounted.Minimum equidistance from the wall - 20 cm. In the place of installation of the furnace have to protect from high heat exposure.To this end walls fixed plate (sheet) of non-combustible materials, mainly based on asbestos.As an option - bricklaying, covering a nearby wall.

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Typical dimensions Russian oven (cm): 215 x 140 x 185. For heating premises with a total area of ​​35 - 40 "squares" are enough.

Selection of materials

Often there are recommendations that should only be used firebrick.And whether it is rational if the maximum temperature of the surface of the furnace in operation at different sites varies, and this brick is more expensive counterparts?Where the temperature does not reach high values ​​(as a channel furnace or smoke), it is advisable to use a cheaper material.

even in order to save bricks can not be used with defects.The smallest slot - "loophole" for carbon monoxide fumes.All masonry must be completely sealed.

solution components

Each master stove-maker - his recipe.The solution should be pliable and of very fine - this is important.Only in this case the seam after mass curing tightly fill any gaps between the bricks will be covered with a thin and cracks.On sale there are ready mixes, but they still need to choose a plus to this - and pay.Another shortcoming - they are based on cement.

Professionals recommend to be a mixture of masonry furnace (read about the solution of clay here) own, sand and clay (2: 1).Sufficient consistency of masonry mortar is tested simply.The ball, rolled out of it, you need to throw on a hard surface.If the stick - the rule will crumble - the excess sand.It is possible to do otherwise - to experiment.In this case, the result will be exact.

Since visually will define all the characteristics of clay and sand, is several mixtures in small quantities, with various equity ratio of components, focusing on specified proportion.From each prepare solutions from which the balls roll.A day later evaluated their condition.The best structure is the one which, after drying gave a minimum of cracks.

p- h To get a good solution for masonry, use clay category "fat."Any other will not work.Before use, it is soaked in water for at least 24 hours and frays.

list of other components depends on the furnace modifications and sizes - from its size.This cooktop, door (fuel, clean out, the ash-pit), grill grate (maybe a little), valves (valves).

masonry oven with his own hands


Given the weight of Russian furnace foundation for it will have to build a separate (and fireplace).Under construction is provided for the project, and if the furnace decided to put in existing buildings, it is necessary to disassemble the floor.

For such a massive structure mounted plate, as already noted, private.Use even a segment of the structure of the foundation to be placed on the furnace it is forbidden!

process of laying

n -5 poryadovkoy oven - clickable

furnace may be purely heating, bath-house, cooking, bread, street (eg, barbecue), although the most commonly used scheme combinable.

Given that the oven will do with your hands, consider one of the most simple and accessible to an embodiment.

Scheme designated itself the furnace and its poryadovkoy - easy to understand.But some nuances, for a start, be noted (by level).


it properly laying on foundation determines the quality of all future work and the efficiency of the furnace operation.Finish the bottom of the outer contour marking is done, and it is laid brick.It was only after the entire perimeter of the paved, made to fill the internal sector.


There are several bricks from the back side in the solution is not planted.Then, in the flue service all the carbon black to be scraped from its walls to fall down.It is in order that it can be removed from the channel at the bottom of the furnace, in the masonry, the hole left technology.It closes

bricks, but they are located with a certain shift forward from the calculation, so they can be pulled out easily when required.Option - instead of bricks put the cleanout door.Purpose - similar.

n -8


With this series begins installing the ash-pit door camera.

to the door ahead of time (before fixing masonry) not "lay down" for their lugs tied wire which is laid in the joints.It turns out temporary support for the principle of stretching.


If the example of the first levels feature brickwork and the principle of decryption poryadovkoy clear, then further work will not cause difficulties.Everything is done in accordance with the scheme.

n -11

exterior of the furnace

many options - plastering with further painting, tiling, decorative painting, decoration tiles.It all depends on the capabilities and imagination of the master.

What to consider:

  • masonry coating solution is not produced from within.His coat will worsen the heat exchange area and soot.Cleaning such an oven would be very problematic measure.Thus spoke and excess solution in the process of laying removed immediately.
  • Before you use the bricks, they should be soaked in water 4 hours.Artificial stone absorbs moisture, therefore, the process of drying the bricks and mortar will be characterized by uniformity.Hence, the risk of formation of cracks or voids in the masonry will be practically reduced to zero.
  • As practice shows, it is advisable to masonry (both external and internal) to lead in the «½» brick.This feature will further ensure optimum fuel consumption.
  • performing masonry with their hands, each row must first collect "dry".This is practiced even by professionals.Why?This training allows you to check the evenness of masonry, choose all the bricks on the size and make sure that there are no large gaps.Only after this is done planting stones on a solution.
  • In the operation of the oven when it detects cracks in the masonry is necessary to seal them immediately.In order not to mess with the preparation of the solution, you can buy ready-made "repair" mixture.For example, "fireclay Mortar".